Shutdowns and the ‘avalanche of work’ for government tech shops

Even if a shutdown doesn’t happen, planning for one has a real cost, former government CIOs say.

New NTEU president scolds GOP over telework, anti-worker rhetoric

The recently elected union leader said labor groups need to do more to educate the public on how federal workers benefit their lives.

Army recruiting: better than last year, still short of goal, officials say

The service inducted around 9,000 more new soldiers this year than in 2022, commander says.

Regulations aimed at derailing a Schedule F revival proposed by OPM

An effort to insulate the federal workforce from future efforts to strip them of their removal protections could accelerate an “existential” debate over the nonpartisan civil service system, experts said.

Deconstructing the administrative state: At what cost?

COMMENTARY | Americans should be frightened by the prospect of a return to the spoils system, argue two scholars.

Telework approach defended by agency leaders amid Republican pressure

Federal HR officials said, contrary to GOP lawmakers’ concerns, agencies monitor employees’ productivity while working remotely and ensure workers are not paid the improper amount in locality pay.

Senate confirms deputy secretary at VA

Tanya Bradsher takes over as the top official tasked with managing the Department of Veterans Affairs’ troubled electronic health record project.

EEOC: ‘Ban the box’ policies are effective at federal agencies, but the government needs to raise awareness

In instances where a federal job applicant had a criminal record, the background check process only ruled them out over past criminal conduct 2% of the time, but many may still see their past as a barrier to joining the federal workforce.

If Sen. Ernst thinks veterans are fraudsters, she couldn't be more wrong

COMMENTARY | Criticism regarding potential inefficiencies or shortcomings in teleworking policies should be directed at the policy or system, not the workers who operate within the guidelines provided, writes one veteran.

Amid shutdown anxiety, federal agencies are running up against an IT security deadline

While budget negotiations play out on Capitol Hill, federal agency CIOs are also on the clock to ensure the bulk of their information technology is reported through the CDM program.

'It is fraud, folks. It’s fraud': The latest in a string of Republican accusations against federal teleworkers

Sen. Joni Ernst, R-Iowa, has requested investigations at every major federal department and agency into how telework and remote work have impacted service delivery, and whether federal workers are improperly receiving locality pay.

IRS wants to go after more millionaires with unpaid tax bills, if it can find the staff

The agency had planned to bring on 3,833 revenue agents in fiscal 2023, but as of March had recruited just 34.

The shutdown threat would be off the table, under newly proposed legislation

A bill from Virginia Democrats would automatically trigger a continuing resolution when there is a lapse in appropriations and restrict the Senate’s ability to consider non-spending legislation until funding is figured out.

OPM deputy defends administration's telework approach, touts ‘consensus-building’ in workforce policymaking

Rob Shriver argues the White House's calls to increase in-person work are consistent with the HR agency’s prior policies.

Biden administration soliciting volunteers throughout government to deploy for disaster response

FEMA has said the assignments from other agencies could help ensure an adequate recovery effort.

Pregnant employees ruled eligible for class action discrimination lawsuit against CBP

The employees allege they were improperly forced to surrender duties upon notifying supervisors of their pregnancies.