Best Dates to Retire 2024

Looking forward to moving on next year? Here’s a calendar showing optimal dates.

ICE officials didn’t accurately report how they disrupted transnational criminals, OIG says

Immigration officials didn’t know how many transnational criminal organizations they impacted over five years due to a data filing misstep, according to the Homeland Security Department’s inspector general.

Federal cyber operations face challenges as government shutdown looms

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency will retain about one-sixth of its workforce in the event of a partial government shutdown, according to its current plan.

Process and payment questions are always paramount in shutdowns

How and when contractors get paid if the government shuts down are among many questions contractors have. Here is a glimpse at some answers.

Bill allowing past cannabis users to become feds advances in House

The bipartisan legislation was amended this week to remove provisions allowing current marijuana users to be eligible for federal employment or a security clearance.

Is the Census taking steps to count the millions of LGBTQ+ Americans overlooked?

The Census Bureau’s plans to test questions about sexual orientation and gender identity in the American Community Survey is the latest step in a years-long push to improve national data on LGBTQ+ people.

White House debuts a new climate-based workforce initiative 

President Joe Biden called for new executive action Wednesday to establish what the White House calls an American Climate Corps to help train and qualify people for clean energy jobs.

Large federal unions endorse the auto worker strike action. A scholar explains why

“They know their job security depends on not just protecting their own rights, but a strong private sector,” says John P. Beck, of Michigan State University.

USPS will not institute a surcharge this holiday season after slashing its need for temporary workers

Postal Service predicts "competitive advantage" over private shippers who will charge customers more during the holidays

What does post-pandemic telework look like during a shutdown?

As agencies begin planning for funding to stop on Sept. 30, federal telework guidance will be tested in a post-COVID environment. 

Your guide to pay and benefits during a shutdown

Congress is on a collision course with yet another lapse of appropriations, as House Speaker Kevin McCarthy struggles to corral the Republican caucus.

FDA's draft plan calls for AI, other emerging tech in modernization efforts

The Food and Drug Administration is accepting comments on its Data and Technology Strategic Plan, which outlines the agency’s goals to leverage AI in its analytical processes.

State dives deep into data

The State Department is increasingly capitalizing on advances in data analytics to inform diplomacy and funding efforts.

‘Neutral competence,’ partisanship and efforts to overhaul the civil service

COMMENTARY | One scholar argues that a radical movement to shift powers to the president would be disastrous for the federal workforce.

Shutdowns and the ‘avalanche of work’ for government tech shops

Even if a shutdown doesn’t happen, planning for one has a real cost, former government CIOs say.