Play of the Day: Joe Biden Cares About Truth, Not Facts

The 2020 Democratic was in Iowa and garbled part of a speech.

Many of the 2020 Democratic primary candidates were campaigning over the weekend at the Iowa State Fair, which gave them opportunity to engage in the tradition of eating fried and unhealthy fair food. Kamala Harris ate a pork chop with her hands, Andrew Yang dug into a turkey leg and Cory Booker, a vegan, ate a deep-fried PB&J on a stick, prompting Late Show's Stephen Colbert to joke that "as a vegan, I assume he also ate the stick."

Former Vice President Joe Biden was also in Iowa and he came under fire for gaffes he made while there. At one point, he said "poor kids are just as talented as white kids," prompting Late Night's Seth Meyers to joke that Biden apologized by saying "Sorry, that came out gay." During a rousing speech in Iowa, Biden's second gaffe went when he said "we choose about truth, not facts," prompting Colbert to joke that Biden continued with things we choose like "hope over optimism, faith over belief and synonyms over words that mean the same things." President Donald Trump tweeted about Biden's gaffes, asking "Does anybody really believe he is mentally fit to be president?" Meyers joked that the Trump asking that question is like one crazy guy in the subway saying "can you believe this guy?"

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