Pay & Benefits

The Downside of Investing in the TSP's Lifecycle Funds

Many know they should invest more conservatively as they approach retirement, but investing too conservatively can be dangerous if you don’t want to run out of money.

Why You Should Reconsider Your Current FEHBP Health Plan

Most people just stick with the plan they’ve had for years but that could be a costly mistake, especially during a pandemic.

Free Tutoring Now Available for School-Age Children of Federal Employees

Federal Employee Education and Assistance Fund partners with online tutoring company to provide service.

The G Fund Has Seen Better Days

It’s important to know what the investment can do for you—and what it can’t.

Robocalls Told at Least 800,000 Swing State Residents to 'Stay Home' on Election Day. The FBI Is Investigating.

A firm that tracks robocalls said more than 3 million calls were made on Nov. 3, which contained a cryptic message instructing people to “stay safe and stay home.” The tactics join other efforts to confuse voters this election cycle.

Most TSP Portfolios Tumble in October

Only two funds in the federal government’s 401(k)-style retirement savings program saw increases last month.

Your Tax Bill Is On Sale, But Probably Not for Long

Federal employees shouldn’t overlook the potential advantages of investing in a Roth TSP or Roth IRA.

Medicare and Open Season

Here’s some information to help you make some very important decisions.

Salary Council: Federal Workers Make 23% Less than Private Sector Counterparts

The advisory council on federal compensation recommended that Carroll County, Ill., be added to the Davenport-Moline, Iowa-Ill., locality pay area.