EEOC says HR software company Workday should face bias claims in lawsuit

The federal agency filed an amicus brief in a case in which a job applicant is alleging algorithmic discrimination.

How TSA’s opt-outs for biometric screenings informed White House AI policy

The Office of Management and Budget’s recent guidance on the government’s responsible use of AI elevates TSA's practice of allowing travelers to decline biometric scans at airport security to national policy.

USPTO says existing rules apply to AI-crafted submissions

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office reaffirmed its existing regulations will apply to AI-assisted applications and filings.

The IRS is testing a free method to directly file taxes. But not everyone is thrilled

The IRS estimates that 19 million taxpayers are eligible to use the new program in advance of the April 15 tax filing deadline.

Congress tries again for comprehensive data privacy bill

The bill would establish national data privacy standards, with the Federal Trade Commission crafting rules for enforcement.

National Weather Service says partial circuit failure caused network outage

A six-hour outage took key weather information updates offline for about six hours earlier this week, amid outbreak of severe weather.

Federal weather system experiences outage amid severe weather nationwide

The agency is seeking money to shore up weather forecasting IT systems in fiscal year 2025.

AI is creating ‘more sophisticated’ but not unprecedented election threats, DHS official says

AI is likely to create more convincing phishing campaigns but is “not necessarily introducing a new threat or risk in and of itself,” the official said.

New White House policy mandates safeguards for federal AI use

The White House also announced new hiring goals for AI talent, a request for information on the procurement of AI and more.

U.S. accuses Chinese hackers of a 14-year campaign targeting government officials

The coordinated charges include sanctions on Chinese government-affiliated hackers and an up to $10 million reward for information about the defendants.

Pentagon’s outgoing AI chief warns Congress of the safety and accuracy risks of the emerging tech

Craig Martell, the DOD’s chief digital and artificial intelligence officer, warned that ensuring the accuracy and value of large language models will be the “biggest charge” for his successor.

NASA releases its first official scientifically focused tabletop roleplaying adventure

The module’s creator wanted to build a role-playing adventure that blended traditional gaming elements with the kinds of science and education that NASA projects are well-known for having.

The future of Border Patrol: AI is always watching

Human rights advocates warn of algorithmic bias, legal violations, and other dire consequences of relying on AI to monitor the border.

Lawmakers eye 2025 defense bill for AI proposals

A leader of the Senate’s bipartisan AI working group said that next year's must-pass defense policy bill could include some substantive AI proposals, but the Senate is “not ready” for a comprehensive AI bill at this time.

Lawmakers propose a new federal office to regulate workplace surveillance tech

The new bill from Reps. Chris Deluzio, D-Pa., and Suzanne Bonamici, D-Ore., would also establish new employee rights and employer transparency rules around surveillance.

IRS has some of the oldest tech in government — it’s trying to change that

Agency leadership views the “historic funding” provided under the Inflation Reduction Act as an opportunity to get out from under the list of needed tech improvements that have long plagued the IRS.

U.S. still finding victims of advanced China-linked hacking campaign, NSA official says

The Volt Typhoon hacking collective, backed by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, has been working to burrow into sensitive U.S. systems, officials previously said.