Trump Vows to ‘Shatter the Deep State,’ Revive Schedule F and Move More Agencies Out of DC

The former president also said that if reelected in 2024, he will crack down on whistleblowers.

VA Is Hiring at a Record Rate. Employees Say It's Still Not Enough.

Nearly every VA employee thinks its facility is understaffed, according to a new survey, despite the department's unprecedented hiring spree.

Public Sector Work Equals High Job Satisfaction

A new workforce survey reveals what employees love about the public sector, and what’s driving them away.

Federal Employee Union Membership is Up 20%

Since implementation of a number of pro-labor policies a year ago, federal employee unions gained 80,000 new dues-paying members.

State to End Severe Restrictions on Disabled Individuals Entering Foreign Service

The department will pay out $37.5 million as part of a settlement that will make it easier for people with disabilities to serve in the government's diplomatic corps abroad.

VA Claims Progress in Union Talks. The Union Begs to Differ.

AFGE officials say department management continues to push illegal proposals in contract negotiations, and that claims the parties have reached “tentative agreements” are fabricated.

Building a Government Leadership Talent Pipeline

The Partnership for Public Service's Michelle Amante joins the podcast to discuss recruiting and retaining the next generation of federal leaders.

Better Data Is Needed for Evidence-Based DEIA Policies

Temilola Afolabi joins the podcast to discuss how agencies can improve data collection for equity.

VA Broke Settlement Agreement, Continued Bad Faith Bargaining, Arbitrator Finds

The American Federation of Government Employees and the Veterans Affairs Department have negotiated fruitlessly over a new union contract for more than a year.

Reciprocity Remains As Key Clearance Issue

Intelligence community elements appear to have adopted a wait-and-see posture over efforts to construct a common platform that allows for agencies to treat security adjudications as a shared service.

Inside a Federal Prison Facility

Courtney Bublé joins the podcast to discuss what she saw at FCI Cumberland.

NTEU's Longtime President Will Retire in August

Tony Reardon has been a member of the federal employee union for more than 30 years and has served two four-year terms at its helm.

5 Tips for Women to Negotiate a Higher Salary

A negotiation expert offers practical tips for getting the salary or promotion you want.

The Pay Raise and Other Workforce Provisions in Biden's Budget

Erich Wagner joins the podcast to discuss the White House plan.

Telework Isn't to Blame for Government Backlogs and Inefficiencies, OPM Director Says

Kiran Ahuja defends telework before skeptical Republicans, amid efforts to improve data collection around agencies’ use of workplace flexibilities.

National Security Compensation Sees a Significant Increase

With the economy under pressure from rising costs, people with active federal security clearances are pushing for higher compensation.