Trump Rejects Calls for USPS Stimulus as Agency Sounds Alarm Over Its Future

Lawmakers are pushing for a $25 billion cash injection to the Postal Service as part of another forthcoming stimulus package.

We Know Almost Nothing About the Costs of Grant Administration

A recent survey finds surprisingly wide variation and few efficiencies of scale.

Beyond Sanitizing and Social Distancing – a Healthy Circadian Rhythm May Keep You Sane and Increase Resilience to Fight COVID-19

To boost your immune defenses against corona and other viruses, one of the most effective things you can do is maintain your natural circadian rhythms. Here's how to do that.

GovExec Daily: Management Challenges in a Unique Time

National Academy of Public Administration CEO Terry Gerton joins the podcast to explain how federal managers can handle the challenges brought tot the fore by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Administrative Law Judge Association Says Effort to Force Partial Contract Is 'Union Busting'

Officials with the group said efforts to implement part of a new union contract while elements remain under review by the Federal Service Impasses Panel are illegal.

Viewpoint: This Is What Happens When the Federal Government Abandons You

Local officials and health-care workers are losing faith in the national response, and struggling to improvise their own solutions.

Supreme Court Makes It Easier for Feds to Prove Age Discrimination

In an 8-1 decision, justices found that the “plain language” of the Age Discrimination in Employment Act has a lower burden of proof for proving differential treatment based on age in the federal government than the private sector.

GovExec Daily: How Communities Enforce Stay-at-Home Orders

Route Fifty's Andrea Noble joined the podcast to talk about quarantine scofflaws and the rules states have put in place during the pandemic.

Social Distancing Is Hard When You Live With Roommates

No one answers a Craigslist ad for housemates expecting to end up quarantined with those people.

SBA Experiences Chaotic Rollout to 'Unprecedented' Stimulus Program

Lawmakers on both sides and business owners alike criticized the Trump administration for a rocky implementation of a new paycheck protection program.

Defense Employees Report Poor Coronavirus Response at Two Facilities

Union officials said a naval base in Naples, Italy, has resisted calls to suspend nonessential services, while an OSHA complaint contends a Virginia facility failed to respond to an employee’s positive COVID-19 test.

4 Weird Things that Happen When You Videoconference

An educational technology scholar illuminates some of odd feelings people experience when they communicate through cameras on the web.

Viewpoint: Authoritarian Populists Have Six Classic Moves. Trump's Response to COVID-19 Uses 5 of Them.

While the president may not be using the coronavirus to consolidate power, Americans should still be worried about the threat he poses to democracy.

GovExec Daily: Medical Supply Shortages and the Pandemic

Route Fifty’s Emma Coleman and GovExec’s Eric Katz join the podcast to discuss the coordination between government and health officials – and where that is failing.

What Happens if Social Distancing for COVID-19 Ends Too Soon?

A new model can show how different interventions, like social distancing, will affect the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Federal Prison System Goes Into ‘Modified Lockdown’

New procedures due to coronavirus concerns will last 14 days, after which the agency will re-evaluate.