Impasses Panel Gives Rare Win to Union on Telework

Just days after the Social Security Administration announced the impending end of a long-running telework pilot program for operations staff, the panel protected employees in the Office of Hearing Operations from a similar fate.

With Winter Approaching, OPM Reminds Agencies of Closure and Leave Policies

The 2018 decision that employees who can work remotely usually cannot take leave due to a weather event has created a complicated web of rules and exceptions.

Social Security’s Justification for Ending Telework Pilot Doesn’t Add Up

The agency has delayed the end until Nov. 23, but management denied the American Federation of Government Employees’ demand to bargain over implementation.

Social Security Ends Telework Program for 12,000 Employees

Workers in all of the Social Security Administration’s operations components have less than two weeks to find alternate arrangements.

Survey: Five in Six HHS Employees May Consider Leaving if Telework is Restricted

Department has stripped telework provisions from its union contract, and is expected to require employees to commute at least four days per week.

New Guidance Helps Agencies Assess the Value of Work-Life Balance Programs

The federal government is looking to quantify the costs and benefits of programs such as telework. 

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Administrative Law Judge Union Accuses Social Security of Bad Faith Bargaining

The agency’s “last best offer” to the union includes a 90% cut to official time, telework limits and removal of language that ensures due process for disability claimants.

Interior Department Announces Modest Cutback to Telework

Beginning next month, front-line employees with telework agreements will be required to report to a physical office once a week, while supervisors will be eligible only for situational telework.

More than Half of D.C.-Area Feds Say Agencies Aren’t Supportive of Telework Amid Metro Closures

Majority of respondents to a Business Council survey report that the temporary shutdown of six Metrorail stations would have at least a moderate impact on their ability to do their jobs.

Some Agencies Reluctant to Offer Telework Amid D.C. Metro Disruption

The Office of Personnel Management directed agencies to encourage the practice during the summer closures of half a dozen Virginia Metrorail stations.

'Bring Your Own Device' for Beginners

New guidance will help agencies establish policies on using personal devices for work.

Work-Life Balance Goes Mobile

IT pros say their devices save them time; cyber crash course could be just what your career needs.

Treating All Types of Workers Equally

At DISA, all employees are required to file a daily activity report.

Does Tech Cost More Than It's Worth?

IT doesn’t seem to be a top priority for most federal executives, according to a new study.