National Labs to Receive $1.5B Funding Boost

The resources will come from President Joe Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act.

A GOP Showdown Over the Debt Limit Could Grip Congress and the Nation Next Year

Republicans unhappy about government spending may push a federal shutdown

A Defense Policy Bill Amendment Would Establish a Veteran-Focused Cyber Training Program

A provision included in House and Senate legislation authorizing Defense Department spending for fiscal year 2023 would allow veterans and military spouses to receive cyber training “at no cost.”

Federal Agencies Are Working to Implement the Infrastructure Package on Time and on Budget

The Biden administration has hired more than 2,500 employees to date to support the law’s implementation, with more to come.

GovExec Daily: House GOP Promises ‘Aggressive’ ARPA Oversight, if They Take the House

Route Fifty's Kery Murakami joins the podcast to discuss how Republicans plan to use oversight powers if they win in November.

House Delays Shutdown Threat by 10 Weeks After Approving Stopgap Spending Bill

The measure now heads to Biden's desk, who is expected to sign it before the midnight deadline.

Senate Passes Stopgap to Avert Shutdown for 10 Weeks, House Must Still Act

Congress has until late Friday to get measure to the White House for Biden's signature.

Senate Reaches a Deal to Avoid a Shutdown, Punts Threat for 10 Weeks

Lawmakers agree to drop controversial provisions, set up new deadline for lame duck Congress.

The Path to Averting a Shutdown Is Still Unclear, With Just Days Until the Deadline

The Senate is set to vote on a continuing resolution Tuesday that would fund agencies for 10 more weeks, but includes provisions many lawmakers oppose.

Lawmakers Are Setting a Tight Schedule to Avoid a Government Shutdown

Senate Democrats plan to unveil a bill Wednesday, but will hold off on a vote in an effort to rally support for it.

GovExec Daily: Is Another Shutdown on the Horizon?

Eric Katz joins the podcast to discuss the latest in the CR negotiations.

Defense Firms Sound Inflation Alarm as Congress Mulls 2023 Budget

One trade association says Pentagon would lose $110 billion in buying power.

Thousands of FDA Employees Could Face Furloughs or RIFs if Congress Doesn't Act Soon

Congressional inaction would leave FDA's drug and biologics evaluation with limited capacity to function.

The Biden Administration Asks Congress for a Continuing Resolution With $47 Billion for Ukraine, COVID, Monkeypox and Natural Disasters

The request is a stopgap measure, as White House officials say they believe a deal on the fiscal 2023 budget is close.