The Hill Gets Serious About Digital Services

The House of Representatives is launching a digital services team, after recommendations from the House Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress.

Will Space Force Protect Orbiting Gas Stations and Bases on the Moon?

As U.S. companies venture farther from Earth, whether the newest service will protect them remains under discussion.

Where Project Managers Go Wrong and What To Do About It

Despite training and good intentions, project managers often make the same mistakes over and over again. Here are some things you can do to improve your PM's performance.

GovExec Daily: Vaccine Mandates After the Supreme Court OSHA Decision

Federal employment attorney Stephanie Rapp-Tully joins the show to discuss the future of vaccine rules.

FEMA Experiences ‘Mass Exit’ of Employees Amid Surge in Disasters

The agency is still dealing with 1,000 disasters as its workload continues to climb.

These Are Not Dumb Questions

There’s no such thing when it comes to the federal retirement system.

Trump-Biden Transition Revealed Weaknesses That Should be Addressed, Report Finds

Suggestions include clarifying OMB’s budget and regulatory roles during transfers of power, and making fewer steps contingent upon GSA’s ascertainment of election results.

Social Security Workers to Return to Offices Possibly by the End of March

The Social Security Administration reached agreements with all of its unions on reentry that unions hope will lead to a more collaborative relationship moving forward.

Think Twice Before Scanning That QR Code, FBI Warns

The FBI is warning that cybercriminals are tampering with QR codes to redirect victims to malicious sites that steal login and financial information.

Air Force Must Harden Pacific Bases Against Missiles, Secretary Says

Today’s unhardened, undispersed hangars are easy targets for a new generation of Chinese weapons, Frank Kendall said.

Marijuana Use Can Still Be a Problem for Security Clearance Applicants

While marijuana has been legalized in some places, new guidance reminds clearance applicants that use can still be disqualifying.

Building Machines that Work for Everyone – How Diversity of Test Subjects Is a Technology Blind Spot, and What to Do about It

It’s easy for researchers to fall back on using test subjects from the communities around them – students and employees. Branching out is key to avoiding technology that fails certain populations.

GovExec Daily: Regulatory Policies and the Biden Administration

Daniel R. Pérez joins the podcast to discuss his analysis of the Unified Agenda of Regulatory and Deregulatory Actions

White House Pitches Feds on Sustainability

Biden administration looks to influence culture at federal agencies through speaker series on climate change.