Congress averts shutdown after Senate approves two-tiered CR

President Biden is expected to sign the measure to keep agencies funded past Friday.


House speaker pitches funding plan with rolling shutdown threats

Different agencies would face different shutdown deadlines under House GOP proposal.


Senate rejects measure to end shutdowns for good, but makes progress on spending bills

Rather than end the threat of shutdowns, Congress is barreling toward a possible one three weeks away.


New House speaker has a plan to avoid a shutdown—and to overhaul the civil service

Mike Johnson is giving his Republican colleagues options to keep agencies open while the larger spending fight plays out.


House picks new speaker, but shutdown threat looms

Federal agency missions often take a back seat amid preparations for a funding lapse.


A stopgap budget might be better for some civilian agencies than an appropriation

Professional Services Council President and CEO David Berteau said Thursday that the uncertain nature of budget negotiations and a looming spending cut baked into the debt ceiling deal means some agencies might be better off being funded at fiscal 2023 levels.


With shutdown uncertainty still in the air, agency leaders need plans to support employees, expert says

The federal budget process is awash in volatility following the ouster of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, and one health expert says agency leaders should not just plan for a shutdown, but also how to best support their employees through one.


Congress averts shutdown with a 45-day stopgap funding bill

Lawmakers passed a bipartisan measure just hours before a funding lapse was set to furlough hundreds of thousands of federal employees.


How the Pentagon’s big tech bets could suffer if the government shuts down

Anything that needs new money to start or scale could see delays—including the Air Force’s quest to develop robot wingmen.

Pay & Benefits

Federal payroll processor: Oct. 11 is deadline to avert feds’ getting incomplete paychecks

If Congress fails to restore funding to federal agencies, most federal workers will only receive a partial paycheck on Oct. 13.


On shutdown eve, the Biden administration adjusts furlough plans at some agencies

Fewer government services will be available during a funding lapse than previously expected.


Nearly all national park sites to close during government shutdown

The agency will bar access to most of the nation’s 425 parks, recreation areas, national historic sites and other units, according to a fact sheet from the Interior Department, which oversees the National Park Service.


Ahead of shutdown, House and Senate Dems propose back pay for furloughed contractors

A similar effort to legislate back pay for contractors failed during the 2018-2019 shutdown.