These Are the Agencies that Saw the Biggest Losses in Employee Satisfaction in 2022, and the Few that Saw Gains

Only 10 agencies with at least 100 employees saw improvements to their job satisfaction score in the annual Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey, and no agencies with at least 10,000 workers gained ground.

Lagging Pay and Back to the Office Transitions Likely Caused Feds' Morale Drop This Year, OPM Says

The lack of pay increases to match inflation and the federal government’s implementation of return to office initiatives could be responsible for dips in employee satisfaction as measured in the annual Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey.

More Republicans Died Than Democrats after COVID-19 Vaccines Came Out

The sharp divergence in excess death rates that emerged in the post-vaccine period "is pretty striking… and the magnitudes are quite large."

Not Many Federal Law Enforcement Officers Are Women. The Marshals Service Is Looking to Change That

The nation’s oldest federal law enforcement agency sees diversity as “mission essential,” said its director.

GovExec Daily: COVID-19, Anxiety and the Workplace

Labor and employment attorney David Barron joins the podcast to discuss mental heath accommodations in the workplace.

GovExec Daily: Why Women Execs Are Leaving Their Jobs During the 'Great Breakup'

HR expert Barbie Winterbottom joins the podcast to discuss gender, management and the workplace.

GovExec Daily: More Open Season Tips for Feds and Annuitants

Kevin Moss joins the podcast to talk about health care options.

Not Super Creative? Try This Approach

Looking at emotional situations in a different way can boost creativity among people who tend to think more conventionally, a study finds.

VA Has a Plan to Attract Workers Displaced by Widespread Tech Industry Layoffs

Amid a recent wave of layoffs across the technology sector, the VA is working to position itself as an enticing destination for unemployed tech workers.

Education Dept. and AFGE Reach a Settlement on Dozens of Complaints Stemming From 2018 Management Edict

A draconian collective bargaining agreement imposed without negotiating with the union, ended official time, removed workplace protections and implemented a scheme designed to cut off the union's dues collection.

GovExec Daily: Where Public Service Student Loan Forgiveness Stands

Savi's Tobin van Ostern joins the podcast to discuss the PSLF and its future.

Thousands of Experts Hired to Aid Public Health Departments Are Losing Their Jobs

As the COVID-19 pandemic raged, an independent nonprofit tied to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention hired an army of seasoned professionals to fill the gaps in the country’s public health system. Now, the money has largely run out, and state and local health departments are again without their expertise.

The Consumer Protection Bureau's Union Is Pushing for Better Pay, Fewer Pay Gaps

CFPB employee representatives said the agency is dragging its feet on plans to reduce gender and racial pay gaps, as well as to comply with federal law requiring compensation comparable with other financial regulators.

GovExec Daily: How To Stay Healthy During the Holiday Season

The Virginia Department of Health's Dr. Laurie Forlano joins the podcast to discuss how to gather for the upcoming holidays and stay safe from respiratory illness like COVID-19.

DHS Is Deploying More Employees to the Border, and Some Are Growing Tired of It

Some deployments have become mandatory as the administration prepares for an expected uptick in work at the border.

An Appeals Court Seems Skeptical of Both Sides in Immigration Judges Union Case

A three-judge panel questioned attorneys for the National Association of Immigration Judges on whether their appeal was premature, and grilled FLRA lawyers on whether the union can seek redress through administrative channels.