Thrift Savings Plan

GovExec Daily: Updating Recent TSP News

Erich Wagner joins the podcast to discuss how the pandemic is affecting federal retirement.

Senator Calls for New Opt-In Period for Military's Blended Retirement System, More Financial Literacy

A new bill from Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., would require service members to "affirmatively" choose between enrolling in the blended retirement system or a traditional military pension.

TSP Outlines Impact of New Lifecycle Fund Implementation

Next week, officials at the federal government's 401(k)-style retirement savings program will begin offering lifecycle funds in five-year increments, moving the options in line with private sector counterparts.

TSP Announces CARES Act Loans Now Available

Federal workers and retirees who have been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic may now take advantage of favorable loan terms on their retirement accounts.

TSP Board Chairman to Resign Following White House Intervention in Retirement Program

Michael Kennedy has served on the board for a decade, overseeing several major initiatives including implementing an employer match for military service members through the blended retirement system and making it easier for participants to access their money.

TSP Portfolios Continue Gains, But Fail to Make Up Earlier Losses

Although all of the funds in the federal government’s 401(k)-style retirement savings program posted modest increases in May, it was not enough to make up for the economic crash at the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

Lawmaker: White House ‘Overstepped its Authority’ in Demanding TSP Abandon I Fund Changes

Chairman of House Oversight and Reform subcommittee says instructing the Thrift Savings Plan not to shift international investments to a broader index effectively “politicized” the independent agency.

TSP Announces Upcoming COVID-19 Loans, Withdrawals

New loan and withdrawal options enacted through the CARES Act will become available in June and July, respectively, while officials have noted other options for participants to access their money are already in place.

TSP Board Delays International Fund Change Amid White House Pressure

Although board members stated the pause was because of the turmoil caused by the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, they pleaded with their newly nominated replacements not to allow politics to enter the decision-making process.

How to Keep Your TSP Account Secure in the Era of COVID-19

Scammers and fraudsters are taking advantage of the novel coronavirus pandemic to target online financial accounts. 

White House Orders TSP Board to Halt International Fund Index Change

After months of lobbying, President Trump has intervened in the independent agency’s decision to shift foreign investments to a more expansive index of international firms.

Trump Moves to Replace TSP Board Members, Prompting Concerns of Politicization

The nomination of three new board members follows months of lobbying by Republican lawmakers and advocacy groups to stop the Thrift Savings Plan from changing its international fund to include investments in Chinese companies.

TSP Portfolios Bounce Back after March Losses

All funds in the federal government’s 401(k)-style retirement savings program posted gains last month, as the stock market began to rebound from a historic fall.