Bipartisan bill would let VA medical employees grieve compensation mistakes

Unlike most federal workers, medical professionals at the Veterans Affairs Department are unable to negotiate over compensation adjustments like payroll errors.

VA is putting veterans at risk by improperly screening employees, watchdogs warn

The department does not have a good explanation for why the shortfalls occurred, officials say.

A new rule may help land management temps get permanent federal gigs

The Office of Personnel Management is set to publish final regulations establishing a pathway for current and former temporary workers at land management agencies to apply for permanent posts through merit promotions procedures.

OPM launches a cyber rotational program for feds

The new rotational program is an outgrowth of 2022 legislation backed by Sen. Gary Peters, D-Mich., who chairs the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.

Guidance spells out when and how feds can discuss the Israel-Hamas war

Federal employees face some restrictions, but can discuss their opinions on the conflict at the office without violating the law.

Senate takes first steps to refill federal workforce watchdog roles

At the civil service appeals agency, parts of the workforce are voicing frustration with current leadership.

Debate over federal telework fumes in House subcommittee

Agency HR officials defended their approach to workplace flexibilities and highlighted budgetary issues as bigger drivers of poor customer service.

The people problem behind the government’s AI ambitions

As agencies move to fulfill requirements laid out in Biden’s AI executive order, workforce gaps remain “one of the biggest barriers” according to a White House official.

Apprenticeship programs are growing as the public sector faces workforce shortages

Registered apprenticeships, infrequently used by state and local governments in the past, are gaining the attention of staff-starved agencies.

Overtime, staffing shortages and shutdowns to blame for recent air safety issues, panel finds

A task force is calling on FAA to "urgently" address its staffing issues to avoid further risks to the flying public.

‘I want to work myself out of a job’: How two FLRA officials are responsible for resolving hundreds of labor-management disputes

The Federal Labor Relations Authority’s Collaboration and Alternative Dispute Resolution Office makes a big impact, despite a tiny organizational chart.

OPM issues guidelines on military spouse executive order

Telework, leave policies and “compassionate transfers” between agencies should all be utilized to recruit and retain spouses of members of the military and reserve services, officials said.

Honoring our heroes and a call to serve at the VA

COMMENTARY | The Veterans Affairs Department offers an unparalleled opportunity for doctors, nurses, and mental health professionals to give back to those who have already given so much.

Scientific federal agencies have restaffed to pre-Trump levels

While the Biden administration is finding success in its hiring efforts, a report finds diversity efforts are lagging.