Survey: 45% of Gov Employees May Walk if Agencies Reduce Remote Work Flexibility

The survey suggests more than half of government employees prefer to work for an agency that offers hybrid and remote flexibility.

Remote Work Has Been Controversial For Decades

Tom Shoop joins the podcast to discuss the history of federal telework policy.

Anti-Telework Bill Makes Its Way to the Senate

The SHOW UP Act, which narrowly passed the House in February, requires federal agencies to revert to their telework policies prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Remote Work Can Bring Tensions, but Managers Can Calm Them

Shane Spraggs joins the podcast to discuss how organizations can successfully implement telework.

Rushing the Return to Office: Why Forcing Feds into In-Person Work Could Backfire

Agency leaders need to make informed, data-driven decisions about the path forward.

What Will -- and Won’t -- Change for Federal Agencies With the End of the COVID Health Emergency

A look at how we got here and what’s ahead for federal agencies and workers now that the pandemic emergency is over.

The Public Health Emergency Is Ending… And Taking Maximum Telework With It

Courtney Bublé, Eric Katz and Erich Wagner join the podcast to discuss the ways public servants will feel the expiration of the COVID-19 public health emergency.

A Lot of Managers Don't Like Working With Gen Z's Stacie Haller joins the podcast to discuss a new survey about managing across generations.

Are Feds in and Around D.C. Going to Have to Go Into Offices Soon?

GovExec Daily staff discusses the end of "maximum telework" in federal agency offices.

Survey: 1 in 3 Government Workers Say Agencies Aren’t Fostering Employee Connection

The survey suggests increased emphasis on connection-building could increase talent retention efforts.

Drivers More Distracted Now Than Before the Pandemic, Study Shows

Data shows that laws to prevent distracted driving have a near-immediate impact, but that the effect wears off quickly.

Public Servants Don't Feel Connected in the Workplace

Andrew Edelson joins the podcast to discuss the results of a new Eagle Hill survey.

For Better Virtual Meetings, Take Turns

Most people work just as efficiently in virtual meetings. But something is missing that could make them better: Taking turns.

OPM Will End Agencies’ Maximum Telework Status Next Month

The move follows White House guidance last week instructing federal agencies to reduce the use of workplace flexibilities following the end of the COVID-19 national emergency.

The Reopening That Wasn’t: As Government Employees Work From Home, People Find Services Curtailed

Everything from pandemic policies to security concerns is causing agencies to reduce in-person services, including licenses and permits.

The Biden Administration Tells Agencies to Scale Back Telework

Federal employee unions and career agency HR leaders reportedly were left out of the development of a new Office of Management and Budget memo that instructs agencies to “substantially increase meaningful in-person work at federal offices.”

The 'New Normal' of Morale at Agencies

GovExec Daily staff looks at the first release of Best Places to Work data.