They Warned OSHA They Were in 'Imminent Danger' at the Meat Plant. Now They’re Suing the Agency.

The suit by workers at Maid-Rite Speciality Foods in Pennsylvania employs a rarely used legal tool and is the latest in a growing chorus of complaints about how the federal agency charged with protecting workers has responded to COVID-19.

GovExec Daily: The Holes in the Vacancies Act

The Project on Government Oversight's Rebecca Jones joins the show to talk about the large amount of acting officials in the Trump administration.

Watchdog Accuses OPM of Slow-Rolling Hiring Abuse Investigation

IG is looking into alleged misuse of direct hire authority to install political appointees in positions that should be held by career federal workers.

Medicare Agency’s Contracting Violations Show Need for Pandemic Oversight

Experts say HHS inspector general’s findings should serve as a warning about potential waste, fraud and abuse.

Your Coping and Resilience Strategies Might Need to Shift as the COVID-19 Crisis Continues

As the pandemic drags on, uncertainty and fears about health and safety mix with confusion and challenges tied to re-opening society. You need flexibility when picking your coping strategies.

GovExec Daily: Government Customer Service and the 'New Normal'

Nextgov's Frank Konkel joins the podcast to discuss how the pandemic is changing the way government contact centers do business.

GovExec Daily: What We've Learned About the Federal Coronavirus Response

Eric Katz, Courtney Bublé and Katherine McIntire Peters join the 100th episode of the podcast to look at the pandemic response through the lenses of the federal workforce, oversight and leadership.

Trump Says He 'Disagreed' With Privately Funded Wall, So Why Did His Administration Award the Builder $1.7 Billion in Contracts to Erect More Walls?

President Trump now claims this privately funded border wall — touted as the “Lamborghini” of fences — was built to “make me look bad,” even though the project’s builder and funders are Trump supporters.

GovExec Daily: Pandemic Response and Trust in Government

Dr. Barry Eichengreen joins the podcast to discuss a study on how young people see government based on its ability to deal with a public health disaster.

One Federal Agency Was Suing Him for Fraud. Another Paid His Company Millions for Masks.

Court records show the federal government gave $20 million in contracts to a company partly controlled by a man with a history of shady business practices.

Eroding Private Border Wall to Get an Engineering Inspection Just Months After Completion

Months after the “Lamborghini” of border walls was built along the Rio Grande, the builder agreed to an engineering inspection of his controversial structure. Experts say the wall is showing signs of erosion that threatens its stability.

COVID-19: as Offices Reopen, Here’s What to Expect if You’re Worried about Getting Sick on the Job

Tens of millions of Americans who have been telecommuting during the pandemic are beginning to head back to the office – even though COVID-19 remains a threat.

South Texas Landowners Are Hoping to Use President Trump's Own Words Against Him in a New Border Wall Lawsuit

Landowners are alleging that the construction of the barrier is driven by little more than racism and politics and is therefore unconstitutional, according to a new lawsuit.

GovExec Daily: The OPM-GSA Merger and the Threat to the Civil Service

POGO's Nick Schwellenbach joined the podcast to discuss a recent investigation that found that the Trump administration "could not lawfully" go forward with the merger.