Catching Zs: 4 ways to tap the incoming wave of young workplace talent

COMMENTARY | Connecting with potential hires requires agencies to offer flexible, digital work arrangements, along with an opportunity to meaningfully shape their communities and their world.

Trump’s civil service plans unsettle labor leaders at start of campaign season

Lawmakers and leaders of the American Federation of Government Employees warned that the former president represents a “threat to democracy” at the union’s annual legislative conference.

Senate FAA bill drops ‘maximum hiring’ provision aimed at addressing staffing crisis

The bill would take several steps to tackle workforce issues that could cripple the national aviation system, but employee groups are warning they are insufficient.

Senate rejects border-related federal hiring surge after Republicans turn on deal

The $118 billion personnel, border security, immigration reform and foreign aid measure collapsed just days after it came together.

Efforts to right-size agency real estate portfolios are often stymied

COMMENTARY | “There is a path forward and relevant, recent examples exist,” writes one former federal real estate official who urges the Biden administration to embrace the hybrid work model.


Hiring and pay reforms accompany staffing surges in bipartisan border deal

After months of negotiations, Senate group unveils measure to ramp up border security, provide foreign aid and largely meet President Biden's request for thousands of new federal employees.

The jobs boom is hitting the federal sector, too

Federal agencies added 11,000 jobs in January and hit a 20-year high for non-census years.

OPM offers guidance for agencies implementing salary history ban

Federal agencies will have until October to excise the solicitation and use of job candidates’ past compensation when setting pay for new hires.

Elon Musk and why you should never compare when it comes to security clearances

COMMENTARY | The government looks holistically at the benefits and risks to national security with each clearance granted.

O’Malley reduces telework for Social Security HQ, regional office staff

The new commissioner outlined a plan to create “core collaboration days” for members of management, while most frontline workers are seemingly spared from the cuts.

How advanced and emerging technology can help VA save lives

COMMENTARY | Veterans remain at an elevated risk of suicide. Here’s how we can fix that.

Interior Department taps first-ever chief digital experience officer from OMB

Andy Lewandowski, who has been a digital experience advisor to the federal CIO for over two years, is starting a new gig at the Department of Interior.

In milestones, Black women from South Carolina and Indiana confirmed as federal judges

To date President Biden has nominated 170 judges confirmed by the Senate.

EPA has a new plan to protect career scientists, but some are questioning its efficacy

Solutions to concerns over accountability and reporting mechanisms are coming soon, EPA official says.

Feds to compete for cyber glory at fifth annual President's Cup

CISA officials describe the positive impact the annual cybersecurity game aims to have across the federal workforce.