Can federal employees take part in political campaign activities? Election season do’s and don’ts

The third installment in a series about the rules and policies federal employees should know ahead of the elections.

How does telework affect the Hatch Act? Election season do’s and don’ts

The fourth installment in a series about the rules and policies federal employees should know ahead of the elections.

Project 2025: The worst-case scenario for veterans

COMMENTARY | "By dismantling key agencies and slashing federal jobs, Project 2025 risks undermining not only government efficiency but also the livelihoods of tens of thousands of veterans," writes one veteran.

The asylum backlog could double by the end of the decade without a DHS staffing surge

USCIS is failing to meet its legal obligations due to its shrinking workforce and growing responsibilities, IG says.

Social Security in line for half-billion dollar cut in House GOP funding bill

Republican appropriators blamed “reduced in-person staffing” at headquarters to slash the already overworked and under-resourced agency’s budget.

DHS cyber hiring program got off on the wrong foot, CIO says, but progress is showing

Ten years after its congressional authorization, the Cybersecurity Talent Management System is closing in on 200 hires.

DHS hires its initial cohort of 10 to join its AI Corps

The Homeland Security Department’s AI Corps is designed to deploy tech-savvy experts across its operations to drive the adoption of AI capabilities within its various mission areas.

Forest Service will partially refund federal firefighters’ rent in government-owned housing

The decision to provide a 50% refund to wildland firefighters at the GS-10 level who reside in government-owned housing will affect roughly 5,500 employees.

DHS wants to go big with its hiring fair this week

The department says it's cutting red tape in government hiring by giving tentative job offers on the spot and starting vetting processes in person.

The House’s DHS funding bill preserves TSA’s recent pay increases

Although lawmakers have yet to act on a bill to codify the Biden administration’s decision to provide Transportation Security Administration employees with Title 5 protections and compensation, Congress is poised to continue funding the initiative.

Dems warn of agency furloughs, layoffs if spending caps are not lifted

FBI agents, meat inspectors and others could face job cuts under the current fiscal 2025 spending plan, Democrats say.

‘Trailblazing’ federal leaders urge perseverance, authenticity to government interns

Panelists at an OPM event for interns praised federal DEI programs, which some congressional Republicans want to end.


Martin O’Malley is on a one-year sprint to save Social Security

Despite shaking up the culture one of Washington’s most risk-averse agencies, the former governor said his biggest task is convincing Congress to reinvest in the Social Security Administration’s administrative overhead.

Embracing authenticity: A call to action for federal employees for Pride Month and Juneteenth

COMMENTARY | “Being authentic isn’t just ‘speaking your truth,’ it also means paying attention to the comfort level of others and respecting our own boundaries,” writes one long-time federal employee.

Burnout among government workers is decreasing but still high, according to new pulse survey data

Leader of the consulting firm that sponsored the poll says the burnout rate could cause public employees to leave their jobs.

Republicans block expanded in vitro fertilization coverage for feds in House and Senate

Senate Democrats failed to secure the 60 votes needed to bypass a GOP filibuster, while House Democrats saw a similar provision defanged in appropriations talks.

Republicans look to 'dismantle' DEI efforts at federal agencies

New bill would strike down President Biden's diversity efforts and create strict rules preventing such initiatives.