Performance Management: The Emphasis on Accountability

Clear goals, transparently pursued can be a powerful tool to drive output-oriented performance, but there are caveats.


DISA Confirms Data Breach Affecting 200,000 People

Defense officials provided few details but said the affected systems have since been secured.


Congress Fixes – Just a Bit – the Unpopular, ‘Unfair’ Rule that Stopped Injured Service Members from Suing for Damages

For more than half a century, service members who got hurt while on active duty but not in combat – like being hit by a jeep while on base – could never sue for damages. That's now changed – a bit.


How Agencies Could Incentivize Private Sector Investment in Their Missions

Commercial capital could provide a powerful boost to public sector modernization.


White House Tech Chief Calls Europe’s AI Principles Clumsy Compared to U.S. Approach

Analysts disagreed with the assessment, calling the EU white paper a good start for developing a risk-based approach to regulating artificial intelligence.

Pay & Benefits

Setting the Retirement Process in Motion

You’ve met your retirement goals. Now it’s time to start the countdown.


Democratic Candidates Defend Their Records on Transparency During Nevada Primary Debate

Presidential contenders who have criticized Trump for his secrecy were forced to explain their own actions.  


Trump Administration Publishes Memo That Could End Defense Unions

More than three weeks after President Trump signed a memo authorizing Defense Secretary Mark Esper to effectively outlaw collective bargaining at the Defense Department, the White House has posted the document to the Federal Register.

Route Fifty

A City Moves to Ban Wild and Exotic Animals at House Parties

People are free to behave like party animals in Los Angeles, but legislation the City Council approved this week aims to prevent them from partying with animals.

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Millions of Americans Rely on Crowdfunding for Medical Expenses

A new survey estimates that 20% of adults in the U.S. have donated to a crowdfunded medical campaign.


House Subcommittee Knocking at Amazon’s Door Over Ring Data

The chairman of a House Oversight panel wants a briefing with Amazon officials about the consumer security tool.


Nothing’s ‘Irreversible,’ But the Pentagon’s New Bureaucracies Aim to Come Close

As budget hearing season gets underway, expect to hear a lot about "irreversible implementation" of changes toward great power competition.

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Federal Court Rules Against State Law Requiring Ex-Felons to Pay Fines and Fees Before Voting

The appeals court found the law created an unconstitutional penalty against people who can’t afford to pay certain financial obligations, but have served the rest of their sentences.

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Poop, Screams and Divebombing Birds: How One City Plans to Deal With a Peacock Problem

The Miami City Commission will begin humanely trapping and relocating peacocks from one neighborhood after years of complaints from residents.


Federal Judge Dismisses Suit Against Army Corps for Post-Harvey Flooding

U.S. Judge Loren A. Smith threw out a case brought by Houstonians whose properties flooded as a result of releases from Addicks and Barker dams.


Defense Policy Chief Ousted By White House

A Pentagon spokesman said he had “no information” that John Rood was fired for his role in Trump’s Ukraine scandal.