OPM Has Replaced Its Embattled CFO Following Harassment Report

The Defense Department inspector general recently substantiated complaints that the senior executive sexually harassed subordinates and used racial slurs.

Postal Service On-Time Performance Similar in Rural and Urban Areas, Report Finds

Government Accountability Office auditors analyzed on-time delivery performance for four largest USPS mail types by volume from October 2020 to December 2021

Biden, Democrats to U.S. House Republicans: Show Us Your Debt Limit Plan

The Treasury Department has been using accounting maneuvers to continue paying all of the country’s bills in full and on time.

GAO Pegs Unemployment Insurance Fraud Tally at More Than $60 billion

At the same time, the congressional watchdog cautioned that governmentwide fraud estimates are potentially dicey.

Trump’s Interior Secretary Was Cleared in Probe on Water Project and Former Client

So was the department’s ethics office that conducted a review for possible conflicts of interest.

'There's a Lot of Work to be Done' to Even the Gender Playing Field in Business

National Women's Business Council member Jaime Gloshay joins the podcast to discuss what women entrepreneurs and business owners face.

A Watchdog Finds Missing Guns, Other Issues With the Federal Government’s Firearm Donation Program

GSA lacks a clear policy and proper oversight for its efforts to provide states with guns that federal agencies no longer need.

FDA Falls Short on IT Contract Management, Watchdog Finds

An audit of the agency's IT contract spend found that FDA officials failed to file acquisition information such as contract performance evaluations and competition efforts.

Former Oversight Chair: Republicans Just Want to ‘Investigate and Destroy’

Former Rep. Carolyn Maloney, D-N.Y., decried the direction of her former committee and Republican priorities in the new Congress. 

White House Defends Delay in Revealing Classified Documents at Biden Private Office and Home

Federal prosecutor Robert Hur will lead investigation to determine if president had mishandled classified material

COVID-19 and How the CDC Can Change Before the Next Pandemic

Courtney Bublé joins the podcast to discuss a new report with recommendations.

Although USDA Agencies that Relocated to Kansas City Have Recovered from Staff Exoduses, Their Diversity Hasn’t

The Agriculture Department’s Economic Research Service and National Institutes of Food and Agriculture shed more than half their workforces following their relocation from Washington to Kansas City.

House GOP Would Make It Easier for Feds to Give Public Lands Away to States

House Republicans had an identical rule when they controlled the chamber from 2017 to 2019.

Congress Investigates Presidents, the Military, Baseball and Whatever It Wants – a Brief Modern History of Oversight

The House GOP has announced a slew of investigations, including a review of the conduct of the Department of Justice and its investigations of Donald Trump.

Special Counsels, like Those Examining Biden’s and Trump’s Handling of Classified Documents, Are Intended to Be Independent – but They Aren’t Entirely

Special counsels can help administrations avoid the perception of bias, but politics is never fully out of the picture.

The Commerce Dept. Needs Better Oversight of its Law Enforcement Unit, IG Found

The unit handles investigations and enforcement actions on violations related to export laws and regulations, and the bureau that houses it has become “even more important amid Russia’s war and rising U.S.-China tensions,” one analyst observed.