Play of the Day: The Pride Flag Is Not Going On Embassy Flagpoles

The State Department made a determination, but embassy staffs are making do.

Climate’s Role In Armed Conflict Will Likely Increase

As global temperatures climb, the risk of armed conflict is expected to increase substantially, experts say.

Play of the Day: Norway, The 2020 Election and the Prince of 'Whales'

Donald Trump spoke to ABC and talked about receiving information from foreign governments.

Play of the Day: The President Has an Agreement on This Piece of Paper, But You Can't See It

Donald Trump waved around a white sheet of paper, but didn't explain its contents to the assembled press.

Play of the Day: The White House's France-U.S. Friendship Tree Is Dead

Emmanuel Macron and Donald Trump planted the oak in 2018, but it is no more.


Play of the Day: The American President Tweets About Iran

Trump wrote that another threat from Tehran will be the "official end of Iran."

Play of the Day: Who Pays Tariffs?

Larry Kudlow admits that the president may not be up on his econmomic knowledge.

Play of the Day: Tax Returns, Norms and the President

The White House is trying to block Congress from investigating Donald Trump's finances.

Play of the Day: More on The President's Taxes

Late-night has plenty of joked about Donald Trump losing billions of dollars.