President Trump Signs Stopgap Bill Averting Shutdown for One Month

Lawmakers hope to pass full-year funding by Dec. 20, but caution the president could still throw a wrench into those plans.

What’s Driving Apolitical Diplomats to Get Political

Some former State Department officials are so concerned by Trump’s breach of diplomatic protocol that they have begun to advise 2020 Democrats.

Analysis: Trump’s War on Expertise Is Only Intensifying

But his attacks on career government officials could backfire with an ever more educated electorate.

Oklahoma Social Security Employees Suffer Bedbugs, Air Quality Problems

Agency officials plan another effort to eradicate the pests this weekend, but a union demands workers be relocated.

Viewpoint: Voters Deserve to Know How the 2020 Candidates Would Really Govern

Presidents can’t wave a magic wand and make single-payer insurance happen.

Top Federal HR Officials Stress Hiring for Military Spouses, Ex-Prisoners

At their annual meeting, chief human capital officers talk best practices for implementing initiatives intended to boost diversity in hiring.

House Passes Month-Long Spending Bill With Two Days Until Shutdown

Congress appears likely to avoid a Thanksgiving lapse in appropriations, but will face a new deadline near Christmas.

White House Tells Agencies They Can Ignore Legal Decisions on Spending Violations

Findings from government's top watchdog that agencies spent illegally are not binding, the Office of Management and Budget says.

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It’s Time to Rethink Your Retirement Tax Assumptions

The lower taxes many federal employees anticipate after leaving the workforce don’t always materialize.

Analysis: The Bureaucrats Who Defied the President

In the Watergate era, high-level aides prevented Nixon’s abuses of power.

Impasses Panel Gives Rare Win to Union on Telework

Just days after the Social Security Administration announced the impending end of a long-running telework pilot program for operations staff, the panel protected employees in the Office of Hearing Operations from a similar fate.

Trump Bashes Career Federal Employees as Impeachment Hearings Heat Up

Secretary of State Pompeo refuses to defend specific employees but says his workforce is the best "in the history of the world."

Unions and Nonprofit Sue USDA Over New Hog Slaughter Rule

The rule, which goes into effect on Dec. 2, gives producers more control over meat inspections.

EEOC Plans to Stop Providing Official Time to Union Reps Governmentwide

In an internal draft of a rules change, the commission argues official time to work on EEOC complaints should be subject to agency collective bargaining negotiations, despite statutory protections.