Thousands of American Jobs May Depend on Performance of a New GSA Website

Biden’s new “Made in America” executive order creates an opportunity to close loopholes that allow companies to manufacture products overseas for nebulous reasons.

The Differences Between the Vaccines Matter

Yes, all of the COVID-19 vaccines are very good. No, they’re not all the same.

GovExec Daily: A First-Person COVID-19 Vaccine Experience

Host Ross Gianfortune joins producer Adam Butler to discuss Gianfortune's experience getting his first dose in D.C.

Viewpoint: The Government Needs to Find Big Tech a New Business Model

Facebook and Google want to keep playing three roles: essential infrastructure, publisher, and targeted-ad mogul. That’s impossible.

Why Too Many Government Modernization Efforts Fail

Technology “solutions” almost never address the organizational issues critical to success.

‘Cruel’ Digital Race For Vaccines Leaves Many Seniors Behind

Glitchy websites, jammed phone lines and long lines outside clinics are commonplace as states expand who’s eligible to be vaccinated. The oldest Americans and those without caregivers and computer skills are at a distinct disadvantage.

GovExec Daily: Getting Politics Out of the COVID-19 Response

Dr. Ron Sanders joins the show to discuss how the Biden administration can get out apolitical information to fight the pandemic.

The U.S. Spent $2.2 Million on a Cybersecurity System That Wasn’t Implemented — and Might Have Stopped a Major Hack

The software company SolarWinds unwittingly allowed hackers’ code into thousands of federal computers. A cybersecurity system called in-toto, which the government paid to develop but never required, might have protected against this.

GovExec Daily: Records Transfer and the Trump Administration

Courtney Bublé joins the show to discuss the concerns about the Trump administration's records management.

The Simple Task That Mars Made Impossible

NASA spent nearly two years trying to wrangle a probe designed to burrow into the planet’s soil.

Can the U.S. Keep COVID-19 Variants in Check? Here’s What It Takes

The U.S. has fumbled almost every step of its public health response in its battle against COVID-19. Experts say that must change if we’re going to outflank the variants emerging as the virus continues to mutate

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SAP National Security Services CEO Mark Testoni joins the podcast to discuss how agencies can more effectively use contracting to secure critical infrastructure.

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Courtney Bublé joins the podcast to discuss how the Biden administration is addressing the COVID-19 crisis.

GovExec Daily: Joe Biden's IT Priorities in the White House

Former federal CIO Vivek Kundra joins the podcast to discuss the information technology and cloud computing challenges the new president will face.

5 Ways Biden Can Help Rural America Thrive and Bridge the Rural-Urban Divide

A new federal antipoverty program for both rural and urban areas is part of the solution, but the power of Big Ag, lack of internet and struggling towns need attention, too.

How Will People Actually Get COVID-19 Vaccines?

With COVID-19 vaccine distribution underway, how will people get them and what are the potential distribution pitfalls? An expert breaks down the logistics.