Inside the Trump Administration’s Chaotic Dismantling of the Federal Land Agency

Internal records from the Bureau of Land Management contradict what its chief told Congress about a plan to ship 200 D.C.-based career staff out West. The plan would weaken the agency, which stands between federal lands and oil, gas and mineral companies.


MSPB: There’s a Better Way to do Performance Reviews

Few have faith in a system where 99% of employees are deemed “fully successful” or better.


DHS Is Finally Going After White Supremacists. It’s Not Going to Be Simple.

A new strategy for the first time places a major priority on domestic terrorism, especially of the extreme right. Now the agency has to actually tackle the problem.

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State Law Provides Funding to Clear Rape Kit Backlog

North Carolina will provide $6 million over two years to help clear a backlog of roughly 15,000 untested rape kits.


Former VA Union Local Official Sentenced for Embezzlement

A former treasurer of the American Federation of Government Employees Local 331 pleaded guilty in May to stealing more than $80,000 from the union.


IRS Testing Behavioral Analytics to Verify Online Users

The agency is piloting a proof-of-concept that will track how individual taxpayers interact with its online systems.


DHS Wants Industry to Help Improve Pay for Cyber Personnel

By rolling out a “market-sensitive” pay structure and supporting more flexible career paths, the department hopes to make its cybersecurity jobs more appealing.

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Busy Shipping River at a Standstill Until a Broken Barge Lock is Fixed

Thousands of tons of cargo are stuck on barges, as the closure on the Columbia River is expected to last until the end of the month.

Pay & Benefits

Lawmakers Move to Protect Federal Employees' Credit Ratings During Shutdowns

Measures would block shutdown-related credit downgrades and encourage financial institutions to be lenient with federal employees during appropriations lapses.


Government Executive Honors Outstanding Public Servants and Celebrates 50 Years

Inaugural inductees into the Government Hall of Fame and recipients of the Theodore Roosevelt Government Leadership Awards were recognized at a gala on Thursday night.

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A Plan to Spruce Up Vacant Lots to Reduce Gun Violence

A program in Chicago that beautifies abandoned properties is aimed at providing work and reducing crime. But some local residents say more needs to be done to involve people in the neighborhood.


Play of the Day: The President, a Phone Call and a Blown Whistle

An intelligence community whistleblower filed a complaint alleging that Donald Trump offered a "promise" to a foreign leader.

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A 51st State? The District of Columbia Aims for Its Star

Washington, D.C. leaders made their case for statehood at the first U.S. House of Representatives hearing on the issue in 25 years, while Republicans raised concerns about corruption and fiscal stability.


McConnell Voices Support for $250 Million in Election Security Funds

The bill marks “a great step forward,” but states will need more consistent investment to make long-term improvements, according to CISA Director Chris Krebs.


Air Force: Our New Tanker Should Be Ready for War in 3 or 4 Years

A few big problems, and about 500 smaller ones, have put the Boeing-made plane about five years behind schedule.


Lawmakers Intro Bill to Enhance Not-Yet-Revived Office of Technical Assessment

A group of House and Senate lawmakers want the office to be more responsive and transparent, assuming funding to reinstate it gets through the appropriations process.

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States Try to Stop Political Deepfake Videos

State lawmakers are increasingly focused on deceptively edited videos, a pervasive technology that advocates say has the potential to disrupt elections. But are bans constitutional?


Whistleblower Exposed $1.34 Million in Army Losses

The Office of Special Counsel said improper contracting practices were a factor.