OMB Reportedly Designates 88% of Its Employees for Schedule F

One former official said the decision will make it harder, not easier, for presidents of both parties to implement their policy agendas in the future.


Biden Team Highlights Cybersecurity Focus With First Cabinet Picks

Familiar faces will likely have to revisit efforts around information sharing and establishing global norms.

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States May See a Lot More Money for Crime Prevention with Biden Plan

President-elect Joe Biden's sweeping criminal justice proposal focuses on prevention and diversion in an attempt to prod states away from locking people up.


5 Ways to Create a More Inclusive Work Environment

Maintaining a culture of relentless curiosity, where employees are invited to challenge assumptions, is good for organizations and healthy for people.


Personality, Not Policy, Will Determine Top House Armed Services Republican

The pick may telegraph whether the GOP intends a cooperative or combative approach to the Biden administration.


Federal Employees Say They’re Willing to Download COVID-19 Apps But Few Agencies Have Them

The results of a Nextgov/Government Business Council survey offer insights into how federal employees feel about apps to trace coronavirus exposure and their agency’s efforts to track infections.


36 Members of the National Guard Heading to Work in El Paso Mortuaries as Coronavirus Cases Soar

The border city recently resorted to using inmates from the county jail to move bodies. At the request of county officials, the state is sending assistance.


The Women Who Could Lead Biden’s Economic Recovery

A significant number of women are being considered for key economic slots in the Biden administration, including as secretaries of Treasury, Commerce and Labor.


GovExec Daily: The Effects of the Ascertainment Delay

George Washington University's Steven L. Schooner joins the podcast to discuss GSA chief Emily Murphy's decision to not officially start the transition.

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State and Local Republican Officials Shy Away From Trump's Efforts to Overturn Election Results

STATE AND LOCAL ROUNDUP | Illinois House speaker’s power slipping amid federal probe … Milwaukee health workers face death threats … Florida sheriff’s office keeping list of kids seen at risk of “life of crime” … state-local spat over charity venison.


What Is the Best Strategy to Deploy a COVID-19 Vaccine?

Mathematicians are playing a key role in fighting the pandemic by modeling different scenarios for a vaccine rollout.


A Brief History of Presidents Snubbing Their Successors – and Why the Founders Favored Civility Instead

'Mind your manners' isn't just something your mother told you. Manners – and civility – are an essential component of how things get done in government, and the Founding Fathers knew it.


VA Asks for Broader Definition of Management in What Union Fears Is an Effort to Purge Members

Union officials said they fear the department’s request to the Federal Labor Relations Authority, combined with President Trump’s controversial Schedule F executive order, could amount to a last-minute effort to strip federal workers of collective bargaining rights.


Disasters Are Inevitable; Government’s Inadequate Response Is Not

New research analyzing the responses of hundreds of local leaders identified common obstacles and proven ways to overcome them.


Democrats Demand GSA Briefing on Delayed Presidential Transition By Monday

House Democrats also question actions by the White House in the run-up to the election. 


Congressional Leaders Are Cautiously Optimistic They Can Avoid More Stopgap Funding This Year

Top negotiators say they have made some progress in setting line-by-line funding for federal agencies, but some barriers remain.

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'Good, Honest, Capable, and Willing People:' A Take on Election Administrators Goes Viral

James Young, Louisville's former director of elections, took to Twitter to defend the integrity of election workers. Twelve thousand retweets later, he explains why.

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A New Program in One State Will Help People Expunge Marijuana Convictions

A state-funded coalition of legal organizations will help Illinois residents navigate the process of criminal record expungement for pot-related offenses.