OPM has a plan to take its tech 'from the Flintstones to the Jetsons'

The personnel agency recently released its first IT strategic plan in nearly a decade.

Emerging tech is an SBA priority for both internal systems and external assistance

The Small Business Administration is leading the charge to democratize access to emerging technologies — particularly AI — across U.S. companies.

Biden administration inches ahead on 'life experiences' projects

The White House shared updates on cross-agency projects designed to improve and streamline government service delivery. 

The federal government's most disliked IT help desks

A survey of more than 270,000 federal employees shows DOD at the bottom when it comes to satisfaction with IT support and equipment.

Chinese hackers targeted government entities and thwarted recovery efforts, report says

The cybercrime group evaded remediation efforts by installing persistent backdoors and deploying “new and novel malware.”

NBIS says it will deliver continuous monitoring for all customers by December

The National Background Investigation Services system was initially scheduled to be up and running in 2019.

Government websites are loaded with misinformation, and that’s a big problem for AI

Sometimes information that looks reliable because it’s from a federal agency website has not in fact been vetted, and AI systems are only as trustworthy as the data they’re fed.

The Agriculture Department is taking a ‘cautious’ approach to generative AI

The agency’s data “also needs to be in a condition… to support those kinds of tools,” according to USDA chief data officer and responsible AI officer, Chris Alvares.

GSA is looking for participants for its facial recognition study

Federal Acquisition Service Commissioner Sonny Hashmi said the study will help determine how to move forward with

White House names new deputy chief technology officer for policy

Austin Bonner joins White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, though the position of U.S. CTO has not been filled since 2021.

Defense Digital Service elevates top deputy to serve as director

Jennifer Hay will lead the Defense Department’s in-house team of software engineers and data scientists.

Senators seek details on SSA’s plan to modernize and simplify disability benefits applications

Three Democrats on the Senate Finance Committee asked the Social Security Administration for details on improvements to the Supplemental Security Income application.

The White House is developing a 10-year modernization plan to replace legacy IT

The National Cybersecurity Strategy tasks the Office of Management and Budget with creating a plan to eliminate all vulnerable legacy systems from federal agencies within a decade.

National intelligence strategy calls for new partnerships to harness emerging technologies

Federal agencies must collaborate with private sector partners and allies to better understand the implications of emerging technologies, according to the new strategy.

White House cyber office has its eye on workforce data

Data on the cybersecurity workforce is fragmented and inconsistent. A top White House official is looking to change that.

White House cyber office makes new workforce-focused hire

Daniel “Rags” Ragsdale is joining the White House Office of the National Cyber Director, following work in the private sector, Defense Department and cyber research space.