GovExec Daily: Using AI to Solve Problems in Health Care and Beyond

Ashley Mehta of Nolij Consulting joins the podcast to discuss how technology can be use for better outcomes in public systems.

GovExec Daily: Efforts to Advance and Invest in Research

Wellspring CEO Robert Lowe joins the podcast to discuss how the U.S. invests in innovation.

It’s not Just Bad Behavior – Why Social Media Design Makes It Hard to Have Constructive Disagreements Online

How social media services work – the nuts and bolts of interacting with others online – has the power to shape and improve online arguments. Here's how.

Coronavirus Variants Have Nowhere to Hide

Our tests will need frequent touch-ups to make sure that no mutations get past them.

GovExec Daily: How Governments Can Promote Equity

Former Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley joins the show to discuss how local governments can leverage data and information to promote equity.

GovExec Daily: Using Data for Racial Equity

Temilola Afolabi joins the podcast to discuss how the White House can use data in the pursuit of equity.

A Year Without Germs

Months of exuberant hand-sanitizing and social isolation during the pandemic have changed our exposure to microbes, in ways good and bad.

GovExec Daily: The Major Changes In Federal Digital Operations and Acquisition

Stan Soloway joins the podcast to discuss President Joe Biden's appointments and how they will attempt to modernize government.

‘I Feel like I’m Drowning’: Women Business Owners Keep Hitting New Barriers to Federal Loan Aid

Women, especially women of color, are driving small-business growth during a pandemic in which they’ve been hit particularly hard — and missed out on help.

Video Conferencing Can Tank Collective Intelligence

By reducing synchrony among speakers, video conferencing actually may make it harder to communicate effectively than non-visual ways of connecting.

Biden Appointments Signal Major Changes In Digital Operations and Acquisition

Early signs suggest federal agencies may be on the cusp of a significant leap forward.

Why ‘Zoom Fatigue’ Is Worse For Women

New findings may clarify why women are suffering more from Zoom fatigue, or feeling worn out from lots of online video calls.

The U.S. Just Set Ambitious Offshore Wind Power Targets – What Will It Take to Meet Them?

To increase renewable energy use, the Biden administration wants the U.S. to go from seven offshore wind turbines today to enough to power 10 million homes within a decade.

There’s Nothing Historic About Biden’s NASA Pick

After 62 years, the space agency will have to wait a little longer for its first female leader.

Who Would Kidnap a Space Telescope?

‘‘We hope pirates don’t take it,” one astrophysicist said.

GovExec Daily: Modernizing DHA Records Management

Dcode's Riya Patel joins the show to discuss how the Defense Health Agency is looking to update its systems.

Thousands of American Jobs May Depend on Performance of a New GSA Website

Biden’s new “Made in America” executive order creates an opportunity to close loopholes that allow companies to manufacture products overseas for nebulous reasons.