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The Index: 2020 Edition

A guide to the most important and relevant Retirement Planning columns of the past 14 years.


As Putin Schemes to Extend His Reign, Expect New Forms of Internet Repression

Russia under a president-for-life will likely grow more insular and less open to Western influence.


GAO: Trump Administration Violated the Law by Withholding Ukraine Aid

The administration pushed back on the findings, and has said GAO decisions are not binding.


Federal Judge Blocks Policy that Allowed Gov. Greg Abbott to Ban Refugees in Texas

The decision comes just days after the Texas governor became the first state leader to opt out of the program. The move drew a harsh rebuke from the Texas' Catholic bishops.


Supreme Court Justices Skeptical of Current Standard for Federal Worker Age Discrimination Cases

Justices appeared to find the Trump administration’s egg-less baking analogy difficult to stomach, but also probed the hypothetical limits of installing a lesser standard to prove age was a factor in personnel actions at federal agencies.


4 Strategies for Pitching Ideas to Your Project Leader

To successfully pitch creative ideas to your project leader, the first step is determining which of two creative types they are.


The Navy Needs More Money, Its Top Admiral Bluntly Argues

The sea service is pushing for a fleet of 355 ships in the next decade, and that’s not counting unmanned vessels.


Border Patrol Officials Dodged Congress’ Questions About Migrant Children’s Deaths

The chair of a House Homeland Security subcommittee reprimanded Border Patrol officials for concealing information about migrant children’s deaths. Officials did not respond to the chairwoman's criticism.


Meet the House Republicans Who Want to Rein In Trump On War

After the Soleimani strike, a working group of moderate Republicans and Democrats trying to “clarify” Congress’s war responsibilities hope they can build momentum.


Would Converting Some DHS Political Positions to Career Ones Help Employee Morale?

Good government group recommends this as one way to address long-term challenges with dissatisfaction among employees.


Trump Administration to Expand Hiring Pilot Programs in 2020

Pilot program with simpler resumes and more input from subject matter experts in assessing candidates will reach at least five additional agencies this year.


Census Is Now Fielding 25K Job Applications Per Day

Despite some early setbacks, Census says its hiring efforts will prove "swimmingly successful."


Turkey Will Make F-35 Parts Longer Than Anticipated

U.S. officials had aimed to get Turkish companies out of the jet’s supply chain by March.


These Emails Show a Trump Official Helping Her Former Chemical Industry Colleagues

A lobbyist turned senior Agriculture Department official repeatedly shared information with her former industry on policy and enforcement. “It’s highly inappropriate conduct,” said one ethics expert.


Think Twice before Shouting Your Virtues Online – Moral Grandstanding Is Toxic

People who act holier than thou aren't necessarily better than the rest of us. In fact, their moral grandstanding may be driving society apart.


Analysis: Can the Constitution Stop the Government from Lying to the Public?

When a person or agency backed by the power and resources of the government tells a lie, it sometimes causes harm that only the government can inflict.