OMB to Agencies: Craft Transition Materials, Not New Budget

Budget director tells agencies not to worry about FY18 funding until new president has a say.

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Route Fifty

Louisiana Governor Touts Medicaid Expansion as Way to Help Cure Budget Woes arrow“It’s the easiest big decision I will ever make as governor,” ...


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Route Fifty

Puerto Rico’s Biggest Default Yet arrowThe island’s missed a major payment, and the next one could be even larger.

Excellence in Government

When a Shortcut Means Shortchanging Yourself arrowNot everything in life can be served up like a McDonald's Happy Meal.


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Pentagon Wants to Raise Purchase Card Maximum to $10,000 arrowHouse lawmakers leave proposed language out of first draft of Defense authorization ...


Obama to ‘Selfless’ Feds: I Appreciate You, Even if No One Else Does arrowIn honoring public servants, president says their jobs are "not just ...

Pay & Benefits

Panel Repeals Cuts to Pentagon Travel Per Diems arrowMajor Defense legislation advances that would scrap a 2014 department policy that slashed ...


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