Retirement Planning

What’s Not To Like About the TSP

Leaving your money in the plan as a retiree does have some drawbacks.

What’s To Like About the TSP

The case for leaving your money in the Thrift Savings Plan after retirement.

A Perennial Health Insurance Conundrum

FEHBP, Medicare and the difficulty of predicting the future.

Spouses and Annuities: A Closer Look

Avoiding potential confusion about survivor benefits.

Marital Advice For Those Nearing Retirement

Tips on answering what can be a tricky question on your retirement application.

Retirement Planning Index: 2021 Edition

The annual guide, by topic, to key columns over the years.

The Best Time to Retire

When you choose to end your federal career could make a big difference in your retirement security.

Turning On Your Benefits

The art of timing when you begin drawing on your various sources of income is key to ensuring a comfortable retirement.

The Numbers That Matter in 2021

Do figures like 300, $172,500 and 1.3% mean anything to you?

A Good Time for Some Long Term Thinking

The COVID-19 pandemic provides a sobering reminder of the potential need for long-term care.

Looking for a Medicare Advantage

There’s a new type of FEHBP plan worth considering this open season.

Retirement Gets Real: The Final To-Do List

Make sure you take care of these items of business before your departure date.