Pay & Benefits

Salary Council: Federal Workers Make 23% Less than Private Sector Counterparts

The advisory council on federal compensation recommended that Carroll County, Ill., be added to the Davenport-Moline, Iowa-Ill., locality pay area.

Lawmakers Seek to Increase Retiree COLA for Next Year to 3%

Legislation would set the annual increase in Social Security and federal retiree annuities at 3%, rather than the 1.3% increase currently slated for 2021, and would permanently increase adjustments in future years.

The 8 Most Important Birthdays for Feds

Think now about these milestones—it could make a world of difference as you approach your next stage of life.

Feds Will Pay 4.9% More Toward Health Care Premiums Next Year

The Office of Personnel Management said Wednesday that it has revamped its online plan comparison tool and encouraged greater transparency from insurance carriers to tamp down on surprise billing.

For Feds, Net Worth Is More Important Than Income

There are many stories of federal employees who don’t have 6-figure incomes yet still manage to build considerable wealth.

Retiree COLA Set at 1.3% Next Year, Prompting Calls for Change

Organization calls on Congress to shift the metric upon which annual cost of living adjustments for Social Security and federal retirement benefits are based from the general price of goods to one that takes into account spending by the elderly.

Senate Democrats Introduce Bill to Make Payroll Tax Deferral Optional

Legislation requiring workers, including federal employees and military service members, to consent in writing to have their Social Security taxes deferred between now and the end of the year has the support of nearly 20 employee groups.

OPM Seeks to Limit Back Pay Awards for Employees, Unions

Officials at the Office of Personnel Management want to upend a nearly 40-year-old set of regulations, restricting which actions are subject to grievances under the Back Pay Act, and banning unions from being awarded attorney's fees when their members win their cases.

The Case for Waiting to Retire

Even for those who’ve decided they want to go next year and are at the higher end of the pay scale, it can pay to be patient.

GovExec Daily: The State of the Payroll Tax Deferral

Erich Wagner joins the podcast to discuss the latest pay and benefits news.

Lawmakers Revive Push to Make Feds’ Payroll Tax Deferral Optional

The effort to pressure the Trump administration into allowing federal employees to opt out of the controversial initiative to delay collection of Social Security taxes until next year is now bipartisan.

Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Protect All Feds’ Leave Following COVID

Although OPM’s current policy only waives the 30-day annual leave cap for essential employees who are unable to use their leave due to their duties responding to the coronavirus pandemic, Democrats in Congress want to extend the waiver to all federal workers.

Rethinking Retirement During a Pandemic

It’s clear that fewer people are moving on this year, which isn’t exactly a surprise.

TSP Funds Hit the Skids in September

After months of gains, most of the portfolios in the federal government’s 401(k)-style retirement savings program ended September in the red.