Retirement Planning

Paying Your Way to a Bigger Benefit

Service credit deposits can boost your retirement annuity. But the process requires patience.

Best Dates to Retire 2020

Your annual guide to choosing an optimal day to start the next phase of your life.

5 Tips to a Quicker Retirement

Achieving your financial goals in a shorter time frame.

What Happens to Your Retirement Paperwork

A complex and often slow process unfolds after you apply.

3, 2, 1 ... Retire!

If your departure date is approaching, you may wonder how the process unfolds.

Let It Be, Roll It Over, Move It or Cash It Out

Assessing your options for what to do with your retirement fund when you change jobs.

Featured eBooks

Why You Might Want to Take Social Security Early

There are reasons not to wait for larger payouts when you’re older.

It’s Time for Change: Make Your Voice Heard

Lawmakers have introduced a number of bills that would help federal retirees.

Achieving Financial Independence

Bridging the potential gap between pre- and post-retirement income.

Live Long and Prosper

Avoiding the dangers of outliving your money.

Don’t Let Your Mind Get In the Way of Smart Decisions

This tool can help you learn more about yourself so that you can make better financial choices.