Pay & Benefits

TSP Announces Upcoming COVID-19 Loans, Withdrawals

New loan and withdrawal options enacted through the CARES Act will become available in June and July, respectively, while officials have noted other options for participants to access their money are already in place.

How to Motivate Young Workers to Save For Retirement

Whether you’re a parent or a boss, it’s in everyone’s interest to ensure younger generations are ready for life after work.

GovExec Daily: Recruiting and Retaining During a Pandemic

MSSmedia's Barbara Gretsch discusses how organizations like the New York National Guard can recruit during the coronavirus crisis.

How Long Does It Take To Get a TSP Withdrawal?

A look at the process of taking money out of your retirement savings.

TSP Board Delays International Fund Change Amid White House Pressure

Although board members stated the pause was because of the turmoil caused by the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, they pleaded with their newly nominated replacements not to allow politics to enter the decision-making process.

How to Keep Your TSP Account Secure in the Era of COVID-19

Scammers and fraudsters are taking advantage of the novel coronavirus pandemic to target online financial accounts. 

New House COVID-19 Bill Includes Hazard Pay for Feds, Strengthens Protections for Telework and Sick Leave

Pelosi on Tuesday unveiled legislation that would provide up to $10,000 in premium pay for federal workers on the front lines of the coronavirus outbreak and would prevent agencies from exempting employees from paid sick leave benefits.

White House Orders TSP Board to Halt International Fund Index Change

After months of lobbying, President Trump has intervened in the independent agency’s decision to shift foreign investments to a more expansive index of international firms.

House Democrats Urge Leadership to Begin Paid Parental Leave for Feds Early

A group of 12 lawmakers said the new benefit for federal workers, currently slated for implementation in October, should apply retroactively to December.

Let Feds Carry Over Their Unused Leave

In a global pandemic, it isn’t right to expect people to take use-or-lose vacation time.

House Legislation Would Protect Feds’ Unused Leave During Coronavirus Pandemic

Rep. Jennifer Wexton, D-Va., has introduced a bill that would ensure that federal workers who are unable to take a vacation due to the COVID-19 outbreak will not lose their paid leave.

When Can You Afford to Retire?

Questions to ask yourself if you’re considering early retirement.

Trump Moves to Replace TSP Board Members, Prompting Concerns of Politicization

The nomination of three new board members follows months of lobbying by Republican lawmakers and advocacy groups to stop the Thrift Savings Plan from changing its international fund to include investments in Chinese companies.

Labor Department Lowers the Bar for Some Feds to Prove Workplace COVID-19 Exposure

Federal workers in jobs like law enforcement and health care who contract the novel coronavirus will automatically qualify for workers compensation benefits, the department said.

Bipartisan Senate Group Urges Hazard Pay for Feds

Nineteen senators encourage authorization of a 25% pay increase for frontline federal workers during the coronavirus pandemic, along with more guidance enhancing telework, leave and other protections for employees.

TSP Portfolios Bounce Back after March Losses

All funds in the federal government’s 401(k)-style retirement savings program posted gains last month, as the stock market began to rebound from a historic fall.