IRS Defends Proposed Hiring Surge Amid Pushback

Top officials seeks to convince skeptical Republicans that the agency can quickly address longstanding issues with more resources and personnel.

Where the US Army’s Cut List and Wish List Overlap

Some programs slated for trimming in the 2022 budget proposal also appear on the service’s list of unfunded priorities.

GovExec Daily: The Hiring Possibilities in Biden's First Budget

Eric Katz joins the podcast to discuss the big takeaways from the president's blueprint.

GovExec Daily: The Pay Raise in Biden's New Budget

Erich Wagner joins the podcast to discuss the workforce aspects of the blueprint.

Employee Groups Continue to Push for Bigger Pay Raise Following Biden Budget Release

Several organizations representing federal employees announce that they support a 3.2% pay increase next year, rather than the 2.7% boost proposed in the president’s fiscal 2022 budget.

Contracting Community Welcomes Biden’s Budget Proposal

Groups see opportunities with the administration's cybersecurity, climate change and workforce innovation priorities.

Eyeing China, Biden’s First Pentagon Budget Would Cut Troops, Buy Future Weapons

DepSecDef Hicks called the president’s $715 billion spending request “a foundation for fielding a full range of needed capabilities.” Republicans called it “a cut.”

Naval Spending Proposal Defies Calls to Buy Extra Ships, Boost Marines’ Budget

President’s first spending request seeks to cut procurement to free funds for operations and maintenance.

Biden Ends Trend of Benefit-Cutting Budgets, But New Federal Workforce Initiatives Are Still Being Developed

Most of the workforce provisions outlined in the president’s first budget submission are vague references to policies that will be part of the forthcoming president's management agenda.

Biden Says He Is ‘Recommitting to Good Government’ in Full Fiscal 2022 Budget Proposal

It previews priorities in the upcoming president’s management agenda, including scientific integrity, trust in government and equity in policy making. 

Biden Proposes 2.7% Raise for Feds in 2022, Restoring Pay Parity

Although it is unclear how plan breaks out between locality pay and across-the-board increases, the topline number matches the president's proposed pay raise for members of the military.

Lawmakers Criticize Navy's Plan to Drastically Slash Civilian Jobs in Internal Audit Office

Agency itself says it "will not be able to accomplish its mission" if Navy moves forward with 70% reduction.

Estimated Cost of US Nuclear Modernization Jumps 28 Percent

The Congressional Budget Office’s latest estimate puts the price tag at $634 billion as some lawmakers try to bring it back down.

Senators Seek to Get Pentagon To Achieve a Clean Audit

A bipartisan bill would penalize the Defense Department for failing. 

Biden Requires Climate Considerations in Budget Process

The executive order is aimed at identifying and addressing the risks that climate change poses to Americans, the U.S. financial system and the federal government itself.