On shutdown eve, the Biden administration adjusts furlough plans at some agencies

Fewer government services will be available during a funding lapse than previously expected.

Nearly all national park sites to close during government shutdown

The agency will bar access to most of the nation’s 425 parks, recreation areas, national historic sites and other units, according to a fact sheet from the Interior Department, which oversees the National Park Service.

Ahead of shutdown, House and Senate Dems propose back pay for furloughed contractors

A similar effort to legislate back pay for contractors failed during the 2018-2019 shutdown.

What happens to government devices during a shutdown?

Experts say government-issued devices like phones, computers and even email accounts face heightened security risks during a federal shutdown.

Sen. Kaine eyes another measure to make shutdowns less frequent

The Modernizing the Federal Calendar Act would shift the federal government’s fiscal year to align with the traditional calendar year.

How a looming government shutdown could hit national parks

Would-be visitors will likely see restrictions on park access, though the extent of those restrictions is still unclear.

Senate inches closer toward stopgap passage, though a plan to avoid shutdown remains out of reach

Republicans in the Senate look to assuage House counterparts, but it may already be too late to avert federal employee furloughs in two days.

Biden administration begins cautioning feds to prepare for a shutdown

Degree of organization varies across government as agencies note a funding lapse could still be avoided.

Democrats fear cyberattacks as government shutdown looms

Lawmakers are expressing concerns that the shutdown could radically hinder the work of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency in responding to major ransomware incidents and other digital intrusions. 

5 longest government shutdowns in U.S. history

Budget disputes have practically made shutdown threats a fall tradition on Capitol Hill, but these impasses left lasting impressions on the history of the federal government.

Senate to advance short-term funding measure as shutdown deadline nears

But the House is continuing to pursue deep cuts to spending that stand no chance across Capitol Hill or in the White House.

What does it take to end a government shutdown?

The end of past budget impasses have often played out as calculations of policy goals versus the political pain needed to achieve them, but when the goal is unclear how do you know who wins? 

See who would get furloughed in a shutdown this year

The Biden administration is planning to take a novel shutdown approach at some agencies.

Federal cyber operations face challenges as government shutdown looms

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency will retain about one-sixth of its workforce in the event of a partial government shutdown, according to its current plan.