Analysis: Can Anyone Stop Trump’s Border Wall?

The Supreme Court temporarily allowed the administration to begin construction. That doesn’t mean victory for the president is certain.


Senator Says He Has Trump and McConnell's Support for Bill to End Shutdowns Permanently

Momentum grows for bipartisan bill to prevent lawmakers from leaving D.C. until they pass spending bills.


Senate Panel Backs Bill Requiring Greater Transparency on Federal Spending

Goal is for taxpayers to have access to more information on where their money is going. 


Everyone Dreads Shutdowns, So Why Do They Keep Happening?

The Antideficiency Act is supposed to clarify what happens when Congress fails to pass a budget. But it hasn’t worked out that way.


Viewpoint: The Debt Ceiling And Why We Should Kill It

The U.S. hit the debt ceiling in March and is expected to run out of ways to get around the new $22 trillion limit by September. An economist explains why the ceiling is a dysfunctional relic.


Pentagon Puts Price Tag of July 4 Pageantry at $1.2 Million

Most of the money for flyovers and tank displays came from training budgets.


White House Has 'Every Intention' of Avoiding Shutdown Despite Budget Impasse

Administration floats one-year stopgap spending measure to keep agencies funded at fiscal 2019 levels.


NASA Managers and Contractors Significantly Lowballed Space Mission Costs, Watchdog Found

Despite cost overruns and schedule delays, the space agency awarded Boeing and Lockheed Martin $200 million in performance awards, GAO noted.