Why Trump Isn’t Using The Defense Production Act

He wants to allow corporations to sell vital medical gear to the highest-bidding states. Governors say that’s exactly the problem.

Viewpoint: I Used to Run ICE. We Need to Release the Nonviolent Detainees.

It’s the only way to protect detention facilities and the people in them from COVID-19.

Viewpoint: The Right Way to Activate the National Guard

There are three methods of mobilizing America’s citizen soldiers. Which one Trump chooses will matter a great deal.

Coronavirus Halts Military Travel In and Out of Iraq and Afghanistan

No one comes in until they've quarantined for 14 days, CENTCOM says.

Will an App Tell You Who Will Give You COVID-19?

Researchers say a movement-tracking app, like one China deployed, could help slow the spread of the disease.

Leave the National Guard to the States, Says Top General

If Trump federalizes the Guard, they can’t help with law enforcement, says Gen. Lengyel.

Navy Working to Keep Subs and Destroyers From Becoming COVID-19 Hotspots

Meanwhile, the coronavirus is putting the military health-care system under stress.

GovExec Daily: The Air Force Brings 500,000 Coronavirus Test Swabs Back From Italy

Marcus Weisberger joins the podcast to explain a story of a special delivery aboard a C-17 cargo plane

U.S. Air Force Flew Half a Million Coronavirus Test Swabs From Italy to Tennessee

Similar missions to distribute COVID-19 test kits are expected in coming days.

Why U.S. Troops are Pulling Back All Over Iraq

American forces have begun consolidating at better-protected bases as a new Iraqi prime minister-designate tries to form a government.

F-35 Factories In Italy, Japan Are Reopening After Closing for Coronavirus

An assembly plant in Japan is already open and another in Italy is expected to reopen on Wednesday.

‘We Want to Be the Last Resort,’ Says Defense Secretary

Pentagon’s Esper says the U.S. military is ready to help fight the coronavirus, but may not be the best — or fastest — solution.

GovExec Daily: How the Pentagon is Responding to Coronavirus

Defense One's Brad Peniston joins the podcast to explain the Defense Department's moves during the early stages of the pandemic.

Pentagon Bars Most Guests, Travelers Starting Monday

New restrictions apply to visitors, foreigners, ceremonies. International travelers must wait 14 days for entry.

When Your Work Is Classified, ‘Work From Home’ Doesn’t Work

That’s just the start of the problems for defense employees, contract workers, and their bosses who are trying to take coronavirus precautions.

Pentagon Halts Domestic Travel by Troops to Slow Coronavirus Spread

The late-Friday edict goes much farther than Wednesday's limits on international travel.

General Takes Blame for ‘No Injuries’ Declaration After Jan. 8 Iran Strike

“I was never under any pressure at any time to shade this reporting,” CENTCOM’s Gen. Frank McKenzie told Congress. More than 100 troops later were diagnosed with TBI.