Vanita Gupta Confirmed to Key Justice Department Job in Narrow Senate Vote

Gupta will be the first woman of color and civil rights attorney to serve as associate attorney general. Sen. Lisa Murkowski joined with Democrats in the vote.

Can Democrats Make Peace With Their Favorite Trump-Era Villain?

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s reform plan looks a lot better now that Donald Trump is no longer president.

A Tiny Number of People Will Be Hospitalized Despite Being Vaccinated. We Have to Learn Why.

Experts say we should investigate “breakthrough infections” to look out for variants and understand who’s vulnerable. In many cases, that’s not happening. Crucial pieces of the puzzle are being tossed in the trash.

IGs Cite ‘Serious Challenges’ Regarding Political Retaliation and Independence

Lawmakers weigh the need for new laws in the wake of former President Trump’s unprecedented attacks on federal watchdogs.

GovExec Daily: Vaccine Progress and the Biden Administration

Courtney Bublé joins the podcast to discuss the latest in pandemic news.

Watchdog Finds the Pompeos Made Over 100 Requests of ‘Personal Nature’ to Staff

The former State Department secretary’s counsel vehemently denied the issues outlined in the inspector general report. 

Trump, Defying Custom, Hasn’t Given the National Archives Records of His Speeches at Political Rallies

All presidents must deposit transcriptions of their public statements with the National Archives. But in the case of Donald Trump, there's something missing.

Mindfulness Can Make You More Selfish

Mindfulness can relieve stress and anxiety, but new research finds it can also amp up selfishness in some people. Here's how and how to fight that effect.

The End of Hygiene Theater

The CDC has finally said what scientists have been screaming for months: The coronavirus is overwhelmingly spread through the air, not via surfaces.

GovExec Daily: The Future of Work After the Pandemic

POGO's Danielle Brian, Brookings' Elaine Kamarck and the Florida Center for Cybersecurity's Ron Sanders join the show to discuss post-pandemic governance.

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Courtney Bublé and Eric Katz join the podcast to discuss the administration's blueprint document.

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Route Fifty's Bill Lucia joins the podcast to discuss the ways states are approaching vaccine verification.

Census Delay Spells Election Chaos for States

Some states already have decided to use outdated data for redistricting.

GovExec Daily: What Does the Pentagon Know About UFOs?

Nextgov's Brandi Vincent joins the podcast to discuss her podcast investigation into the Defense Department's Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force.