Analysis: The Justice Department Has Had to Twist Itself in Knots to Defend Trump on Emoluments

For decades, the department has interpreted the Constitution to err on the side of country first. Now all that has changed.


GovExec Daily: Why D.C.-Area Workers With Security Clearances Are Doing Well's Evan Lesser joins the program to talk about his site's survey of cleared job seekers and employees.


Government’s Annual Cyber Report Shows Improvements Across the Board

Agencies received lower scores for holding contractors responsible for privacy requirements.

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As Virus Keeps Kids From Schools, New Figures Show Millions Lack Home Internet

Meanwhile, a California education official this week said it would take at least $500 million to get students there the computers and internet access they need, and asked the private sector to help.

Pay & Benefits

Lawmaker: White House ‘Overstepped its Authority’ in Demanding TSP Abandon I Fund Changes

Chairman of House Oversight and Reform subcommittee says instructing the Thrift Savings Plan not to shift international investments to a broader index effectively “politicized” the independent agency.


New Federal Workers More Likely to Be Fired After Filing Whistleblower Complaints

Between 17% and 69% of workers in their probationary period who filed whistleblower retaliation complaints were fired in 2018, GAO finds.

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Women Disproportionately Losing Their Jobs During Coronavirus Downturn

Women of color, single mothers, and women over the age of 55 have been particularly hard hit.


House Democrats Demand Trump Administration Stop Rushing Through Deportations of Migrant Children

Democratic congressional leaders expressed alarm at the sudden acceleration and requested the government “cease this practice immediately.”


Masks Sold by Former White House Official to Navajo Hospitals Don’t Meet FDA Standards

New information from the Indian Health Service calls into question why the agency purchased expensive medical gear that it now cannot use as intended.

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Coronavirus Will Have an Unequal Impact on School Budgets

Districts that can largely support themselves with local tax dollars are in a better position as the economic downturn continues.


American Leadership Can Save Lives: An Interview with Former USAID Administrator Mark Green

“The key to being a good leader is to begin with a clear vision, but then be willing to listen to others for their ideas on how to adapt that vision to circumstances,” Ambassador Green says.


A Medical-Delivery Drone Service Gets US Approval Amid Coronavirus

ZipLine, whose drones have delivered more than 100,000 packages in Africa, will begin flights in North Carolina.


New Intelligence Chief Takes Over as Community Has Altered Work Operations for Pandemic 

Telework, staggered schedules and use of new technology are some of the ways intelligence officials are keeping themselves and the information they gather safe. 


Is Everyone Depressed?

Suddenly, many people meet the criteria for clinical depression. Doctors are scrambling to determine who needs urgent intervention, and who is simply the new normal.


GovExec Daily: Which Feds Will Be Coming Back to Offices Soon?

Eric Katz joins the show to discuss the ways different offices will reopen across the federal government.