Digital Divide: Tribal Communities Undercounted, Underserved

Gaps in digital access and poor data quality disproportionately affect already underserved native communities, one expert says.

Border Agency Deactivates Regional Twitter Account that Promoted Homophobic Tweet

The agency shut down the Twitter account for its West Texas regional office, saying “unauthorized and inappropriate content” was posted on the account on Saturday.

Did the U.S. Jump the Gun With the New Omicron-Targeted Vaccines?

With fears of a winter surge looming, government agencies have authorized and encouraged vaccination with a newly formulated booster. But the science to support that decision remains inconclusive.

A Cyber Workforce Strategy is Coming From the White House, Along With an Implementation Body to Make Sure it Works

The Office of the National Cyber Director has a workforce plan in development that looks to address public sector and private sector gaps in the cybersecurity profession.

Housing Agency Didn't Complete Cyber Orders from DHS, Report Says

The agency said that some of its websites failed to comply with binding operational directives from the Department of Homeland Security.

OMB Looks to Update Federal Race and Ethnicity Data Standards

The government's chief statistician put out a call for input via newly announced listening sessions as part of OMB's work to update federal race and ethnicity standards.

Traffic Overwhelms Student Loan Sites Following Biden’s Debt Relief Announcement

Student loan company Nelnet said providers received no advance warning about the White House’s loan forgiveness plan, contributing to confusion and site outages.

How the VA’s Adoption of is Going

The agency is standing up in-person identity proofing to help veterans who struggle to go through the identity proofing process online because of a lack of connectivity or existing digital credentials.

New Report Warns of a Growing 'Data Divide'

The Center for Data Innovation says a lack of collection and use of data across demographics is leading to disparities in access to critical services.

GovExec Daily: Who Gets To Know When You Die?

FCW's Natalie Alms joins the podcast to discuss how levels of government share death data.

Agencies Are Still Wrangling Over Death Data

Information about deaths is a key part of administering programs like Social Security, but how data is collected and shared comes with questions.

Former CISA Chief Wants a New, Cross-Cutting New Agency to Lead Federal Cyber

Chris Krebs wants to establish a new agency to focus on privacy, data and cyber risks facing the U.S., or to pull the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency from under the Department of Homeland Security.

IRS Free File Figures into Senate Dems' Reconciliation Bill

Questions about the tax agency's capacity to deliver and support a public online tax filing system.

Mobile Threats Prompt Operational Changes for Governments

More than 80% of public sector respondents to a recent survey said they have been forced to re-evaluate workplace practices as attacks on mobile devices grow.

Women Are Better at Statistics Than They Think

Female statistics students had higher final exam grades than their male peers, even though they had less confidence in their statistics abilities at the start of the semester.

Text Messages Are Federal Records and Must Be Saved, DoD Orders

After news that Jan. 6 insurrection-related texts were wiped from former Pentagon officials’ phones, Deputy Defense Secretary Kathleen Hicks ordered data on department devices must be retained. 

Senate Passes a Bill to Root out Conflicts of Interest in Federal Contracting

The Preventing Organizational Conflicts of Interest in Federal Acquisition Act sets new disclosure requirements and expands authorities for federal contracting officers.