Retirement Planning

When to Leave to Get Paid the Most for Your Leave

The pros and cons of working all the way to the end of the federal leave year.

What Not To Do With Your TSP Account

Be careful about borrowing from your retirement investments. 

Don’t Overlook This Unloved Fund When Investing in the TSP

TSP participants can consider it another potential way to diversify a growth-oriented strategy.

Waiting For That First Retirement Check

A primer on processing, payments and patience for those looking forward to getting their benefits. 

Who Can and Can’t Get Coverage Under Your Health Insurance

OPM doesn’t know how many people with FEHB coverage are actually ineligible for the program.

Employee Benefit Changes for 2023

How new pay rates, Social Security earnings limits and other factors could affect your retirement planning. 

Tammy’s Top 12 Tips of 2022

Our Retirement Planning columnist’s best pieces of advice over the course of the year. 

Hitting the Road to Retirement

The path from filing your paperwork to getting your full benefits can be long and winding. 

Open Questions About Open Season

Sorting out options for federal health insurance and Medicare can be tricky.

Thrift Savings Plan Funds Up for a Second Straight Month

Every fund in the federal government’s 401(k) style retirement plan saw gains in November, but most still remain in the negative for the year.

Health Insurance Options for Veterans

There are lots of choices, especially for those who have joined the civilian federal workforce.

For Some, Retirement Just Means a Different Kind of Work

One path to financial security is to continue earning money after your federal career ends.