Congress reaches fiscal 2024 funding deal, new stopgaps in hopes of averting shutdown

Lawmakers must act in a hastened and united fashion to pass the new CR before funding expires this week.


Budget impasse freezes two Space Force efforts, leaders say

This year’s spending caps will boost future costs, acting Air Force undersecretary adds.


White House launches federal spending inventory

The new online information service was mandated in 2010 legislation.


County officials lobby for internet subsidies

The FCC is currently turning away hundreds of thousands seeking assistance. If Congress doesn’t soon approve more funding, rural and urban county officials warn, millions will be plunged into “digital darkness.”


DHS to slash operations, reshuffle workforce without additional funds, agency warns

The department becomes the latest in the Biden administration to sound the alarm over the impact of budget shortfalls.


As pandemic aid winds down, states scramble to fill gaps

COVID-19 left a lasting mark on a few sectors, with schools, public transit and child care providers facing fiscal cliffs as federal funding dries up. State legislators, many already grappling with shortfalls, are looking for solutions.


VA lacks the emergency budget modeling to prepare for health crises like COVID, GAO says

The watchdog said that the Veterans Health Administration does not have the modeling capability to predict how much supplemental funding would be needed to address a black swan event like the pandemic.


Efforts to right-size agency real estate portfolios are often stymied

COMMENTARY | “There is a path forward and relevant, recent examples exist,” writes one former federal real estate official who urges the Biden administration to embrace the hybrid work model.


Autonomous tech featured in Senate border and foreign aid bill 

The Senate’s proposed $118 billion immigration and foreign aid package includes more than $260 million to deploy emerging technologies to secure the border.


What's at stake as Congress hashes out the 2024 defense budget

A guide to the biggest differences between proposals for the four-months-late defense appropriations bill.


House passes bipartisan tax bill

The measure restores some of the popular expanded child tax credit, as well as a credit that helps states build affordable housing.


Lawmakers reach a bipartisan breakthrough for FY24 funding

Congress is now one step closer to finally passing full year appropriations, but some hurdles remain.


Congress averts shutdown, punts funding debate into March

Both the Senate and House approved a six-week stopgap on Thursday, just one day before a shutdown deadline.


Can NIST get it all done?

The small technology agency has a big share of the responsibility for executing on the Biden administration's executive order on artificial intelligence.