Is it time to get rid of OPM?

COMMENTARY | One former House human resources official says it is.

As USPS institutes network reforms, mail delivery hits a 3-year low

The agency mostly blames isolated incidents, but acknowledges some changes have led to an "unacceptable level of service."

Are the Build America rules slowing infrastructure progress?

State DOTs, transit agencies and the construction industry want the White House to make it easier to comply with rules designed to include American-made products in infrastructure projects.

OPM announces survey to analyze AI in government jobs

The move marks the second step in a years-long process to prep federal agencies for working with artificial intelligence.

Federal permitting hampers climate goals and natural disaster mitigation, counties say

Officials, who are calling for reforms, say environmental regulations shouldn’t lead to yearslong waits to build transmission lines or impede their ability to respond to natural disasters.

Amid budget squeeze, FLRA panel regs encourage electronic documents filing

Less physical paper taken in by the board that settles bargaining-table disputes between unions and agencies will help streamline workloads as its parent agency reduces its office footprint due to budget woes.

The new FAFSA was supposed to be easier to use. Technical glitches have made it anything but

Marginalized students may have the most to lose as the Education Department’s rollout of the new college financial aid application has hit several bumps.

White House launches federal spending inventory

The new online information service was mandated in 2010 legislation.

County officials lobby for internet subsidies

The FCC is currently turning away hundreds of thousands seeking assistance. If Congress doesn’t soon approve more funding, rural and urban county officials warn, millions will be plunged into “digital darkness.”

Some DHS agencies are more likely to discipline employees than supervisors, GAO says

The watchdog said data gaps in the disciplinary adjudication process at four Homeland Security component agencies meant that they were unable to identify why rank-and-file employees were more likely than supervisors to face misconduct judgments.

IRS chief details plan to combat ‘unprecedented and unrelenting political headwind’

No one cheers for the referees, commissioner says, but without them there is only “chaos.”

Gold, silver and lithium mining on federal land doesn’t bring in any royalties to the US Treasury – because of an 1872 law

Hard rock minerals like gold, silver, copper and lithium on public lands belong to the American public, but under a 150-year-old law, the U.S. gives them away for free.

DHS to slash operations, reshuffle workforce without additional funds, agency warns

The department becomes the latest in the Biden administration to sound the alarm over the impact of budget shortfalls.

Counties want more money for elections. Washington is unlikely to provide it.

“I just don't want anybody to walk out of here thinking that all of a sudden a massive flow of funds is going to come forward,” a House committee chairman told county officials.

On take two, House impeaches DHS secretary

Alejandro Mayorkas becomes the first cabinet secretary to be impeached in nearly 150 years.

FDA’s plan to ban hair relaxer chemical called too little, too late

The move comes at a time of rising alarm among researchers over the health effects of hair straighteners, products widely used by and heavily marketed to Black women.

The DOJ works with law enforcement to improve how deputies communicate with people who don’t speak English

A ProPublica investigation revealed how a grammatical mistake in Spanish led sheriff’s deputies in Wisconsin to wrongly blame a Nicaraguan dairy worker for his son’s death.