ThinkCentre Tiny and Nano: The Evolution of the Desktop Endpoint

Based on a deep understanding of the robust needs of government decision-makers, LenovoTM crafted the breakthrough ThinkCentre® M Tiny desktop series. These are small but mighty powerhouses that deliver energy-efficient, full-sized PC performance that won’t break your budget.

Law Enforcement and Security Tech

Route Fifty explores some of the issues around the latest technology aimed at improving public safety.

Defense Budget Preview

Defense One reports on the president's annual budget request: what’s in it, how Congress may change it, and what it says about the future of national security. Curated by Global Business Editor Marcus Weisgerber.

Smart Roads Ahead

Exploring State and Local Government Adoption of Smart Road Technology

Stellar AI: An Astrophysicist's Guide to Getting Started

Of the 7.5 billion people on Earth, fewer than 600 have ever blasted through the atmosphere to make it into outer space and only a dozen set foot on the moon. Yet, through the study of astrophysics, we can calculate with certainty which elements make up the planets and the stars.

Ultimate Guide to Federal IT Compliance

How can the federal IT pro keep up and stay compliant? In this whitepaper, you'll learn: tips for preparing for a security audit, how to use automation to dramatically ease compliance demands, and more.

Data Innovators in Government

Unleash data-driven decision-making in federal, state, and local government organizations.

Artificial Intelligence in Action

Nextgov looks at how federal civilian and defense agencies are implementing machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Top State and Local Priorities for 2020

Route Fifty gives a briefing on the key priorities of state and local leaders, based on reports from the annual legislative policy summits of the U.S. Conference of Mayors, National Governors Association, National Association of Counties and National League of Cities.

How to transform digital document and signature processes in government

Today's citizens expect fast, mobile-friendly services and the 21st Century Digital Experience Act (IDEA) legislation permits agencies to innovate. Modernizing your documents and signature processes is a critical step to addressing these new digital experience goals, and Adobe is here to help.

Case Study: CDO Technologies

As an IT contractor for the U.S. Air Force, and an integrated technology solutions provider, CDO Technologies sees its share of challenging initiatives. This year, the company is moving a data center for the Air Force’s A1 unit to the cloud. Download the case study to see how this large-scale move is progressing, and learn the benefits of their Zero Trust strategy.

Guidelines for Maintaining Business Continuity For Your Organization

With the spread of Covid-19, government agencies need to protect their people and minimize disruptions to mission critical operations. If you are like the majority of organizational leaders, your business continuity spend is a top priority now. Citrix supports a seamless and holistic approach, allowing people to work exactly the same way during an emergency as they would on any other day. Read this white paper to learn about a complete approach to keep people productive during planned or unplanned disruptions, best practices for a complete business continuity strategy, and technologies to provide secure access to apps and data on any device, over any network or cloud.

Aging Infrastructure: A Guide to Educating and Protecting Homeowners

With the current crisis facing cities and their residents, fielding questions from citizens facing expensive service line repairs is a task no municipal official has time for. Yet many homeowners do not know they are responsible for their service lines, and statistics show that more than 240,000 water main breaks are reported annually and will worsen as infrastructure ages. Public-private partnerships can provide the education your residents need to understand their responsibilities, and an emergency service repair plan, such as the NLC Service Line Warranty Program from HomeServe, can prepare them for the unexpected expense of a service line failure.

5 Ways Government IT Leaders Can Tap AI To Boost Security

As government agencies and IT decision-makers explore the potential of AI and quantum computing for security purposes, they are discovering that traditional ways of obtaining, sharing and storing data won’t quite make the cut. Ultimately, IT and security teams will need to find new avenues and partnerships that will allow them to embrace these data challenges on the horizon and keep pace with rapidly changing threats.

Deep-Learning-Backed Security Tools Are The Next Step On The Path To More Secure Federal Endpoints

As the internet of things continues to mature and workforces become more mobile, hackers and other malicious actors now find themselves in a world with a wealth of endpoints to exploit. This proliferation of endpoints can more difficult than ever for agencies and IT teams to pinpoint and to respond to attacks.

Flash Poll: AI-Driven Data Analytics

An AI Poll of Federal Government Officials

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