Pay Raise

Pay Agent: Locality pay increases, when implemented, need to be calculated specifically to job skills

But annual pay adjustments by profession is a long-running organizational idea that has been too difficult to actually implement, one expert says.

President’s Pay Agent OKs another tweak to locality pay areas

The counties of Clallam and Jefferson in Washington state could be included in the Seattle-Tacoma locality pay area as early as 2025.

The federal firefighter ‘pay cliff’ has been averted, for now

The 45-day continuing resolution preventing a government shutdown also includes language ensuring federal firefighters don’t lose access to recent pay increases whose funding was expected to run out this month.

Odds of a fix for impending wildland firefighter ‘pay cliff’ improve, but complications remain

Union officials say they’ve received assurances from leadership in both the House and Senate that Congress will work to avert massive pay cuts that could kick in next month.

Union warns at least one-third of federal wildland firefighters could walk if Congress walks off ‘pay cliff’

Officials with the National Federation of Federal Employees said Wednesday that competitors like Cal Fire and Pacific Gas and Electric are already looking to recruit federal firefighters fed up with their pay uncertainty.

GOP lawmakers tap Holman Rule to slash the salaries of agency heads

If House conservatives get their way, multiple federal officials will open fiscal 2024 with $1 annual salaries.

Pay compression: One expert says a current bill would help, but deeper changes are still needed

“The relatively low pay for very skilled, very experienced workers is a serious problem,” says James L. Perry, professor emeritus of public administration at the University of Indiana.

From shutdown prospects to anti-telework bills: 5 things to watch when Congress returns

Pending legislation could affect federal employees' work-life balance, civil service protections, TSP investment options and more.

Biden formally announces 5.2% average pay raise for feds in 2024

The annual declaration of a national emergency preventing large automatic raises from taking effect solidifies that 0.5% of the total pay increase figure will go toward an average boost in locality pay.

Deadline approaches for Biden’s 5.2% pay raise plan

The president must formalize his proposal to give federal employees their largest annual pay increase in more than 40 years by the end of this month, or automatic boosts to locality pay will kick in.

Labor Dept. will offer training on new rules to boost some federal contractors' wages

Earlier this week, the Biden administration announced a major overhaul of regulations governing the compensation of construction workers on federally funded projects.

Bill to alleviate federal pay compression introduced by House Dems

The Pay Compression Relief Act would effectively allow General Schedule employees to receive annual increases to both basic and locality pay, even if they have already hit the federal pay cap.

TSA employees are finally earning similar wages to most other federal workers

Officials on Thursday celebrated the arrival of an up-to-30% pay raise for Transportation Security Administration employees this week, but warned that House spending plans could derail recent progress.

Bipartisan wildland firefighter ‘pay cliff’ fix introduced in Senate

Without congressional action by September, the federal government’s wildland firefighters will see their paychecks shrink as temporary pay increases expire.

House supports a 5.2% pay raise in its draft Defense policy bill, but slashes diversity initiatives

Committee leaders hope to end the National Defense Authorization Act's reputation as a Christmas tree for non-national security amendments.

Extra pay raises are coming to nearly 33,000 feds next year, thanks to new locality pay rules

The Office of Personnel Management has proposed regulations to create four new locality pay areas, along with a comprehensive map update adding dozens of jurisdictions to existing pay regions.

Odds for a 5.2% pay raise for feds in 2024 improve with release of the Senate defense policy bill

The Senate version of the annual National Defense Authorization Act includes an average 5.2% pay raise for both military service members and civilian Pentagon employees.