Biden Has a Congressional Shortcut to Cancel Trump’s Regulatory Rollbacks, but It Comes with Risks

The Trump administration used this shortcut liberally in 2017, but its potential pitfalls and impact raise a question: Should Congress repeal it?


GovExec Daily: Inaugurations and Presidential Mandates

Dr. Julia Azari joins the podcast to discuss Joe Biden's mandate amidst a pandemic and a deeply divided public.


The Secret Service Is Bracing for Dangerous Times

Any chance of a normal security environment for the president-elect evaporated during the Capitol siege.


A Deep Clean Won’t Keep the White House Safe From COVID-19

The key to guaranteeing staffers’ health and well-being is relatively simple.


Don’t Expect Trump’s Workforce Policies to Be Reversed Overnight

With the Biden team focused on issues like COVID response and immigration reform, significant action to rescind the Trump administration’s harmful federal workforce policies could take a back seat.


Biden Needs a Strategy for Strengthening the Federal Workforce

Mending the public service isn’t just one more thing to do—it’s the way to do everything that needs to be done.


Biden's DHS Pick Defends Ethics Record, Promises Morale Boost for Workforce

Alejandro Mayorkas faces sharp questions over prior controversy despite praise for his service.

Route Fifty

Treasury Nominee Voices Support for State and Local Relief Funding

Janet Yellen also said during a confirmation hearing that a cap on the federal deduction for state and local tax payments should be studied more before any changes are made to the policy.


Federal Bureau of Prisons Goes Into National Lockdown Ahead of Inauguration 

The agency said the “precautionary” move was “not in response to any significant events” occurring inside its facilities.


Presidential Transition Means CIO Turnover At Some Agencies, Too

Come inauguration, nearly a third of department-level CIO positions will need new occupants.


Troops at Inauguration Pre-Screened for Extremism, Says DC Guard Commander

“We will use the minimum force required to protect ourselves,” said Maj. Gen. William Walker, in an exclusive interview.


A Call to Service Is Essential to Building Back Better

The new administration has an opportunity to catalyze new thinking that speaks directly to the needs of our times.


GovExec Daily: Federal Land Management During Trump's Term

Bloomberg Government's Kellie Lunney joins the show to discuss the outgoing president's public lands legacy.


Acting SecDef Defends Capitol Reaction, Says DoD Is Prepared for Next Week

Defense Department “absolutely” concerned about domestic terrorism next week but feels bureaucratic issues that delayed national guard are resolved.

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State IT Officials Will Push for New Federal Grants to Help With Tech Upgrades

The group that represents chief information officers says the pandemic has highlighted how unemployment systems and other state and local technology need to be modernized.


GSA Administrator Resigns

Emily Murphy was widely criticized for delaying the presidential transition. The agency also came under fire Friday for impeding the IG’s pandemic response investigations.

Pay & Benefits

Biden COVID-Relief Plan Offers More Leave for Frontline Feds

Although the plan calls for private sector employers to provide hazard pay to essential workers, it is unclear whether the president-elect would call on federal agencies to do the same.