GovExec Daily: The CR and the Possibility of a Shutdown

Eric Katz joins the podcast to discuss the negotiations in Congress before funding runs out.

Fixing America’s Failing Fiscal Health

The United States will soon be deeper in debt than at any point in its history, including World War II and its aftermath.

FBI Will Relocate 1,500 Staff to Alabama Next Year

The moves will take place regardless of what the future holds for the bureau’s Washington headquarters.

Progressives Mount Assault on Defense Spending Ahead of Stimulus Package, Election

During a House Oversight and Reform Committee hearing, one Democrat questioned defense firms access to coronavirus stimulus money.

House Appropriations Bill Keeps Trump’s 1% Raise for Feds, Blocks other White House Priorities

The legislation would prevent the Trump administration from moving forward with its proposed GSA-OPM merger as well as implementation of new union contracts.

Viewpoint: Wind Down Fannie Mae And Freddie Mac’s Government Conservatorship

The two government-sponsored enterprises represent a giant moral hazard to taxpayers.

Pentagon Starts Bailing Out Companies That Have Lost Business Due to Coronavirus

The Defense Department is sending millions of dollars to keep companies afloat, and more deals are expected.

The Pentagon Can’t Afford All of the Weapons It Wants, New Report Says

Based on projected funding levels, the military will be forced to choose winners and losers among its priority projects.

Legislation Seeks to Increase Transparency and Strengthen Congress’ Role in Federal Spending

Both parties have “encroached on the power of the purse,” said one senator, but “this has been acutely true under this administration.”

How Agencies Can Protect Fee-Funded Programs During the COVID-19 Crisis

Sudden reductions in customer demand is a current risk to many agencies at all levels of government.

U.S. Defense Firms Hiring Thousands Amid Record Unemployment  

Pentagon spending on missiles, satellites, and nuclear weapons fuels a production boom, as firms fight off commercial aerospace downturn.

Global Defense Spending Decline Expected As Nations Deal with Coronavirus 

Experts see domestic projects taking priority over national security in the coming years.

Military Leaders Ask to Delay Budget Planning To Focus on Coronavirus, Let Staff Stay Home

But the Defense Department's No. 2 told Army, Navy, and Air Force budget planners to figure a different solution.