Justice Dept. Continues to Insist Immigration Judges Union is ‘Defunct,’ Despite Moving to Nullify Decertification Decision

Although the Biden administration has asked to withdraw the prior administration’s petition to classify immigration judges as management officials, it has continued to aggressively defend against litigation over the union’s decertification.

Biden Proposes Dramatic Hiring Surge in Asylum Workforce as Part of Immigration Overhaul

The administration is looking to more than double the number of asylum employees as it shifts responsibilities between agencies.

DHS Begins Deploying Body Cameras for Some Border-Based Law Enforcement Personnel

CBP will issue cameras to only a fraction of CBP personnel, who will maintain discretion in activating them.

Immigration Prosecutors Were Told Not to Push for Deportation in Cases Like His. He Was Ordered Deported the Next Day.

Under a new Biden policy, more than 100,000 immigrants could have their cases dropped. But that discretion is left to individual prosecutors, and many are letting the deportation machine roll on.

Gov. Greg Abbott Orders Texas National Guard to Help with Migrant Arrests at the Border

In a letter to the major general of the Texas National Guard, Abbott said “more manpower is needed” at the border.

Converted Texas Prison Gets First Immigrant Detainees as Gov. Greg Abbott’s Border Security Effort Ramps Up

Border-crossing immigrants are being arrested by Texas troopers on state charges like trespassing, and they’re starting to trickle into a prison emptied to house them.

U.S. Immigration Judges Considering Asylum for Unaccompanied Minors Are ‘Significantly Influenced’ by Politics

Immigration judges must base their decisions to grant asylum to immigrant children on whether these children have realistic fears of persecution. But other factors influence those decisions.

Biden to Involve Agencies Across Government in Citizenship Process

Many federal agencies will help promote the naturalization process and reduce barriers.

Donald Trump Visits Texas to Tour “Unfinished Border Wall” on U.S.-Mexico Border with Gov. Greg Abbott

The former president is toured border Wednesday with Abbott, who has promised to build a state-funded border wall.

The U.S. Is Closing a Loophole That Lured Mexicans Over the Border to Donate Blood Plasma for Cash

Selling blood plasma in the U.S. could net Mexican residents hundreds of dollars a month — if they donated often enough. But some were putting their health at risk to do so.

Texas Empties Prison to Prepare to Detain Immigrants Arrested During Ramped-Up Border Enforcement

The prison — Dolph Briscoe Unit in Dilley — will have capacity for about 1,000 people.

Donald Trump to Tour Border Wall with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on June 30

Abbott announced last Thursday that Texas would build its own border wall to stem the flow of migrants from Mexico.

GAO Says Biden’s Freeze on Border Wall Construction Didn’t Violate Budget Law

The watchdog said the “programmatic delays” were not comparable to an earlier GAO finding that the Trump administration violated the Impoundment Control Act in withholding funds for Ukraine.

As More Climate Migrants Cross Borders Seeking Refuge, Laws Will Need to Adapt

Climate migrants don’t fit neatly into the legal definitions of refugee or migrant, and that can leave them in limbo. The Biden administration is debating how to identify and help them.

Lawmakers Say Biden's Deployments of Feds to the Border Risk Agency Missions

Republican House members ask for data on governmentwide details set up to address uptick in migrant children.

'Shadow Wins': How ICE Avoids Judicial Accountability by Quietly Releasing Immigrants Who Challenge Being Detained

ICE helps maintain the status quo of prolonged detentions by releasing immigrants without having their cases vindicated in court, according to a new report.

Senate Democrats Call on Attorney General to Restore Immigration Judges Union

Members of the Senate Judiciary Committee called on Merrick Garland to reverse efforts to decertify the National Association of Immigration Judges and to axe a policy restricting judges' ability to speak publicly on immigration issues.