What is Fair Pay for Federal Employees?

Officials plan to do something they've never done before—develop a market analysis comparing the total compensation for federal jobs with their non-federal counterparts.

Going to the Moon: Reflections on a Government Success Story 50 Years Later

“The real heroes of Project Apollo were public servants,” says historian Douglas Brinkley.

Welcome to the New Government Executive

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ACLU Alleges Coast Guard Detained and Abused Fishermen

A lawsuit says the agency accused innocent men of drug smuggling, chained them to decks, and sailed with them straight into a hurricane.

If Boss Shoots Down Ideas, Employees Won’t Speak Up

Bosses who reject suggestions harshly can shut up their employees, research suggests.

Union Organizers Score Another Win at USDA

Staff at National Institute of Food and Agriculture vote 137-2 to join the American Federation of Government Employees.

A Once Unthinkable Proposal for Refugee Camps

A political scientist has suggested closed camps on Western soil. Only the awfulness of the status quo makes it worth considering.

House Budget Chair Suspects White House Will Flirt with Shutdown

John Yarmouth, D-Ky., says the administration wants to delay a deal to maximize leverage with Congress.

Homeland Security Watchdog Retires After Flap Over ‘Feel Good’ FEMA Reviews

11-year veteran Kelly told staff on Monday he accelerated his move after criticism.


House Passes Revamped Bipartisan IRS Reform Bill

The Taxpayer First Act would redesign the agency and boost identity theft protection.

Pentagon Gives Turkey a Deadline to Cancel S-400 Deal or Lose F-35

By July 31, says the ASecDef, Ankara must choose between the Russian S-400 or the U.S.-led JSF.

Pentagon Orders Delay in IT Employee Transfers Following Union Protest

The Defense Department no longer plans to move staff from support agencies to the Defense Information Services Agency before the end of September, officials said.

Does Hitting The Snooze Button Really Help You Feel Better?

You are tired. Would nine more minutes really hurt? Is hitting the snooze button a good idea? Should you just get out of bed? Or is snoozing a sign of a more serious medical issue?

Viewpoint: Bill Barr’s Dangerous Claims

The attorney general has said the intelligence community was “spying” on the Trump campaign—language that risks a panoply of harms.

Why Good Census Numbers Are Vital To Hurricane Recovery

Researchers have four reccomendations for community leaders counting on accurate statistics about their populations in the wake of natural disasters.