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Keys to the TSP

Managing your Thrift Savings Plan account requires education and preparation.

OPM, Lawmakers Propose Fixes to New Paid Parental Leave Law

The effort to ensure all federal employees have access to up to 12 weeks of paid time off following the birth, adoption or foster placement of a child now has bipartisan support.

White House Revives Controversial Retirement Cut Proposals

The Trump administration’s fiscal 2021 budget proposal would require federal workers to contribute more to their retirement benefit programs and reduce annual cost of living adjustments.

Trump Proposes 1% Pay Increase for Civilian Federal Workers in 2021

The proposal marks an improvement over last year’s initial pay freeze request, but a significant downgrade from the average 3.1% pay increase that was ultimately enacted for 2020.

House Republicans Unveil Plan to Boost Merit Pay and Slash Pensions

Proposals would help rein in a "swamp monster" of a runaway bureaucracy, lawmakers say.

Continuing Your Insurance Into Retirement

Answers to common questions about managing the multiple benefits available to you.

House Votes to End Controversial USPS Payments for Future Retirees' Health Care

Postal Service applauds effort, but says more steps are needed to avoid financial collapse.

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Most Federal Employee Retirement Funds Struggle to Start the Year

After a strong 2019, most portfolios in the federal government’s 401(k)-style retirement savings program ended January in the red.

Social Security Announces More Telework Cuts

The move comes after Congress directed the agency to reinstate telework in other offices within SSA.

On the Anniversary of Government Reopening, Contractors Renew Push for Back Pay

Although Congress enacted back pay for furloughed federal employees at the end of last year’s 35-day partial government shutdown, Senate Republicans have repeatedly thwarted efforts to similarly compensate low-wage federal contractors.

Postal Service Exaggerated the Savings It Collected From Cutting Employee Compensation, Audit Finds

The agency hasn’t accounted for the costs associated with cutting pay and reducing benefits, GAO says.