FEMA will now consider climate change when it rebuilds after floods

A policy change from the disaster recovery agency will “integrate current and future changes in flooding based on climate science” to assess where and how to construct future buildings.

White House: Feds deserve recognition this election season

Biden administration wants career civil servants to know they have been vital to the president's accomplishments.

House GOP defeats effort to restore SSA funding to appropriations bill

Democrats said the planned half-billion-dollar cut to the Social Security Administration’s administrative budget would bring the agency’s workforce to the lowest level in 50 years.

Biden administration pledges to help agencies offload more federal buildings

The government's real estate czar calls the post-pandemic building underutilization "concerning," but warns agencies will have to spend money to save money.

Diverting TSA funds harms deployment of new tech, lawmakers warn

A bill to keep all 9/11 security fee collections at TSA would help the agency more quickly deploy facial recognition capabilities, but its supporters say privacy still needs to be prioritized.

A US agency focused on foreign disinformation could shut down after the election

The State Department’s Global Engagement Center recently opened an anti-Russian propaganda center in Poland, but needs congressional action to continue operations.

USPS regulator says DeJoy should pause all network reform efforts

The Postal Service has remained defiant that its plan is the only viable path forward.

Supreme Court rejects bid to gut federal agency

The order marked a rare victory for the federal government's regulatory powers in recent days.

Biden administration announces new rule to protect workers from heat-related illnesses

A new White House rule would require employers to monitor workers’ heat exposure, provide cool-down areas and take other steps for personnel in 35 million heat-related jobs.

Will recent Supreme Court rulings 'devastate the functioning of the federal government?'

Attorneys and agency officials warn of chaos and restricted agency power after high court constrains executive branch power.


GSA unveils advisory committee for transparency initiatives

The committee will help foster new goals and initiatives under the Biden administration’s open government plan.

ICE detainees suffer preventable deaths

ICE detention facilities suffer from outdated systems, a lack of translation services – and a penchant for releasing ailing detainees to reduce the death count. A Q&A with a medical researcher examines systemic failures.

Federal funding for major science agencies is at a 25-year low

Research funding is down in recent years despite promises made with the CHIPS and Science Act.


Supreme Court ends judicial deference to federal agency expertise

The high court deals yet another blow to federal agencies' administrative powers.

The major takeaways for federal employees from the first presidential debate

President Biden and former President Trump clashed over the role of government and their vision for how to manage agencies.

Supreme Court deals 'earth-shattering' blow to federal agencies' administrative powers

The court's majority said allowing agencies to enforce laws with fines adjudicated in-house improperly concentrates power within the executive branch. Its minority warned of "momentous consequences."

Supreme Court sides with Biden admin over agencies' contact with social media firms

The decision now lifts potential legal burdens on federal agencies’ communications with social media companies about disinformation on their platforms.