'It is fraud, folks. It’s fraud': The latest in a string of Republican accusations against federal teleworkers

Sen. Joni Ernst, R-Iowa, has requested investigations at every major federal department and agency into how telework and remote work have impacted service delivery, and whether federal workers are improperly receiving locality pay.

OPM deputy defends administration's telework approach, touts ‘consensus-building’ in workforce policymaking

Rob Shriver argues the White House's calls to increase in-person work are consistent with the HR agency’s prior policies.

From shutdown prospects to anti-telework bills: 5 things to watch when Congress returns

Pending legislation could affect federal employees' work-life balance, civil service protections, TSP investment options and more.

Pence ‘Day 1’ plan includes a telework rollback, spending freeze and ban on gender affirming care

The former vice president and Republican presidential candidate on Tuesday unveiled a laundry list of executive actions he would take immediately upon assuming office to reverse the Biden administration’s policies.

OPM clarifies pay rules for teleworkers who must travel during work

Guidance aimed at stipulating when employees must be paid for their travel to traditional work sites comes ahead of an expected push by agencies to increase the amount of “meaningful in-person work” this fall.

White House calls on agencies to 'aggressively' reduce telework this fall

Chief of Staff Jeff Zients instructed agencies to focus on executing plans to increase in-person work in September and October.

Post-pandemic, most agency headquarters are only one-quarter full

Agency officials say they are worried telework policies will change and therefore they must retain their underutilized buildings.

OPM reminds agencies of workplace flexibilities following disasters

A memo highlighting telework, paid leave and other benefits available to feds impacted by disasters corresponds with the beginning of hurricane season and a recent typhoon in the Pacific Ocean.

How the federal government can help downtown Washington ‘return to work’

COMMENTARY | By giving up underused real estate, and disposing of it more effectively, federal agencies could free up space for hotels, residences, museums and businesses that would help revitalize the city.

Draft spending bill cuts telework and bans transgender care for feds, but preserves 5.2% pay raise plan

A House subcommittee's fiscal 2024 spending bill does nothing to override the president’s planned average pay increase for federal workers next year, but it is riddled with policy riders.

No Telework Cuts for Weather Service Employees, Under Union Settlement

Commerce Department employees represented by the National Weather Service Employees Organization are exempt from recent cuts to telework, though labor leaders bemoan deteriorating relationship with management.

‘Flexibility’ Will Be Key to Agencies Retaining Military Spouses, Biden Says

President Biden signed an executive order last week tasking agencies with developing new plans to recruit and retain spouses of military service members and said telework will play a key role.

With Feds Working 'Wherever Their Hearts Desire,' Agencies Should Sell Off More Buildings, Lawmakers Say

Officials contend bureaucratic tussling is preventing agencies from making billions in federal property sales.

‘Protect the Health’ of Employees Amid Poor Air Quality, OPM Reminds Employees

Wildfires in Canada have encased much of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic in smoke and haze, raising health concerns for commuters and employees who work outside.

Forcing Feds Into the Office Is a Mistake. Here's Why.

An arbitrary reduction in telework is likely to drive an exodus of qualified federal workers seeking flexibility to the private sector.

GOP Lawmakers Demand Telework Stats from Federal Agencies

Congressional Republicans argued that the Biden administration’s recent efforts to scale back the use of telework are insufficient.