Pay & Benefits

Health Savings Account contribution limits to rise in 2025

Federal employees looking for ways to save on out-of-pocket healthcare costs might benefit from using a high deductible health plan with an HSA.

VA to review more previously awarded bonuses after improperly doling out $11M to execs

The department has used an “improper and overzealous application” of new authorities to give extra pay to certain employees, IG says.

OPM’s retirement backlog continued a four-month downward trend in April

Though the Office of Personnel Management’s backlog of pending federal retirement claims fell again last month, the pace of progress has slowed.

Essential things to know about your Social Security benefit: Part 2

Social Security, along with the FERS basic retirement benefit and the Thrift Savings Plan, can provide the financial security you will need during your life after retirement.  

OPM tweaks its final rule for the postal health benefits plan

The federal HR agency posted its final rule for establishing the Postal Service Health Benefits program on Monday, clarifying language on Medicare Part B enrollment and other details.

A CBO report raises new questions about Biden’s 2% pay raise plan

Analysis favored by conservatives shows that when comparing workers’ “total compensation,” the private sector has nearly caught up to the federal government’s pay and benefits package for employees.

Essential things to know about your Social Security benefit: Part 1

It is important to keep up with Social Security changes that can have an impact on your current and future benefits.

Most TSP funds took a tumble in April

After two months of sustained gains, only one portfolio in the federal government’s 401(k)-style retirement savings program finished last month in the black.

Are Consumer Driven Health Plans the right FEHB plan for you?

These are one of the lowest cost FEHB plan types for both active federal employees and annuitants.

Exposed to Agent Orange at U.S. bases, veterans face cancer without VA compensation

Mounting evidence shows that as far back as the 1950s, in an effort to kill the ubiquitous poison oak and other weeds at Fort Ord, the military experimented with and sprayed the powerful herbicide combination known colloquially as Agent Orange.

OPM reminds agencies of pay provisions in 2024 NDAA

The most recent iteration of the annual defense policy bill extends a number of temporary pay and benefits provisions for both civilian and military service members and allows veteran feds to credit active duty service toward paid parental leave requirements.

Postponing retirement problems: Part 2

Federal law trumps what might seem to make the most sense. 

Are High Deductible Health Plans the right FEHB plan for you?

For most federal employees, HDHPs will be the cheapest FEHB plan type. Here’s how they work.

Congressional Dems urge OPM to fully cover IVF in feds’ insurance program

More than 175 Democratic lawmakers said the federal government must do more to protect access to health services like in-vitro fertilization in light of a recent Alabama court ruling that effectively banned the procedure alongside abortion services.

OPM has new tools to fight improper health insurance enrollments

Watchdog agencies and Congress have previously chided the federal government’s HR agency for the lack of internal controls ensuring that family members of federal workers and retirees remain eligible for the federal workforce’s health insurance program.

Justice Department outlines benefits rule for Havana syndrome victims 

A new interim final rule details how the department would compensate employees and dependents with qualifying brain injuries from anomalous health incidents.

Postponing retirement problems: Part 1

It’s important to know the difference between a postponed retirement and a deferred retirement.