How to Brainstorm Brilliant Ideas in Teams – without Sliding into ‘Groupthink’

With companies encouraging greater teamwork, an expert outlines how to innovate effectively and problem solve as a group.

Remote Work May Actually Be Good for Business

Working remotely doesn't negatively affect productivity. It may actually even enhance both employee and company resiliency, a new study finds.

GovExec Daily: College Debt Has Far-reaching Effects

Dr. Cliff Robb joins the podcast to discuss how student loan borrowers change their behaviors due to their finances.

Military Families Push the Army to ‘Normalize Parenthood’

A new directive addresses fertility treatment, pregnancy and postpartum recovery – issues that have long affected soldiers’ careers, marriages and home life.

Why Won’t More Older Americans Get Their COVID Booster?

Approximately 1 in 3 Americans 65 and older who completed their initial vaccination round still have not received a first booster shot. The numbers dismay researchers, who say the lag has cost tens of thousands of lives.

EEOC Union Decries Agency’s Unilateral Decision to Return to Office

The American Federation of Government Employees Council 216 has filed an unfair labor practice complaint, alleging the agency bypassed ongoing negotiations over the return to traditional work sites and engaging in “surface-level” bargaining.

As Turnover Soars, Most VA Employees Say They Were Not Emotionally Supported During the Pandemic

Front-line staff were largely unaware of VA's offerings to support employee well-being, new survey finds.

GovExec Daily: Why Aren't More Feds Taking Advantage of the Roth TSP?

GovExec contributor Dallen Haws joins the podcast to discuss feds' retirement investment options.

5 Things Women Job Seekers Want

Women want better pay and work-life balance but also value working in diverse organizations, among other factors, a new Gallup poll reveals.

6 in 10 Americans Would Quit Current Job for Remote Position

Work-life balance is increasingly important for today’s post-pandemic workforce.

Coronavirus Roundup: The FDA Limits Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Authorization 

There’s a lot to keep track of. Here’s a list of this week’s news updates and stories you may have missed.

GovExec Daily: Roe Could Be Near Its End. Can Feds Join Protests?

Lindy Kyzer joins the show to discuss what the Hatch Act says about public political activity.

Senators, Labor Are Eyeing Adding More ALJs to the Social Security Administration Union

Democrats and advocates feel emboldened after the Biden administration encouraged agencies to search their ranks for misclassified workers.

Millions of Tax Returns Are Currently Delayed Due to IRS Staff Shortages

The tax agency has hired less than 10% of the processing staff it says it needs, IG finds.

These Agencies Performed the Best—and Worst—on Key Employee Morale Questions

Although the 2021 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey is missing some broad historical metrics due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a look at individual questions can offer some insights.