GovExec Daily: How to Address Corruption in Government

The Project on Government Oversight's Walter Shaub and Dylan Hedtler-Gaudette join the podcast to discuss how ethics laws can be strengthened.

Lawmakers Call on GAO to Examine FBI Whistleblower Protections

Five years after Congress passed a law reforming the bureau’s whistleblower program, the Justice Department still has not issued regulations to implement those changes.

GovExec Daily: How to Address Improper Payments

Former GAO official Linda Miller joins the podcast to discuss the billions lost through erroneous payments.

Congressional Republicans Attempt to Overturn OSHA Vaccine Rule 

“These resolutions each have a large number of cosponsors, suggesting that they are being used for signaling purposes despite very low odds of enactment,” said one observer. 

Texas Sues Biden Administration for Requiring Health Care Workers to Get COVID-19 Vaccine

The state has also challenged the federal government’s vaccination mandates for big businesses and federal contractors.

GovExec Daily: Is Another CR on the Horizon?

Eric Katz joins the podcast to discuss spending bill negotiations in Congress.

IG: $400M Border Contract Awarded Properly, Though Investigators Met Roadblocks in Interviews 

This was one of several contracts awarded under the Trump administration for the U.S.-Mexico border wall. 

House Probes of Trump Hotel Continue Amid Report of Sale

After years of controversy the Trump Organization is reportedly selling the lease to its D.C. hotel. 

Steve Bannon Indicted Over Jan. 6 Panel Snub, Pushing Key Question Over Presidential Power to the Courts

Donald Trump asked former aides not to testify before a committee investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection. The Department of Justice has now charged one over that refusal.

$1.2T Infrastructure Plan Offers Lucrative Target for Fraud

Research shows there are ways to fight fraud, but the bill contains very little language aimed at doing so.

13 Trump Officials Found to Have Violated the Hatch Act Ahead of 2020 Election

The Trump administration had a “willful disregard” for the law, Office of Special Counsel says.

These Billionaires Received Taxpayer-Funded Stimulus Checks During the Pandemic

IRS records reveal that 18 billionaires and some 250 other ultrawealthy people received aid intended to help middle-class Americans.

GSA Failed to Remove Asbestos, Arsenic, Explosives From Missouri Facility for Decades, Report Finds

GSA officials knew about hazardous materials at a former munitions plant turned federal office building but declined to notify employees and other agency tenants or restrict access to impacted areas, substantiating a whistleblower’s allegations.

House Republicans Demand More Information on Contractor Vaccine Mandate

Lawmakers also are seeking information on job losses and any impact on supply chains.

Watchdog: Results of Trump’s Deregulatory Executive Orders Could Be ‘Overstated’ 

Biden’s repeal of the directives won’t cause “disruptions or major changes going forward,” GAO finds. 

Afghanistan Watchdog Doubles Down on Oversight Efforts

Upcoming reports will serve as “cautionary and instructive guides” for future operations, said the special inspector general for Afghanistan reconstruction.

America’s Food Safety System Failed to Stop a Salmonella Epidemic. It’s Still Making People Sick.

For years, a dangerous salmonella strain has sickened thousands and continues to spread through the chicken industry. The USDA knows about it. So do the companies. And yet, contaminated meat continues to be sold to consumers.