What does it take to end a government shutdown?

The end of past budget impasses have often played out as calculations of policy goals versus the political pain needed to achieve them, but when the goal is unclear how do you know who wins? 

State dives deep into data

The State Department is increasingly capitalizing on advances in data analytics to inform diplomacy and funding efforts.

Shutdowns and the ‘avalanche of work’ for government tech shops

Even if a shutdown doesn’t happen, planning for one has a real cost, former government CIOs say.

House GOP proposes to punt a shutdown for one month while slashing agency spending

Stopgap funding measure raises immediate doubts of whether it can pass the House or meaningfully reduce odds of an appropriations lapse in less than two weeks.

Come again? Political scientist sees shutdown as 'likely'— and feds need to get ready

With days left until funding for the federal government expires, some political experts foresee not only a shutdown, but possibly a long one, with an interruption in pay likely 

USPS rejects regulator’s budget request, leaving watchdog to fear for its independence

The Postal Service has provided a small budget increase to its regulatory commission, but extends its feud with the watchdog by declining to provide the funds it says it needs to meet demands.

Path to averting a shutdown remains elusive as Senate looks to pass first FY24 spending bills

The upper chamber has bipartisan support for many of its funding measures and will look to put pressure on the divided House.

Uncertainty at the top blurs Marine Corps’ work on 2025 budget

Like the Army and Navy, the Corps is without a confirmed chief, thanks to a GOP senator’s hold.

Amid shutdown anxiety, federal agencies are running up against an IT security deadline

While budget negotiations play out on Capitol Hill, federal agency CIOs are also on the clock to ensure the bulk of their information technology is reported through the CDM program.

The shutdown threat would be off the table, under newly proposed legislation

A bill from Virginia Democrats would automatically trigger a continuing resolution when there is a lapse in appropriations and restrict the Senate’s ability to consider non-spending legislation until funding is figured out.

FEMA’s disaster relief fund is running low on cash. What happens now?

The Federal Emergency Management Agency’s disaster relief fund is facing at least a $4 billion deficit.

Leaders in both parties agree to pursue a stopgap to avoid shutdown

The House and Senate remain significantly divided over spending for the rest of fiscal 2024.

Biden requests $40B to boost funding at select agencies

Border security, federal firefighter pay and Ukraine aid are part of the emergency request.

In battle with federal employee union, Biden fights to preserve the debt ceiling

The Biden administration is arguing that federal workers do not have standing in the case and it should therefore be thrown out.