An AI took on a human pilot in a DARPA-sponsored dogfight

Last September's tests are informing the Air Force’s effort to build autonomous drones.

Initial funding for digital equity plans is available. But how do states plan to use it?

Some have identified creative solutions to address affordability, digital skills and accessibility issues. But one approach—reliance on the federal internet subsidy that is about to expire—could force some states back to the drawing board.

Biden administration to roll back the Betsy DeVos Title IX rules

New Education Department regulations would undo Trump administration changes to sexual discrimination policies at U.S. colleges and universities, now requiring the schools to have in place measures to offer support to students and employees alleging discrimination.

Sorry to harsh the vibe, but all is not well in New York cannabis

Weed farmers, left out of the state budget, fear they won’t survive.

Army SOF's new drone course teaches gamer and maker skills

By graduation, the students will know how to build their own drones and teach foreign partners on tactics.

3 tips for short-term land-use planning

COMMENTARY | As populations grow and real estate requirements change, cities or counties should regularly evaluate their mix of land use designations so they get the kind of development they can live with long term.

Editor’s Note: 4/20 isn’t just for smoking this year

Tokers, already outside, can enjoy 53 car-free streets as part of the New York City Department of Transportation’s early celebration of Earth Day.

Five for Friday: What to watch for in Tuesday’s primary election

Several local and statewide races could indicate where voters are heading ahead of November

DHA looks to contract a ‘digital front door’ to modernize its health system

A DHA spokesperson said the agency is looking to build “a new healthcare model that places the administrative aspects of healthcare in the background.”

OPM has new tools to fight improper health insurance enrollments

Watchdog agencies and Congress have previously chided the federal government’s HR agency for the lack of internal controls ensuring that family members of federal workers and retirees remain eligible for the federal workforce’s health insurance program.

Inside the vault: Democrats share their vision for the Pennsylvania Treasury

Democrats Ryan Bizzarro and Erin McClelland are vying for the Democratic nomination in 2024.

To stop fentanyl deaths in Philadelphia, knocking on doors and handing out overdose kits

City officials hope that this proactive approach will normalize naloxone as an everyday item in the medicine cabinet, and prevent people from dying of overdoses, especially Black residents.

Where DoD IT priorities remain as the second half of fiscal 2024 begins

ImmixGroup market intelligence manager Ryan Nelson breaks down defense IT spending around four key areas: data, cyber, AI and infrastructure.

Justice Department outlines benefits rule for Havana syndrome victims 

A new interim final rule details how the department would compensate employees and dependents with qualifying brain injuries from anomalous health incidents.

Federal CIO defends Login security after health agency dropped it from grantee system

Clare Martorana doubled down on Login’s capabilities, saying the government “needs to continue to rely” on the tool.

Lawmakers hope to use this emerging climate science to charge oil companies for disasters

Under their proposals, state agencies would use computer models to tally up the damages caused by climate change and identify the companies responsible. Then, they would send each company a bill for its portion of the destruction.

Google fires employees who protested Israel cloud contract

The company says 28 employees crossed the line by occupying offices and disrupting others' work when raising their objections to the contract.