Pay & Benefits

The TV Commercials Made Me Do It

For federal retirees, Medicare enrollment decisions are more complicated than the ads make it seem.

Pay Will Be a Barrier to Rebuilding the Federal Workforce

The General Schedule pay system is too rigid to allow the government to attract and retain employees in today’s tight labor market.  

Capital Region Federal Offices to Close Again on Friday for Snow

This will be the second time offices have closed due to weather this week.

‘When Will I Get My Money?’ and Other New Year Questions

Answers to reader queries about lump-sum payments, benefits and more.

Federal Agencies in the Washington, D.C. Area to Open 3 Hours Late Tuesday

The delay is due to a storm that left seven inches of snow or more across the region.

Most TSP Funds Rebound to End 2021

All but one of the portfolios in the federal government’s 401(k)-style retirement savings program finished December in the black.

New Pay Tables Released: Calculate Your 2022 Raise

The average increase will be 2.7% for civilian employees, but the exact figure will vary based on where you live. 

Biden Issues Executive Order Finalizing Average 2.7% Pay Raise for Feds

Although the raise isn’t as much as many federal employee groups had hoped for, it restores civilian-military pay parity.

Pay Agent Adds One New County to Locality Pay Area, Encourages ‘Fresh’ Look at Other Issues

Although the president’s pay agent declined to waive the requirement that there be at least 2,500 General Schedule employees in a region to be eligible for a locality pay area, it noted that Carroll County, Illinois, has recently met the requirement anyway.

The 3 Most Important Retirement Counseling Tips

The best of the best pieces of advice for those on the verge of retirement.