Most great power competition happens well below the threshold of combat. Much of it is about who thinks what and when.

The Future of Defense Networks

Nextgov dives into how the Defense Department is taking an enterprise approach to its efforts to protect the government’s most important data and push it to decision-makers on the tactical edge.

The Essential Guide to JADC2

Splunk’s take on achieving joint all-domain command and control.

IT Transformation for the Public Sector

Empower your team with automation solutions to manage security vulnerabilities, servers, and network devices across your hybrid environment.

Network DLP Buyer’s Guide

Mapping out data security features across network, endpoint, cloud platforms, SaaS apps, operating systems, plus web, email and cloud gateways is a modern-day DLP challenge. No one vendor is the best-of-breed answer for DLP within hybrid environments as a single solution silo. DLP solutions need to be content- and context-aware for effectiveness, not a large source of alerts and noise impeding security analysts. Network Traffic Analysis at high speed, and for all ports and protocols is a critical building block for: data theft and loss, regulatory compliance, intellectual property protection, sensitive, advanced threat detection, sandboxing, investigations, retrospective analysis and threat hunting. This guide will cover everything a modern organization should be aware of before approving that all important PO for a Network DLP solution.

Securing the Cloud: How Agencies Can Protect Their Data for a “Flexible Work” Future

As government agencies migrate their data from on-premises data centers to cloud environments, security is often top-of-mind. Here’s how agencies can embrace these data migration activities with a security-first mindset.

CONNECTING THE DATA: API-led Integration Is Key to DOD’s Data Strategy

As defense agencies look to implement the recommendations outlined in the DOD data strategy, they will need to change several existing IT processes. Among those changes: the adoption of an API-led, hybrid integration strategy.

Contact Tracing Apps: The Key to Safe Workplace Reentry for Agencies

As agencies continue to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, the next phase includes bringing some employees back into the workplace. Getting workers back into the building safely, even as the pandemic continues, involves more than just unlocking the doors, however. Agency managers will need to institute sanitation procedures, social distancing, and employee scheduling, among others. They also need to be able to alert employees who may come into contact with someone who has been infected.

The Cyber Imperative

A Poll on Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation in Government

SDL Secure Machine Translation

To expedite their daily work, many turn to online portals when they need instant translation, even when dealing with sensitive intelligence data captured by email, text, social and more. However, with the cost of a data breach averaging US $3.86 million, the danger of data exposure from online translation portals can put your organization and its data at risk. There is a better, more secure option: Enterprise Machine Translation can optimize efficiencies and break language barriers without compromising security - Download our brochure to learn more.

The Cybersecurity Challenge

The Defense Department operates in a world in which cybersecurity threats are ever-present and evolving rapidly. This eBook takes a look at how the military is meeting the challenge.

Customer Focused: What It Takes to Make CX Transformation in Government a Reality

From satisfaction to trust, improving the customer experience for constituents can make a big impact.

Maryland's Former CISO Bolsters Public Sector Cybersecurity with Hands-On Expertise

For today’s CISOs, the stakes have never been higher. Not only are they tasked with the ever-present mission of keeping constant cyberattacks at bay, but with millions of public sector employees working remotely, attack surfaces are growing. To enable crucial remote work, agencies are easing restrictions while doubling and tripling up on new defenses, desperately trying to keep up with increasingly sophisticated attackers without compromising services to constituents.

State CIOs in 2020

State technology leaders talk about the solutions they've devised during the coronavirus pandemic and the challenges to come.

Public Health in State and Local Government

Route Fifty looks at the latest trends in public health as agencies combat coronavirus and other problems.

COVID-19 and Virtual Solutions

Virtual solutions enable remote operations and facilitate new ways to serve.

Network Ready

Strengthening IT Systems to Optimize Nationwide Services

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