To Mask or Not to Mask? CDC's Mixed Messages During the Pandemic

GovExec Daily staff examines the pandemic response from the most-visible federal health agency.

Agencies Are Emphasizing Skills and Experience in Hiring. The House Has Voted to Make it Official.

The measure would bring civil service law in line with initiatives already underway to improve how the federal government recruits and hires new workers.

Remote Work: Transitioning from a Social Distancing Measure to a Human Capital Strategy

The former executive director of the Pandemic Response Accountability Committee argues that forcing fed workers to show up at a physical location may alienate and demotivate them, and impact productivity.

How Public Sector Unions Are Adjusting to a Post-Trump World

Erich Wagner joins the podcast to discuss the state of organized labor in federal workplaces.

Former Presidential Innovation Fellow Stresses the Program’s Importance for Tech Recruitment

Current VA CTO Charles Worthington noted that PIF and other programs offer an important avenue for technologists to serve the public, while the government is looking to attract top talent.

OPM Guidance Lays Out Vision for ‘Exceptional’ Internship Programs at Agencies

Agencies should expand the number of interns they hire each year, among other things.

Expect Legal Challenges to the Proposed FTC Noncompete Rule

Employment attorney Michael Fallings joins the podcast to discuss a rule that could affect workers and employers.

Meditation and Mindfulness Offer An Abundance of Health Benefits and May Be as Effective as Medication for Treating Certain Conditions

Mindfulness, one of the most common forms of meditation, is a skill that must be cultivated and practiced. With some training and discipline, it can help anyone live more fully in the moment.

The IRS Has More Things to Do and Less Staff to Do Them

Former Commissioner of Internal Revenue John Koskinen joins the podcast to discuss the latest fight for IRS funding.

Court Affirms That Federal Employee Appeals Agency's Judges Are Constitutionally Appointed

A ruling for the appellant could have upended enforcement of civil service protections for federal workers.

OPM Pushes to Rebrand Government and Capitalize on Tech Layoffs

The Office of Personnel Management is co-hosting a tech job fair on Wednesday. It’s one example of ongoing efforts to rebrand the government as an employer.

The IRS Is Getting Some Help as It Prepares for a Hiring Spree

Some of the tax agency's major challenges will be tackled by the private sector.

What Motivates Remote Workers to Protect IT Assets?

Researchers found that fear of what could go wrong is the primary driver in getting remote workers to protect IT systems.

State of the Unions: A New Normal

After nearly four years of drag-out fights with the Trump administration, President Biden pitched himself as a willing partner to federal employee unions. How have the government and unions navigated the transition to this new approach?

Sitting All Day Is Terrible for Your Health – Now, a New Study Finds a Relatively Easy Way to Counteract It

Short, frequent walks throughout the day are key to helping prevent the harmful effects of a sedentary lifestyle.