Women Are Better at Statistics Than They Think

Female statistics students had higher final exam grades than their male peers, even though they had less confidence in their statistics abilities at the start of the semester.

Text Messages Are Federal Records and Must Be Saved, DoD Orders

After news that Jan. 6 insurrection-related texts were wiped from former Pentagon officials’ phones, Deputy Defense Secretary Kathleen Hicks ordered data on department devices must be retained. 

Senate Passes a Bill to Root out Conflicts of Interest in Federal Contracting

The Preventing Organizational Conflicts of Interest in Federal Acquisition Act sets new disclosure requirements and expands authorities for federal contracting officers. 

CBP’s Facial Recognition Program at Airports Is Expanding but Concerns Remain

The facial recognition program for international arrivals in airports is rolled out in all international airports in the United States.

Senators Introduce Bill to Ensure Resiliency of Federal Data Centers

The proposal would establish baseline safeguards for cybersecurity and physical issues like natural disasters.

Preventing Wildfires Could Start With Data From Controlled Burns

Sage combines machine learning with data from edge sensors to provide on-the-spot detection, monitoring and analysis of a burning area.

The Biden Administration Unveils a Website to Help Combat Extreme Heat Conditions includes interactive maps, forecasts and other resources to help officials and the general public cope with high temperatures.

The Biden Administration Wants To Standardize How the U.S. Conducts Cyber Operations

The White House is reviewing a Trump administration policy that made it easier for U.S. Cyber Command to conduct offensive cyber operations.

A Look At Tech Amendments In The 2023 House Defense Authorization Bill

The bill, which boasted several hundred amendments, has provisions that touch on cyber education, spectrum, and satellites.

Bad Data and Old Tech Hamper CDC's Ability Track COVID Exposures on Flights

Because of its clunky, outdated data system, the CDC can't quickly identify how many people were exposed to a sick person on a plane, a recent GAO report states.

The Labor Department Seeks a Leader for Digital Transformation

The job announcement to lead the agency's new digital transformation directorate closes on Thursday.

House Bill Tasks CISA With SolarWinds Report

A key lawmaker on the House Homeland Security Committee wants more details on what was breached and what was lost when the SolarWinds Orion platform was compromised in a supply chain attack.

CFPB Expands Its Technologist Hiring Program

A top agency official says the agency needs more technologists to help it achieve its core mission.

GSA Looks to Help Get LGBTQI-owned Small Businesses in the Contracting Mix

The agency is going to work with the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce as part of an effort to increase access to contracting for LGBTQI-owned small businesses.

Digital Identity Challenges Could Be a Roadblock to Improved CX

Government agencies are currently wrestling with how exactly to verify Americans who want to access federal programs and services.