Managers, Err On The Side Of Too Much Communication

It's better for managers to give employees too much communication than too little, researchers report.

Senate Democrats Are Pushing to Prevent Another Schedule F, As Part of the Defense Policy Bill

Two senators hope to attach the text of the Preventing a Patronage System Act to the fiscal 2023 National Defense Authorization Act, following the House’s lead.

VA Acquisition Workforce Are Mostly Satisfied, Despite Reported Program Issues

A large majority of acquisition staff at the Department of Veterans Affairs said in a recent Government Accountability Office survey that they are satisfied in their current positions, despite continued issues with the VA’s acquisition programs.

Avoiding 'Change Overload' for the Federal Workforce

Federal agencies need to consider the emotional reactions their employees are likely to have when told that organizational change, business process change or systems modernization is on the way.

Only Two Agencies Had Submitted Their Schedule F Plans for Approval Before Its Rescission, But Several Others Had Begun Work

Officials with the Office of Personnel Management told the Government Accountability Office that it did not issue regulations on the controversial executive order because they wanted to “observe” how agencies would implement it first.

Can Apprenticeships Help Address the Cyber Workforce Gap?

The push comes as part of the Labor Department's cybersecurity apprenticeship sprint, which it launched with the Commerce Department over the summer.

Unions Are Making a Last-Ditch Effort to Expand Bargaining Rights for VA Medical Professionals

Labor leaders are urging lawmakers to vote to repeal a longstanding bar against negotiating over matters affecting patient care before the end of Congress’ session.

EEOC to Propose Rules Codifying Electronic Filing Options for Feds

Although the agency that investigates complaints of workplace discrimination has offered the option to file documents and track cases electronically for years, its regulations do not specifically endorse the current system.

Does the Hatch Act Apply to You? Election Season Do’s and Don’ts

The first installment in a series about the rules and policies federal employees should know ahead of the midterm elections.

Collaborative Tools Are More Needed Than Performance Tech in Remote Work, Study Says

According to the study, current tools focus on productivity, but there needs to be a transition for the government to also focus on collaboration.

A Disabled Veteran Has Waited 8 Years for a $1 Million Settlement From the Air Force

David P. Bighia had hoped to work at Laughlin Air Force Base in Del Rio. Instead, he’s been fighting the Air Force as he faces home foreclosure.

A House Panel Overwhelmingly Advanced Legislation to Protect Federal Workers During Pandemics

The Chai Suthammanont Healthy Federal Workplaces Act would require federal agencies to develop and publish workplace safety plans to prepare for future pandemics.

Mars Is Littered with 15,694 Pounds of Human Trash from 50 Years of Robotic Exploration

Discarded pieces of landing gear, crashed spacecraft and wear and tear have produced a lot of debris that is now scattered around the Martian surface.

FDIC Is Already Reneging on Its New Telework Agreement, Union Says

The National Treasury Employees Union said employees were promised telework with no need to return to the office regularly, only for managers to make attendance at weekly check-in meetings mandatory.

These Are the Winners for the Annual ‘Oscars of Government Service’ 

These awards are especially important “during these turbulent times when federal employees have been threatened and demonized,” nonprofit leader says.

GovExec Daily: Is Another Shutdown on the Horizon?

Eric Katz joins the podcast to discuss the latest in the CR negotiations.

GovExec Daily: How Confident Are Women in Their Retirement Plans?

EBRI's Craig Copeland joins the podcast to discuss his organization's recent study.