Migrants, Including Children, Face Cramped Conditions at South Texas Border Patrol Facility

Images released by a Democratic U.S. representative show settings similar to those that Democrats hammered former President Donald Trump over two years ago, when that administration encountered an increase of migrant apprehensions

Biden Taps FEMA to Run Interagency Effort to House Record Influx of Migrant Children

Agencies have struggled to keep pace with the unprecedented number of unaccompanied minors arriving at the southwest border.

Migrant Apprehensions Continued Upward Trend in February

The Rio Grande Valley and the El Paso sectors remain the busiest crossing points as more than 100,000 people were either apprehended or surrendered to authorities along the U.S.-Mexico border.

What the Horrific Crash on the Border Says About U.S. Immigration Policy

For all the attention on Biden’s changes to border policy, there are plenty of factors out of the U.S.’s control — which might make migrants increasingly desperate.

As Migrant Apprehensions Rise, Texas Gov. Abbott Slams Biden Immigration Policies in Border Appearance

Apprehensions of migrants have increased substantially at the U.S.-Mexico border since October.

Deported Veterans, Stranded Far from Home after Years of Military Service, Press Biden to Bring Them Back

At least 92 US military veterans were deported between 2013 and 2018. These deportees are not currently included in Biden's effort to reunite families as part of his new immigration reform plan.

The Border Mess That Trump Left Behind

Reversing the previous administration’s cruelties isn’t the same as an unconditional welcome.

Federal Hiring and Workforce Reforms Included in Biden's Immigration Package

The U.S. Citizenship Act would take steps to address major operational hurdles to boosting legal immigration.

Federal Judge Prevents Biden Administration from Pausing Deportations for Two More Weeks

Judge Drew Tipton originally issued a 14-day suspension of Biden’s moratorium on Jan. 26. The pause in deportations was part of Biden’s attempted day one overhaul of several of former President Donald Trump’s immigration policies.

Biden's Early Immigration Overhaul Has Overlooked One Growing Problem: A Massive Court Backlog

The nation's immigrations courts have 1.3 million pending cases, and some immigrants in Texas wait nearly five years for a court hearing.

Biden Signs Order Aimed at Reuniting Migrant Families Separated at the Border under the Trump Administration

As part of his promise to reform the immigration system, the president issued three executive orders that review and further roll back his predecessor’s policies.

Lawmakers Urge Attorney General Nominee to Restore Immigration Judges Union

The National Association of Immigration Judges was decertified as a union by the Trump administration last year following a controversial decision by the Federal Labor Relations Authority.

GovExec Daily: How Will Alejandro Mayorkas Lead DHS?

Eric Katz joins the podcast to discuss President Joe Biden's pick for the Homeland Security Department.

Biden Pauses Construction on the Border Wall

The president also ordered a review of all funding and contracts. 

Biden Administration Pauses Deportations for 100 Days and Suspends 'Remain in Mexico' Policy for Asylum Seekers

The changes come on President Joe Biden’s first day in office where he earlier signed multiple executive orders rolling back additional Trump-era immigration policies.