NASA names its first head of AI

David Salvagnini will take on new roles as the agency’s chief AI officer, helping usher more cohesive AI programming across the space agency.

With pressure mounting, DeJoy agrees to pause consolidations at dozens of USPS facilities

The postmaster general has reversed course after saying his vision was the only viable path forward.

Is Biden’s new immigration rule doomed without more staffing?

The administration is looking to create new responsibilities for an agency it has said desperately needs additional resources.

Amid ongoing losses and bipartisan pressure, DeJoy remains defiant in pushing USPS reforms

By one measure, the Postal Service has made money so far this year. Still, a growing chorus is calling on management to stop its overhaul.

The House has voted to bring back a citizenship question to the census

The prolonged fight over the issue under President Trump led to significant disruptions in the decennial count.

‘Extremely dangerous’: Governors criticize ‘federalization’ of National Guard

Governors from 53 U.S. states and territories object to the Defense Department's plan to move all Air National Guardsman with space-related missions from state to federal control, placing them under the umbrella of the U.S. Air Force, specifically the Space Force.

IRS chief pleads for another funding boost to skeptical lawmakers

Commissioner says recent successful tax season is unsustainable without more cash to sustain resources.

Federal documents don’t provide enough checkboxes for all AAPI ethnicities. That may be about to change

AAPI researchers are celebrating the federal government’s new standards for collecting more detailed race and ethnicity data, in which respondents are able to report their country of origin.

Shriver assumes acting OPM director role

The federal government’s dedicated HR agency will be led by its long time deputy director, following Director Kiran Ahuja’s resignation.

New bill would place restrictions on DeJoy’s USPS reform efforts

USPS is stripping rural America of reliable service without "legitimate justification," senator says.

OPM updates list of skills needed for federal HR jobs

Officials hope that the changes will better equip agencies to tackle skills gaps and help finally address the more than two-decade-long struggle to remove human capital management from the government’s High Risk List.

Democrats lay down marker for agency spending in FY25 funding bills

The party is looking to avoid the cuts that many agencies are enduring in the current fiscal year.

USPS regulator weighs intervening on DeJoy reforms

The American people want to know "how to stop this decline" in mail service and "how to keep it from spreading," watchdog says.

NASA’s long-term missions could be hurt by budget caps, lawmakers warn

House Science Chairman Frank Lucas R-Okla., said Congress needs to provide NASA with “sufficient support” to carry out its work.

Republican attorneys general mount a new attack on the EPA’s use of civil rights law

Twenty-three states want the Biden administration's EPA to curtail its approach to environmental justice.

Agencies need to consider alternative personnel systems

A new model for government is still to be developed, but history and the current problems make it clear the GS system is not the answer.