Quantum-Mania Across Government

<p> <style type="text/css"><!--br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}--> </style> Nextgov examines how the federal government has invested in quantum development and the cybersecurity measures agencies are using to prepare for the quantum revolution.</p>


<p>As the weakest link in the security chain, employees are constant targets for social engineering campaigns that aim to compromise government networks. GCN looks at what agencies can do to protect themselves.</p>

IT Roadmap: Future of Digital Government

<p>72% of digital government programs accelerated in response to pandemic demands, but most are still optimizing existing services and programs. Our new Gartner roadmap shares major insights to the public sector leaders on how to avoid common pitfalls and lead smart, effective digital transformations to prepare for the future of government.</p>

Public Sector IT Cost Optimization Framework

<p>Looking to cut costs? Organizations that follow a structured cost optimization program are more likely to access increased funding, and demonstrate value from their investments. The Gartner Cost Optimization Decision Framework helps you prioritize cost optimization opportunities by value, not just the potential to reduce spending.</p>

2023 Gartner Top Strategic Technology Trends

<p>Set your 2023 action plan with the help of the 2023 Gartner Top Strategic Technology Trends. Use our list to clarify the most relevant trends and when you can capture their value to drive your priority strategies. Download the eBook for case examples, technical profiles, opportunities and implementation steps.</p>

2023 CIO Agenda

<p>4 Actions to Ensure Your Tech Investments Pay Digital Dividends! The yearly Gartner CIO Survey surveys 2,000+ IT executives shows that that although CIOs and other technology executives are tasked with delivering on increased digital technology investments, few are supplying the digital dividends senior leadership expects. Develop an action plan today.</p>

Cloud Protection Trends for 2023

<p>Download the 2023 Cloud Protection Trends Report to&nbsp;learn more about:</p> <ul> <li>Hybrid- and&nbsp;multi‑cloud realities and&nbsp;their implication on&nbsp;data protection and&nbsp;security strategies</li> <li>Critical insights into the&nbsp;protection and&nbsp;security of&nbsp;cloud‑hosted virtual machines (VMs), databases and&nbsp;file shares, including SaaS platforms like Microsoft 365</li> <li>The role of&nbsp;BaaS and&nbsp;DRaaS offerings, ranging from&nbsp;&ldquo;self‑managed&rdquo; to&nbsp;&ldquo;white glove&rdquo;</li> <li>And More!</li> </ul>

Carahsoft | Government Customer Experience & Engagement Summit

Carahsoft | Government Customer Experience & Engagement Summit

AI + Quantum Technology for Government

<p>SandboxAQ strives to accelerate the adoption of AI + Quantum (AQ) technology to help the U.S. Government and its Allies tackle hard challenges and ensure a better, safer world for all. Our Public Sector team works with government agencies to protect sensitive data, deploy quantum sensors for applications such as GPS-denied navigation, accelerate materials discovery, and more.,</p>

Identity Modernization for US State and Local Government

<p>State and local (S&amp;L) governments are modernizing online systems to serve their residents through vastly improved digital services. They need to move fast without sacrificing security or convenience. While legacy approaches to Identity and Access Management (IAM) have held them back, today&rsquo;s cloud-based IAM solutions can accelerate government innovation while improving overall security and reliability.</p>

How State and Local Governments Can Modernize Data Management

<p>Digital information forms the backbone of state and local government. Data drives the mission: enhancing efficiency, elevating operations, and delivering improved citizen services.</p>

Opening Doors with Open Source

The Case for Modernizing Federal Agencies with Enterprise Open Source Software

Required Application Security Testing for Federal Agencies

<p>In 2022, the U.S. Office of Management and Budget (OMB) released M-22-09. This memorandum sets forth a Federal &ldquo;zero-trust architecture&rdquo; (ZTA) and mandates the implementation of robust application security testing (AST). However, agencies are likely to struggle meeting these mandates due to inadequate AST approaches that could hamper security initiatives and slow software development. Download this whitepaper to learn about an established AST methodology that will empower agencies to meet the OMB mandate for AST.</p>

Bringing Backup and Recovery Forward in Your Cybersecurity Strategy

<p>Ransomware attacks can have catastrophic consequences, leaving mission-critical data and systems offline for days or weeks. For federal agencies looking to ramp up cybersecurity efforts to keep pace with the rise in attacks, this paper:</p> <ul> <li>Explores the ransomware landscape, including blocks to effective defenses</li> <li>Outlines a modernized approach that includes application-level data protection and automated recovery testing</li> <li>Shares best practices to optimize backup and recovery efforts</li> </ul>

5 Ways State and Local Governments Deliver Superior Services and Insights with Snowflake

<p>With the Snowflake Data Cloud, state and local governments can modernize their data platform to use data as a strategic asset. They can accelerate data collaboration to improve emergency services, tackle cybersecurity, and provide better online resident services. Creating a 360-degree view of citizens helps them better understand and serve their needs while building a single source of truth and using advanced analytics helps combat fraud, waste, and abuse. And they can deliver the financial transparency that informed citizens demand.</p> <p>This ebook explores five of the many ways our public sector state and local government customers are securely unlocking the value of data to improve service delivery and operational efficiency with Snowflake.</p>

Network Visibility Proves its Worth in Defending Against Cyber Attacks

<p>The development of increasingly powerful and sophisticated IT security tools to defend against cyberattacks can be described as an arms race -- with public and private sector organizations of all types acquiring the latest tools and technology, each being promoted as the most effective new weapon against cyber threats.</p> <p>Ironically, more and more IT experts and security leaders are recognizing that one of the most mature IT management technologies around -- network infrastructure management tools, which were not originally designed for IT security work -- are now essential tools for defending against cyber threats.</p> <p>Download this whitepaper to learn more.</p>

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