There Is No Federal Presidents' Day Holiday

But federal employees, like many other workers, do get Monday, Feb. 17, 2020 off.

Air Marshals Are Increasingly Complaining of 'Extreme Fatigue'

On-the-job injuries and illnesses have skyrocketed in recent years for the TSA employees.

Trump, the GOP and the ‘Swamp:’ A Dangerous New Low in Bureaucrat-Bashing

In the wake of impeachment proceedings, disrespect for and threats against the career federal workforce have escalated.

Viewpoint: The U.S. Military Is Not Ready for a Constitutional Crisis

When I joined the Navy, I swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution. But not once, in all of my training, did I receive meaningful instruction on the document to which I had pledged my life.

Would Your Agency Gain Jobs Under Trump's 2021 Budget?

While the budget request cuts spending at many agencies, the numbers of full-time employees aren't expected to drop as much.

Trump Pushes Significant Federal Hiring and Firing Reforms in 2021 Budget

Changes will help employees at agencies looking to make cuts have "the best shot of being part of our workforce going forward," White House official says.

Why People Get the ‘Sunday Scaries’

The end of a weekend has always been unpleasant, but there is something distinctly modern about the anxiety many people feel on the eve of a workweek.

The Dark Shadow in the Injunction to ‘Do What You Love’

How managers hijacked the hierarchy of needs for their business practices.

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OPM Issues Guidance for Federal Employees Looking to Work for the Census

Helping with the count gives civil servants a chance to earn extra money and be part of history.

Job Recruiters Are Wary of 3 Things on Social Media

When you're searching for a job, it might be best to avoid certain kinds of posts on your social media accounts. New research investigates what job recruiters avoid.

U.S. Workplaces Are Nowhere Near Ready to Contain a Coronavirus Outbreak

Americans tend to work even when they are sick, in part because of a lack of paid sick leave.

Federal Employees Are on the Frontlines of the Fight Against the New Coronavirus

Agencies are taking special precautions to protect those workers, officials said Monday.

Whistleblower Protection Agency, Judge Clash Over Which Feds to Protect From Reprisal

A narrow interpretation of a new law could discourage federal employees from reporting wrongdoing, agency says.

Postal Workers Union Endorses Bernie Sanders

Labor group calls Sanders a champion of USPS employees who will fight to preserve the mailing agency.