Senate Reaches a Deal to Avoid a Shutdown, Punts Threat for 10 Weeks

Lawmakers agree to drop controversial provisions, set up new deadline for lame duck Congress.

House Republicans Argue That a COVID Standard for the Health Care Industry is Unnecessary

This follows the president's comments that the pandemic is over, but there is still work to be done.

The Path to Averting a Shutdown Is Still Unclear, With Just Days Until the Deadline

The Senate is set to vote on a continuing resolution Tuesday that would fund agencies for 10 more weeks, but includes provisions many lawmakers oppose.

GovExec Daily: Equity Within the Workplace

Author Melanie Ho joins the show to discuss her book and the conversations around equity in the workplace.

This is How DOJ Plans to Defend Feds Facing State Prosecution for Performing Abortions

The Biden administration has laid out its legal rationale to ensure federal employees are shielded from state laws banning the care.

After Years of Delays We May Soon Learn the Location for the New FBI Headquarters

The law enforcement agency will either be in Greenbelt, Md., Landover, Md., or Springfield, Va.

Coronavirus Roundup: A CDC Team Is Honored for Its Vaccine Distribution Work

There’s a lot to keep track of. Here’s a list of this week’s news updates and stories you may have missed.

Federal Agencies Are Ignoring Most Building Safety Concerns Flagged by DHS

Lawmakers raise concerns about the non-compliance in light of the recent uptick in threats against feds.

The Senate Has Confirmed a VOA Veteran to Lead the Global Media Agency

Lawmakers and union officials have been concerned recently about slashing staff at the Office of Cuba Broadcasting. 

Senators Are Floating a Plan to Authorize Local-level Federal Executive Boards

The bipartisan Improving Government Efficiency and Workforce Development through Federal Executive Boards Act is designed to strengthen the workforce development activities of the boards.

Border Patrol Agents Cut Corners on Migrant Processing as Numbers Spiked

DHS remains ill-prepared for properly handling unusually high numbers of migrants, IG says.

The VA Owned Up to Acquisition Woes During a House Hearing

Lawmakers grilled Veterans Affairs Department officials over a series of significant failures within its acquisition programs and modernization efforts.

The FDA’s Internal Review of the Infant Formula Shortage Found Workforce Problems 

Staffing shortages and insufficient training contributed to the crisis, investigators said. 

Biden Said the ‘Pandemic is Over,’ Now Republicans Want the Administration to Act

According to the White House press secretary, the president said we must keep fighting the pandemic, but “we can acknowledge the massive amount of progress that we have made.”

Lawmakers Are Setting a Tight Schedule to Avoid a Government Shutdown

Senate Democrats plan to unveil a bill Wednesday, but will hold off on a vote in an effort to rally support for it.