Pay & Benefits

Before asking for help, know the rules

Coordinating Medicare and the Federal Health Benefits Program can be hard to navigate without the right information.

The federal government will now offer its employees generous fertility benefits

The nation's largest employer will offer plans that cover a broad menu of fertility services, including up to $25,000 annually for IVF procedures.

TSP funds touts well-rounded gains in March

Every portfolio in the federal government’s 401(k)-style retirement savings program posted increases last month.

The state of retiring and retired women

As we celebrate the accomplishments and contributions of American women during Women's History Month, let’s also take a moment to reflect on their retirement status.

DOD, other agencies could better transition service members to civilian life

GAO officials said the Defense, Veterans Affairs and Labor departments could better collaborate to provide more at-risk veterans “warm handovers” to help transition them from military service to civilian life.

House conservatives recycle federal worker pay and benefit cuts in budget document

The Republican Study Committee’s fiscal 2025 budget plan would drastically cut federal workers’ retirement and health care benefits and end across-the-board annual pay hikes.

Public Service Loan Forgiveness passes $60 billion in erased debt

Since a series of tweaks to make the program easier to access, more than 850,000 Americans have had their loans forgiven in exchange for a decade of public service.

The TSP savings rate is up, but so are the number of TSP loans

Answers to some of your questions about the government’s 401(k)-style retirement plan.

OPM taps insurance carriers to service new USPS benefits exchange

The federal HR agency conditionally selected 32 carrier applications to provide health coverage to U.S. Postal employees, annuitants and family members starting in 2025. 

“It feels impossible to stay”: The U.S. needs wildland firefighters more than ever, but the federal government is losing them

Highly skilled firefighters are the last line of defense against wildfires, but that line is fraying because the government decided long ago that they’re not worth very much.

Slam the Scam

Some tips for avoiding scams and resources for help if you become victim to a scam artist.

Employee groups air their disappointment with Biden’s 2% raise proposal

Multiple groups representing federal employees expressed their displeasure this week at the White House’s proposed pay raise, noting that it falls both behind the cost of inflation and military compensation.

Veterans Affairs expands IVF access to unmarried and same-sex veterans

Up to now, the VA has only provided IVF care for married veterans who were able to use their own eggs or sperm during the process, but the new announcement allows veterans to use donor eggs, sperm and embryos.


Biden proposes 2% raise for feds in 2025 budget

Following multiple years of multi-decade record pay increases, the White House cited “fiscal constraints” facing agencies to justify smaller raises next year.

Saving for retirement

Retirement planning is a lifelong learning affair and begins with the first day on the job.