Pentagon Office Tracking National Security Impact of Silicon Valley Bank Collapse

The director of the Pentagon’s office tasked with connecting relevant tech companies with private capital said in an email that the office is “monitoring national security-related impacts” stemming from the prominent startup lender’s demise.

Air Force Must ‘Reintroduce’ Itself to America, Recruiting Service Commander Says

Maj. Gen. Ed Thomas says “declining familiarity with who we are” is partly to blame for recruiting problems.

Republicans Want a Briefing on the Defense Department’s ‘Lax’ Financial Management

The Pentagon failed its fifth-ever audit in 2022, but department officials say they are making some progress. 

Marines See Early Successes in Retention Push—and Ways to Do Better

Meanwhile, the commandant wants to bring skilled people into the Corps at advanced ranks.

Commission Looks for Ways to Speed Up Pentagon Budget Process to Keep Pace With China

The goal of the review is to adapt a decades-old way of doing things for the modern era.

Why Combat Veterans Are Turning to Oxygen Therapy for PTSD

The unapproved and, to some, unproven treatment is attracting many PTSD patients for whom other treatments have failed.

Americans are Disturbingly ‘Ill-Informed and Naive’ on China, Navy’s Intel Chief Says

Recent balloon incident brought some attention to the possible threat, but not enough, says Rear Adm. Michael Studeman.

‘We Didn’t Have the Ships’ to Send ‘Best Option’ to Help Earthquake Victims, Commandant Says

Incident comes a year after maintenance problems delayed the 22nd MEU’s deployment to Europe.

White House Launches Effort to Examine Policy Choices for Shooting Down UFOs

NORTHCOM has changed radar settings to get “better fidelity on seeing slower objects,” general says.

US Shoots Down ‘Objects’ Off Alaska Coast, Over Canada, Lake Huron

White House was worried object on Friday posed “potential hazard to civilian air traffic.”

China’s Balloon May Have Taught Pentagon More Than Beijing Learned From It, General Says

Still, NORAD’s chief says the U.S. military took “precautions,” including “non-kinetic effects.”

Tougher Cybersecurity Rules May Be More than a Year Away—But Don’t Wait to Get Ready

Contractors should prepare for independent checks on their data systems, and maybe more reporting requirements as well.

New Pentagon Rules Keep Many Military Court Records Secret

Despite a 2016 law requiring transparency, the Defense Department is limiting public access to court records in the military justice system. A recent ProPublica lawsuit appears to have spurred the new Pentagon guidance.

New Institute Will Study How the Defense Department Manages Itself

To “compete on a global stage,” DOD must get a handle on its management practices, Deputy Defense Secretary says.