Survey: COVID Caution Is Plummeting

Despite knowing the risks of COVID-19, breakthrough infections, and long COVID, American adults are less and less likely to take precautions, a survey finds.

Republicans Are Pushing Back on the Biden Administration's Infrastructure-Fueled Hiring Spree

Agency officials should share more details on a new corps of clean energy workers, lawmakers say.

A Federal Employee Group Has Renewed Calls for Agencies to Protect Workers Post-Roe

Among the requests are for administrative leave and travel reimbursement for federal workers who must travel across state lines to receive abortion services, as well as the ability to opt out of relocating to states that ban the procedure.

Don’t Fear the Public Service Reform Act

A former chief human capital officer says it is time to re-center and simplify the rules to balance individual fairness and organizational effectiveness in the federal government.

The Federal Labor Authority Has Substantiated Union Accusations against EEOC Over Reentry

The federal anti-discrimination agency said it was committed to bargaining “in good faith” with its labor representatives but stopped short of committing to roll back its unilaterally implemented reentry plan.

Data-Driven HR Management Faces Uphill Climb

While data can help state and local human resources agencies make better decisions, legacy technology, skills gaps and staff resistance can stand in the way, a new report says.

An Appeals Court Has Once Again Overruled a Trump-era FLRA Policy

Shortly before the 2020 election, labor authority Republicans had unraveled decades of precedent, finding that agencies may begin implementing new governmentwide rules when union contracts are extended for the purposes of negotiating a new agreement.

GovExec Daily: The State of Women in Federal Law Enforcement

Courtney Bublé joins the podcast to discuss gender and policing.

These Are the Agencies Federal Employees Are Leaving at the Highest Rates

After jumping during the pandemic, the government's overall attrition rate has stabilized.

Senate Dems Have Joined the Push to Block Schedule F

As Republican groups discuss plans to reinstitute the controversial plan to strip tens of thousands of federal workers of their civil service protections, congressional Democrats have renewed their efforts to block it.

What You Should Know about Monkeypox

Amid a steady rise in monkeypox cases worldwide, an expert explains how the virus is transmitted, who is at risk, and how vaccines can control the spread.

GovExec Daily: How the Pandemic and Economic Climate Has Affected Women

The National Women's Business Council's Pamela Prince-Eason joins the podcast to discuss how inflation and other factors have impacted entrepreneurs.

'There Needs to Be a Reckoning': Republicans Introduce a Bill to Make Feds At-Will Employees

The legislation, along with recent talk of a renewed effort to implement Schedule F, makes clear that a “major assault” on the federal civil service is coming, regardless of who the next Republican presidential nominee will be.

Meet the Nonprofit Leader Who Is Working to Reverse the ‘Dismal’ Numbers of Women in Federal Law Enforcement

Cathy Sanz’s organization provides training, scholarships, networking and mentorship opportunities to help women “go for it” in their careers.