Pay & Benefits

Oversight Republicans Demand Answers from OPM on FEHBP Fraud Risk Report

House Oversight and Accountability Chairman James Comer claimed, without evidence, that the insurance program for federal employees is “riddled” with ineligible participants.

Employee and Retiree Benefits Changes for 2023

The last in a series of columns on how things are different this year. 

Social Security: Could the New Congress’s Sharp Divide Lead to Compromise on Reform?

Social Security manages a huge chunk of what millions of fed families depend on for retirement, disability and survivor benefits, including the majority of current workers onboarded since the 1980s under the Federal Employees Retirement System.

OPM Should Do More to Prevent Improper FEHBP Payments

The Government Accountability Office on Monday reported that OPM has no fulsome way to monitor the eligibility of participants in the Federal Employee Health Benefits Program.

Employee Benefit Changes for 2023

How new pay rates, Social Security earnings limits and other factors could affect your retirement planning. 

Almost Every TSP Fund Ended Last Month (and Year) Down

The government securities (G) fund was the only offering in the retirement savings program that gained ground in 2022. 

House Republicans Are Looking to Cut Agencies or Specific Feds' Pay by Reviving the 'Holman Rule'

The new Congress already has its eyes set on slashing funding at some agencies, and eliminating others altogether.

Biden Has Issued an Executive Order Finalizing an Average 4.6% Pay Raise for Feds

The move locks in the largest pay increase for federal employees in two decades, although in a year with record inflation, it still fell short of some employee groups’ hopes.

Tammy’s Top 12 Tips of 2022

Our Retirement Planning columnist’s best pieces of advice over the course of the year. 

The C Fund at 35: Trust the Long-Term Data When Investing in the TSP

For people invested in the federal government’s 401(k) style retirement plan, guest columnist Lee Radcliffe says long-term data from U.S. market history provides valuable lessons.

The President’s Pay Agent Has Approved Four New Locality Pay Areas

The annual report from the leaders of OMB, OPM and the Labor Department also authorized a number of tweaks to the criteria that govern which regions are eligible to be added to the map of locality pay areas.

Hitting the Road to Retirement

The path from filing your paperwork to getting your full benefits can be long and winding.