GovExec Daily: Retirement Planning Tricks for All Feds

NARFE's Erin Carter joins the show to discuss how public servants should plan for their future.

Narcissism Affects whether People Follow COVID Mitigation Efforts

New research investigates how narcissism makes people more or less likely to follow COVID mitigation strategies like masking up or getting vaxxed.

What You Need to Know about the Defense Production Act – the 1950s Law Biden Invoked to Try to End the Baby Formula Shortage

Biden said the Defense Production Act would help end the shortage by directing suppliers of baby formula to prioritize delivery to formula manufacturers.

USPS Plans to Close More Facilities and Repurpose Those That Remain

As Louis DeJoy seeks to implement his vision, new confirmed board members could tip the scales for USPS governance.

More Can Be Done to Increase Representation of Feds with Disabilities

A new report shows people with disabilities make up a greater percentage of the federal workforce, but those employees are less likely to be in leadership roles and more likely to leave their jobs.

Coronavirus Roundup: More Free COVID Tests; HHS Secretary Tests Positive

There’s a lot to keep track of. Here’s a list of this week’s news updates and stories you may have missed.

The New Air Force Ones Are Late, So the Old Planes Need More Cash, Official Says

The Air Force acquisition chief cites a 2- to 3-year delay, which Boeing blames on subcontractor and supply problems.

How Better Ventilation Can Help ‘COVID-Proof’ Your Home

Is someone at home sick with COVID-19? One simple but effective strategy for keeping the virus from spreading is to make your indoor air as much like the outdoors as possible.

Employee Group Calls for Federal Abortion Leave After Roe v. Wade is Overturned

The Department of Justice Gender Equity Network asked the administration to authorize paid leave in cases where federal employees need to travel across state lines to receive abortion services.

OPM Issues Guidance on Implementing a Trump-era Hiring Policy

The U.S. Digital Service has also been embedding in agencies to help build internal competency-based hiring abilities in federal agencies.

Federal CIO: The Tech is 'The Easy Part' of Improving Customer Service

Blockers to implementing service improvements frequently center around policy and process requirements, top tech officials said at the Code for America Summit on Tuesday.

A Few Feds Might Be Eligible for a Bigger Tax Refund from Trump’s Social Security Tax Deferral

The IRS sent out a notice that some might need to file an amended return, but most federal employees don’t need to worry about it.

The U.S. Embassy in Kyiv Resumes Operations

It’s been three months since Russia started the war in Ukraine.

Pentagon May Give Sweden and Finland More Security Aid

Russia has issued vague threats over the countries' applications to join the alliance.