NASA’s Jane Datta On the People Part of the Space Mission

In a time of pandemic, serving as the space agency’s chief human capital officer presents unprecedented challenges.


Senate Democrats Demand Answers from OPM on COVID-19 Response

Democrats on the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee said that for the last six weeks, the federal government’s HR agency has stonewalled requests for briefings related to its work responding to the coronavirus pandemic.


IRS Recalls 10,000 Employees to the Office, But Won't Provide Masks or Gloves

Move comes as tax filing deadline approaches and thousands have been home with pay but not working.


When Americans Go Back to Work, Things Won’t Be the Same

Americans will have to change how they do business to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath. Here's what it could look like.

Pay & Benefits

USDA Resists Providing Extra Flexibilities During the Pandemic for Forest Service Employees with Children

U.S. Forest Service workers said they are burning through personal leave juggling telework and child care, but that their agency has declined to provide additional time off as others have done.


Impasses Panel Imposes Steep Cuts to Official Time, Other Rights for Administrative Law Judges

Union that represents administrative law judges at the Social Security Administration vowed to take “all necessary legal action” to protect members, as multiple lawsuits proceed.

Pay & Benefits

House Oversight Leaders Seek Childcare Payments and Other Help for Feds in Next COVID-19 Relief Bill

In a letter to House leadership, Democrats unveil a laundry list of legislative proposals to assist federal employees and contractors during the coronavirus pandemic.


How the Coronavirus Forced the Pentagon to Improve Its IT — and Quickly

New teleworking capabilities — hastily installed to help DoD get work done at home — will stick around after the virus subsides.


Immigration Review Office Remains Open Despite Potential COVID-19 Exposure

Most support staff at the Executive Office of Immigration Review in Falls Church, Va., remain unable to telework even after two floors had to be deep cleaned after an employee exhibited coronavirus symptoms at work last week.


7 Things Ease the Switch to Remote-Only Workplaces

An abrupt transition to a remote-only workplace poses challenges to both management and employees. Two experts explain what it takes to get it right.


A New Era of Telework Should be the Beginning of a More Flexible Federal Workforce.

In the federal government, fewer than half of employees are authorized to telework, despite a requirement for agencies to incorporate telework into their continuity of operations plans.


The Pentagon Is Using Zoom. Is it Safe?

Experts say the ubiquitous videoconferencing tools bear some risk of accidentally exposing mundane details, and even inviting a new wave of deep fakes. But the risks can be managed.


4 Weird Things that Happen When You Videoconference

An educational technology scholar illuminates some of odd feelings people experience when they communicate through cameras on the web.


Thousands of IRS Employees Are Currently Home With Pay, But Not Working

Agency faces major logistical challenges after massive stimulus package, but union says tens of thousands of employees cannot work remotely.


OPM Offers Tips for Agencies to Help Teleworking Feds with Caregiving

The federal government’s HR agency encouraged agencies to be flexible with employees who have children or other relatives they must care for with school and other care facilities closed.


Military Leaders Ask to Delay Budget Planning To Focus on Coronavirus, Let Staff Stay Home

But the Defense Department's No. 2 told Army, Navy, and Air Force budget planners to figure a different solution.


Immigration Services Agency Seeks to Suspend Bargaining With Union Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Although the agency already is allowed to implement workplace changes because of the national health emergency, officials now want to skip post-implementation bargaining as well.