Federal Judge Threatens Education Secretary With Possible Jail Time

Government blames contractors partly for non-compliance with court orders. 

Mick Mulvaney’s Uncertain Fate

President Trump has not ruled out replacing his third chief of staff in less than three years.

Employees Report Threatening Anti-LGBT Harassment, Retaliation at National Science Foundation

An outside investigator recently substantiated allegations that a career manager made sexually explicit jokes and bullied LGBT employees.

Federal Election Commission Faces Growing Backlog in Enforcement Docket

A long-standing problem is exacerbated by the FEC’s recent loss of a quorum.

Viewpoint: The U.S. Government Has a Secrecy Problem

American officials classify too much information, from the trivial to the politically inconvenient. The overreliance on secrecy invites abuse.

Trump’s USDA Is Letting Factories With Troubling Safety Records Slaughter Chickens Even Faster

Workers are getting injured, but the Department of Agriculture says their safety is not its responsibility.

How to Prep Yourself for Flu Season

As the flu season gets started, what can you do to protect yourself and stay healthy?

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Whistleblower is Vulnerable to Retaliation Due to Limited Intelligence Community Protections

Under the law, the president is responsible for ensuring whistleblowers are protected, but experts say the law never accounted for a president leading the attack on a whistleblower.

Grassley Deviates From Other Senate Republicans and Supports Ukraine Whistleblower

Senator says he believes the whistleblower followed the law and should be protected.

Thousands of IRS Employees Are Working Outside Jobs That Risk Conflicts of Interest

In 2016, 167 employees had potentially prohibited second jobs and 2,196 were at high-risk for conflict of interest.

Play of the Day: The President is Tweeting Through it Again

In response to his latest scandal, Donald Trump sent over 100 tweets over the weekend.

In Act of Defiance, FEC Chair Tweets Memo on Foreign Election Interference Over GOP Commissioner's Objections

Chairwoman Weintraub said a Republican commissioner last week blocked publication of the guidance in a weekly digest of FEC activities.

Trump’s Intelligence Chief Didn’t Make Anyone Happy

Joseph Maguire did not endorse the explosive allegations of an anonymous whistleblower, but neither did he rise to the president’s defense.