New Fort Hood Report May Help Change Sexual Assault Prosecutions

Spc. Vanessa Guillén’s sexual harassment was reported by three soldiers. Command failed to act.

Retired Generals and Service Chiefs Launch 'Operation Protect Democracy' in Wake of Capitol Attack

Group plans to advocate for increased voter access at the federal and state level. But will the legislatures listen?

Biden Nominee for Pentagon Weapons Buyer Under Investigation

Inspector General complaint alleges DIU Director Michael Brown’s agency used federal hiring tools to hire friends, but office says it’s competing for talent.

New Air Force One Delayed by COVID, Boeing Subcontractor

Boeing has fired GDC Technics, which is suing its erstwhile employer.

Pelosi: Milley ‘Doesn’t Know the Full Picture’ of Jan. 6 Capitol Attack

House speaker says Trump administration delayed military assistance to lawmakers.

Biden Taps Frank Kendall To Be Air Force Secretary

Former Pentagon acquisition chief has relevant experience defining threats and modernization needs, colleagues say.

US Army to Replace Criminal Investigations Chief In Wake of Guillen’s Death

The service’s Criminal Investigation Command has faced criticism for its lax casework on soldier deaths, assaults and suicides.

The FBI Is Breaking into Corporate Computers to Remove Malicious Code – Smart Cyber Defense or Government Overreach?

The courts have given the government the authority to hack into private computers unannounced. The action addresses a clear threat, but it also sets an unsettling precedent.

Pentagon Panel Recommends Removing Sexual Assault Cases From Chain of Command

Moving cases to an independent prosecutor is a change long-sought by victims and families failed by the current system.

A Year After Vanessa Guillén’s Murder, Family and Advocates Say not Enough Has Changed in the Military

The Texas woman’s death exposed a pattern of violence and abuse against soldiers at Fort Hood, the U.S. military’s largest active-duty base. It also sparked national outrage over federal officials’ handling of sexual harassment and noncombat deaths.

How Cyber Ops Increase the Risk of Accidental Nuclear War

Five factors exacerbate a U.S.-Chinese security dilemma.

The USAF’s Bad Bets on Pilot Retention Show It Needs Outside Help

Service leaders think the same old tactics can reverse a pilot shortage in a resurging economy.

Advocates Hope First Female Army Secretary Brings Change

Nominee Christine Wormuth has led strategy and policy at the highest levels. Can she lead cultural change as well?

GovExec Daily: Priorities and the Pentagon Budget

The Project on Government Oversight's Mandy Smithberger joins the podcast to discuss the money allocated to Defense Department and connected programs.

The Capital’s ‘Complex’ Power Structure Keeps Causing Chaos Under Pressure

U.S. Army processes updated after last June’s protests failed again during the Jan. 6 riot.

'I Felt Hate More Than Anything': How an Active Duty Airman Tried to Start a Civil War

Steven Carrillo’s path to the Boogaloo Bois shows the hate group is far more organized and dangerous than previously known.