At Least One Agency To Begin Suspending Some Unvaccinated Feds Before Christmas

Internal Justice Department emails show tight timeline for suspensions and firings for those out of compliance with the president's order.

Coronavirus Roundup: EPA’s Back-to-the-Office Plan; More Data on Vaccine Mandate

There's a lot to keep track of. Here’s today’s list of news updates and stories you may have missed.

On Deadline Day, 90% of U.S. Government Personnel Are Vaccinated Against COVID-19

Another 5% are seeking exemptions and about 175,000 employees are now facing disciplinary action.

Nine in 10 NASA Employees Are Vaccinated, But More Than 1,100 Are Seeking Exemptions

Unvaccinated employees say they're at their "dream jobs," but feel strongly enough to "upend" their lives.

Coronavirus Roundup: Trump Official Subpoenaed Over COVID-19 Procurement; FDA Greenlights More Boosters 

There's a lot to keep track of. Here’s today’s list of news updates and stories you may have missed.

Vaccine-or-Test Requirements Increase Work and Costs for Governments

But state and local officials embrace the requirement because it creates a safer workplace while allowing employees to continue working.

Despite Calls for Delay, White House Says Feds' Vaccination Deadline Isn't Changing

Federal workers have until Monday to prove they are vaccinated against COVID-19 or seek an exemption.

Coronavirus Roundup: Court Wins Lottery to Hear OSHA Rule Case; Agencies’ Top Management Challenges Involve COVID-19

There's a lot to keep track of. Here’s today’s list of news updates and stories you may have missed.

The Upside of COVID Hygiene Theater

Yes, even at this stage of the pandemic.

GovExec Daily: Open Season Tips and Tricks

Consumers’ Checkbook's Kevin Moss joins the podcast to discuss feds and health insurance choices.

Concerns Raised With TSA Staffing and Vaccine Mandate Ahead of Holiday Travel

Agency expresses confidence in its workforce but other officials warn disruptions are likely.

The ‘Great Resignation’ Is a Trend that Began before the Pandemic – and Bosses Need to Get Used to It

A record share of workers quit their jobs in September. A human resources scholar explains how this is a trend that predates the pandemic.

GovExec Daily: What Feds Think About the Vaccine Mandate

Courtney Bublé joins the podcast to discuss the Government Business Council survey on the Biden administration's rules for feds.

Why So Many Unions Oppose Vaccine Mandates – even when They Actually Support Them

The reasons have a lot to do with the nature of unions as representative of workers’ views, as well as the importance of protecting their right to bargain.

Loving Your Job Is a Capitalist Trap

Doing work that is fulfilling has become ubiquitous career advice, but no one should depend on a single social institution to define their sense of self.

GovExec Daily: The Importance of Protecting Whistleblowers

The Government Accountability Project’s Dana Gold joins the podcast to discuss new plans to protect feds, contractors and grantees who blow the whistle.