Pay Raise

White House Moves to Bolster Wildland Firefighter Pay

President Biden previously expressed outrage that some federal firefighters make less than $15 per hour.

Federal Wildland Firefighters Will Get Pay Raises

Biden announced a pay raise to at least $15 an hour this year.

White House Pledges ‘Multi-Year Strategy’ for Boosting Federal Workforce

Hiring and pay raises are priorities, and key lawmakers say the 2022 increase is on track.

Employee Groups Continue to Push for Bigger Pay Raise Following Biden Budget Release

Several organizations representing federal employees announce that they support a 3.2% pay increase next year, rather than the 2.7% boost proposed in the president’s fiscal 2022 budget.

Biden Proposes 2.7% Raise for Feds in 2022, Restoring Pay Parity

Although it is unclear how plan breaks out between locality pay and across-the-board increases, the topline number matches the president's proposed pay raise for members of the military.

Biden Signs Executive Order Requiring Federal Contractors to Pay a $15 Minimum Wage

White House says these employees are “critical” to the federal government’s operations. 

Feds Are Denied Step Increases In Just 1 of Every 1,000 Cases

Within-grade pay raises are "nearly automatic" rather than a true appraisal tool, board finds.

GovExec Daily: Paying Feds More to Fix the Civil Service

Dr. James L. Perry joins the podcast to discuss how compensation reform should be a top priority for the Biden administration.

Lawmakers Propose 3.2% Raise for Feds in 2022

Democrats in both chambers of Congress have reintroduced legislation to boost basic pay by 2.2% across the board next year, along with an average 1% increase in locality pay.

GovExec Daily: Pay and Benefits Provisions in the Budget Deal

Erich Wagner joins the podcast to discuss how the federal workforce made out in the appropriations plan.

No New Locality Pay Areas in 2022

The president’s pay agent declined to authorize a number of recommended changes to existing locality pay areas, overruling a federal advisory board.

Spending Agreement Would Allow 1% Pay Raise, Fails to Ban Schedule F

Provision in the fiscal 2021 omnibus appropriations bill would give feds until the end of next year to repay payroll taxes deferred by the Trump administration from September through December.