Collaborative Work Management Tools For The Enterprise

Government agencies executing large projects, such as connecting their siloed systems, may find that it isn’t technology that’s hampering efforts as much as a complex workflow to manage. See why adopting collaborative work management technology is increasingly essential — and see why Smartsheet is a trusted leader.

Using Data Analytics to Prevent & Detect Fraud

The sophistication and complexity of fraud schemes continue to grow and outclass conventional anti-fraud measures. Here is a five-step plan that will help you deploy data analytics as part of your anti-fraud program.

The Financial Management Challenge

It’s been more than a decade since the nation entered the Great Recession, which created huge fiscal stresses for state and local governments. This ebook looks at some of the lasting lessons for leaders in order to be better prepared for the next downturn.

Beyond the Cusp of Innovation for State and Local Government

The year 2019 has been a particularly challenging year for state chief information officers: They faced unprecedented turnover and tackled both ransomware attacks and emergency response to natural disasters. Despite being bombarded with never-before-seen hurdles, this year’s event proved that state CIOs are thinking ahead, collaborating and sharing best practices across state lines to then apply to their states’ own unique challenges. Read these takeaways from the 2019 NASCIO conference for more on the state and local priorities for low-risk innovation.

Using Okta with Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS)

The Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Security Policy is a set of justice-specific requirements to help protect the sensitive data of law enforcement agencies in the United States. Okta can help agencies meet CJIS requirements by enforcing strong access control, advanced authentication, and logging. The CJIS with Okta workbook details the specifics around how Okta can help with specific controls.

5 Ways Agencies Can Strengthen Operational Resiliency to Head-Off Disruption

As agencies like the FAA evolve their networks, they must bolster support systems to ensure business continuity and to protect against disruption during emergencies.

Open Season

Health insurance costs are increasing for federal employees and retirees, but there are more plan options to choose from. Here's what you need to know about changes to your health care plans and coverage, and some strategies for getting the most out of your benefits.

Caring Forward: Conversations with State Leaders on Social Service Innovations

State governments are transforming social services by onboarding technologies that streamline decades-old processes. Read our report featuring interviews with top state health leaders to learn more about the exciting innovations underway.

Digital First

As computers took over offices, digitization was supposed to kill off paper; but at many agencies there’s more than ever. This ebook explores digital platforms that take a customer-first approach, and how these efforts are changing the ways agencies deliver—while saving some trees in the process.

Alameda County's Sustainability Initiative Grows by Going Digital

Learn how Alameda County, California improved document turnaround time, digitized manual, paper-based processes and improved visibility into the status of documents within the signature cycle.

Achieving the Balance: Positive Citizen Experience, Agency Operational Efficiency, and Fraud Mitigation

In order to be successful, federally run contact centers need to provide a positive citizen experience, agency operational efficiency, and fraud mitigation. Does your agency's contact center have the time or resources to build out a solution to address these issues, keep them in balance, and maintain such a system to keep up with the speed of our modern society? Download the "Achieving the Balance" whitepaper to learn more.

Building a Secure, Cyber-Resilient Culture

In today’s digital age, securing data has never been more essential. And that rings especially true for state and local government organizations. But, keeping digital data safe isn’t the responsibility of IT departments alone, it takes buy-in from the entire agency. In this whitepaper, we’ll detail out the importance of a security strategy and how to get opt-in from every level of your organization. Powered by Intel®

Cyber Threats: Preparing States and Localities

Route Fifty looks at states, cities, and counties on the front lines in dealing with ransomware attacks and other disruptions.

Lenovo ThinkShield Solutions Guide

It's almost daily that reports emerge of another large organization suffering a cybersecurity breach; but these breaches could have been prevented, or at least contained before causing irreparable damage. We believe that comprehensive and customizable end-to-end IT security not only dramatically reduces the risks of being compromised but can also have a tremendous benefit to the institution. ThinkShield goes beyond simple endpoint security, with solutions that create huge efficiencies, streamline IT administration, and improve the end-user experience.

The Ultimate Guide to Federal IT Compliance

How can the federal IT pro keep up and stay compliant? In this whitepaper, you'll learn: tips for preparing for a security audit, how to use automation to dramatically ease compliance demands, and more.

Build vs. Buy? Field Insights on Speed, Deployment, Scalability, and Savings in the Data Center

IT teams in government agencies have a lot of priorities to juggle. Federal initiatives propel them toward greater IT efficiency and data center modernization. They also encourage embracing multi-cloud forms of IT service delivery, where it makes sense. And, of course, IT organizations must do all this while still being called upon to support ever more challenging federal workloads. The pressure is on to make progress across the board, often under still-limited IT budgets. How best to move forward?

A Digital Transformation Report: 5 Ways Technology Can Transform Government Operations

Many state and local governments and federal agencies are adopting technologies to improve transparency, efficiency, and public trust. However, agencies and governments are increasingly tasked with providing more services to citizens with dwindling resources. It’s a daunting challenge - but migrating from unsecured legacy technologies to secure and cost-effective cloud-based applications can help in five key ways. Download this free report to learn how collaborative work management technology can help governments and agencies drive powerful collaboration, transform workflows through automation, make better decisions faster, do more with less, and attract a talented workforce.

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