Pay & Benefits

OPM wants agencies to tally their senior executive needs

The federal government’s HR agency has requested biennial projections for the number of SES and scientific professionals that agencies will likely need through 2027.

Administrative law judge union to push for expanded annual carryover leave

Officials with a union that represents administrative law judges at the Social Security Administration said their jobs are more akin to those of senior-level federal jobs than General Schedule positions.

The importance of a federal employee 'love letter'

COMMENTARY | This gesture of love and care for your beneficiaries can be a great resource after you are gone.

A House funding bill would make recent federal firefighter pay raises permanent

The House Appropriations Committee is set to advance a spending package Tuesday that would codify recent temporary pay raises for federal wildland firefighters into law and fund them to the tune of $330 million.

OPM’s backlog of pending retirement claims ticked back up in June

The federal government’s dedicated HR agency processed around 1,300 fewer claims than it received last month, bringing its retirement backlog back above 15,000.

TSP funds posted a mixed bag in June

Only three of the five core investment offerings of the federal government’s 401(k)-style retirement savings program ended the month in the black.

How to use the ‘Bucket Strategy’ to optimize your retirement savings

COMMENTARY | There are ways to strategically withdraw money in retirement to make your funds last longer.

Federal whistleblowers are entitled to damages for missed future pay, court rules

Employees can receive compensatory payments if their firings caused harm that prevented future earnings.

Biden’s 2% raise more likely upon advancement of Senate defense policy bill

The Senate Armed Services Committee last week advanced its version of the fiscal 2025 National Defense Authorization Act, endorsing a 2% average pay raise for civilian federal workers alongside a 4.5% increase for military service members.

Feds are still slated for a 2% average pay raise in 2025 per House appropriations bill

The House Appropriations Committee advanced legislation Thursday that failed to override President Biden’s 2025 pay plan.

FBI agents say they need more money to stay in the bureau

Agents in high-cost cities say they cannot support their elevated expenses on their current salaries.

OPM’s retirement backlog hit an 8-year low last month

Efforts to streamline the processing of departing federal workers’ retirement applications continue to pay dividends, as the inventory of pending claims hit the lowest point since 2016.

The State of Civil Service Retirement: CSRS and FERS

How optimistic are you about your retirement? Small steps can help allay your fears of the future.