GovExec Daily: How Biden Can Make Government Work Better

Peter H. Schuck joins the podcast to discuss how the president-elect can realign government to meet more people's needs.

What to do Between Nomination and Confirmation: Insights for Political Appointees

Interviews with dozens of previous officeholders offer guidance for handling what can be a very difficult period.

Bipartisan Bill Would Block Schedule F, Similar Future Efforts

The Preventing a Patronage System Act would require congressional action before transferring competitive service employees to a new job classification.

Americans Have Unrealistic Expectations For a COVID-19 Vaccine

Two in five Americans say they don't want a COVID-19 vaccine, which is a problem. Finding out what Americans do want from a vaccine might help.

Why Trump’s Challenges to Democracy Will Be a Big Problem for Biden

Scholars of democracy say the real threat to the nation will come after Trump leaves office.

Black Ambassadors Association Calls for Diversity Reforms at State and USAID

Recommendations address recruitment, assignments, mentoring, promotions and retention. 

Homeland Security Begins Vaccinating Its Own Employees, With VA's Help

DHS will start the COVID-19 vaccines in eight locations, but officials hope to expand the offering nationwide.

Why Biden Should Expand OPM’s Role

Changes instituted by the Trump administration reflect an outdated and discredited “do as you’re told” approach to management.

In His First Public Appearance Since Capitol Riot, Trump Visits Texas Border to Tout Wall Construction

President Trump on Tuesday visited the Rio Grande Valley in what's likely his last Texas appearance as commander-in-chief.

Social Security Unions Urge Biden to Oust Agency Leadership on Day One

Although most political appointees are expected to resign ahead of the president-elect’s inauguration next week, the two top employees at the Social Security Administration have terms that run until 2025.

How Biden Can Use Special Authorities to Deploy His Team on Day One

Trump has delayed key authorities for Biden's team, but the incoming president will likely be able to install key personnel as soon as he takes the oath of office.

SBA Relaunches COVID Loan Program As Watchdog Warns About Possible Fraud 

The recent COVID relief package included funding for a third round of the program, which has come under much scrutiny. 

Restore Program Performance Data to the President’s Budget

The Trump Administration’s guidance to remove the data from the president’s budget is counterproductive—federal agencies should be increasing their use of performance information to improve results.