Pay & Benefits

Low Pay Remains the Largest Barrier to Federal Wildland Firefighter Recruitment, GAO Says

Although the Biden administration has taken multiple steps to boost compensation for federal firefighters, the government watchdog agency reports those measures are both not enough to compete with state and local governments and only temporary.

First Responder Retirement Bill Gets a Unanimous Senate Vote

The legislation allows first responders with disabilities to continue receiving federal retirement benefits in the same manner as though they had not been disabled.

An Open Season Checklist for Federal Annuitants

For starters, make sure you check if your premium is increasing, so you’re not caught off guard next year.

A Proposed OPM Rule Would Align Congressional Retirement Dates and Contributions With Those of Feds

Laws passed in 2012 and 2013 changed retirement benefits and contributions for members of Congress and their staff.

Health Insurance Options for Veterans

There are lots of choices, especially for those who have joined the civilian federal workforce.

Everything You Need to Know For Open Season 2022

All our Open Season coverage in one place to help you make the best decision this season.

A Federal Employee Group is Again Urging OPM to Ban All Use of Salary History in the Federal Hiring Process

An organization focused on improving gender equity at the Justice Department warned that anything short of completely banning federal agencies from considering job applicants’ salary histories could continue to perpetuate historic pay gaps in government.

An Open Season Checklist for Federal Employees

With the largest premium increase in the last 10 years, federal employees should consider whether their existing health insurance plan is still the best fit.

Some Federal Agencies Aren't Fulfilling Biden's Promise to Give Time Off to Vote

Agencies are exploiting loopholes or issuing restrictive policies, confounding staff.

House Lawmakers Have Proposed Restructuring Public Service Loan Forgiveness

A new bill would provide partial forgiveness for every year’s worth of loan repayments and expands what loans and repayment plans would qualify for the program.

Want to Vote or Volunteer at the Polls on Election Day, But Not Sure What the Leave Policy Is? We Can Help

President Biden signed an executive order in March 2021 that outlines leave policies for voting in elections and serving as poll workers or observers.

TSP Funds Tick Up After Two Months of Losses

Nearly all of the funds in the federal government’s 401(k)-style retirement savings plan posted gains in October.

New Data Suggests the Federal Pay Gap With the Private Sector Is Widening

Union officials called on the Biden administration to provide a more generous raise than the 4.6% average increase slated for next year, while a group representing executives urged officials to explore broader pay reform efforts.

Education Department Issues More Rules to Simplify Public Service Loan Forgiveness

Rules set to take effect next July expand which past loan repayments will apply for the program as well as simplify the employment certification process for some applicants.