Analysis: Obama Warned Trump—But He Didn’t Listen

The 44th president became a devotee of unilateral presidential actions—and then saw many moves quickly reversed once he left office.


The End of the Dan Coats Era

Whoever takes over from Coats permanently could serve as a needed voice of clarity about America’s biggest challenges—or see the intelligence community further sidelined.


Inaugural Inductees Into Government Hall of Fame Unveiled

From Clara Barton to the Apollo 11 crew, these exemplary individuals have made historic contributions to American government.


Play of the Day: The President Does Not Care If He's Losing Money By Being In Office

Donald Trump told factory workers "if you're wealthy, it doesn't matter" while touting his love of the job.


Who is Ken Cuccinelli?

President Trump’s biggest immigration hard-liner has become the consummate ideological ally.


Court: Injunction Blocking Workforce Executive Orders Will Remain in Place

The Trump administration had urged judges to allow the orders targeting federal unions to be implemented immediately, rather than waiting for any union appeals.


Former State Department Employee Pleads Guilty to Procurement Fraud

The official had a social relationship with a furniture manufacturing executive, with whom she shared confidential contract information.


Fewer Health Troubles For Older Workers With The Right Job

When an older worker's cognitive abilities and the demands of the job don't suit each other, early retirement becomes more likely.


Analysis: Trump’s DHS Aims to Scare Immigrants Away From Public Benefits

The Trump administration announced changes to the “public charge” rule that will prevent immigrants who access government services from staying in the U.S.


The Opportunity Agencies Should Seize

Federal agencies are now required to produce learning agendas. Here’s how to make them useful.


Play of the Day: Trump and Daly Hit The Links

The president played golf with the PGA pro and took a photo to celebrate.


Union Sues to Give Federal Employees the Right to Talk ‘Impeachment’ and 'Resistance'

The American Federation of Government Employees argues the Office of Special Counsel violated the First Amendment with guidance on using those terms. 


Passport Processing at State Slows as Staffing Levels Fall

Beleaguered workers with fewer resources are struggling to keep pace with a record number of passport applications.

Pay & Benefits

Anti-Labor Group Urges Federal Government to Stop All Existing Union Payroll Deductions

Group's argument has already been rejected by a federal appellate court in decision that did not set a precedent.


Decoding the Language of Behavioral Science for Government Officials

Before the techniques can be used to improve program outcomes, it’s helpful if we can agree on what the terminology actually means.


The Case That Made an Ex-ICE Attorney Realize the Government Was Relying on False “Evidence” Against Migrants

Years after quitting her job as an attorney for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Laura Peña returned to the fight — defending migrants she’d once prosecuted. Then, a perplexing family separation case forced her to call upon everything she’d learned.