Retirement Planning

For Some, Retirement Just Means a Different Kind of Work

One path to financial security is to continue earning money after your federal career ends.

It's Time to Prepare for Open Season 

It’s in your interest to conduct an annual insurance checkup—especially this year.

Big COLA Boost for Retirees

High inflation at least means a boost in federal retirement benefits.

Best Dates to Retire 2023

The annual guide to the optimum days to plan to move on.

Rules and Requirements for Federal Retirement

Some dates to retire are better than others for different employees.

Retire Now or Later? A Debate 

Sticking around can improve your financial situation, but is it worth it?

Before And After Retirement: A To-Do List

Tips on navigating the periods sandwiched around your retirement date.

Higher Inflation At Least Means Higher COLAs

That’s generally true for federal retirees, but it’s a bit more complicated.

What You Need to Know About Social Security and Federal Retirement

The latest on this key element of the government’s retirement package. 

If You’re Feeling Pessimistic, Do Something

Some concrete steps you can take to help you feel more secure about your retirement. 

A Retirement Journey: Health Insurance Issues

The last in a three-part series on one employee’s retirement experience. 

Things to Consider Before Moving Money Into TSP's G Fund

Many of the funds in the government’s 401(k)-style retirement savings program are seeing losses from market downturns, but the G Fund is growing.

A Retirement Journey, Part Two: The Transition

The second in a three-part series on one employee’s retirement experience.