Pay & Benefits

More Federal Firefighter Pay and Benefits Reforms Are Highlighted in the 2024 Budget

President Biden’s fiscal 2024 budget proposal would make temporary pay raises authorized by the bipartisan infrastructure law permanent.

Pay Caps: Fed Exec Lobby Group Says Reform Is Past Due

“We are stuck with a personnel system mostly put together too many decades ago,” says a policy chief for the Senior Executives Association.

National Security Pay Increases in New Survey

Lindy Kyzer joins the podcast to discuss compensation and security clearances.

Annuitants Will Feel the Impact of Medicare Part D Changes

Kevin Moss joins the podcast to discuss health care changes enacted via the Inflation Reduction Act.

Keep an Eye on These Potential Benefits Changes

Some adjustments are already on the way, and others are on the drawing board.

Biden Officially Proposes an Average 5.2% Pay Increase for Federal Workers and the Military in 2024

The largest proposed pay raise for federal employees since the Carter administration still falls short of the demands of some Democrats and unions.

Biden Reportedly Will Propose a 5.2% Pay Raise for Feds in 2024

This would mark the largest boost federal employees have seen since the Carter administration, but still falls short of union and Democrats’ demands.

Federal Managers and Recruiters, Take Note: Salaries May Stay Way Behind Inflation's Spiral

Inflation could stymie federal agencies’ efforts to recruit new employees and hold on to existing ones.

A Bill to Protect Feds During Shutdowns Is Back, This Time With Debt Default Safeguards Too

The measure would suspend the enforcement of civil penalties related to falling behind on bills until 30 days after the end of a government shutdown or debt ceiling breach.

Bill to Boost Federal Firefighters’ Retirement Benefits is Back

Rep. Gerry Connolly’s legislation would include mandatory overtime hours in calculations to determine federal firefighters’ pension benefits.

TSP Portfolios Backslide in February

After a strong start to the year, most of the funds in the federal government’s 401(k)-style retirement savings program lost ground.

Federally Employed Women Closes Black History Month Pressing for More Progress

The group can point to more than a half-century of advocacy, but leaders say equity and inclusion efforts remain critical.

TSP Recordkeeper Says Things Are Getting Much Better, After a Rocky Transition

Officials from Accenture Federal Services committed Tuesday to working continuously to boost customer satisfaction.