Internal Emails Show How Chaos at the CDC Slowed the Early Response to Coronavirus

The CDC fumbled its communication with public health officials and underestimated the threat of the coronavirus even as it gained a foothold in the United States, according to hundreds of pages of documents ProPublica obtained.

As Coronavirus Infections Spread, So Have Clashes Between ICE Detainees and Guards

At ICE detention camps across the country, unrest is growing as detainees warn that dirty conditions and a disturbing lack of soap and other supplies could allow coronavirus to run rampant.

The Four Possible Timelines for Life Returning to Normal

The coronavirus outbreak may last for a year or two, but some elements of pre-pandemic life will likely be won back in the meantime.

COVID-19 Is Coinciding With a Loneliness Epidemic

It’s critically important to foster connection during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Questions Linger Over How the IRS Will Distribute Stimulus Checks

Former officials said the agency will face a challenge in getting the money to the right place quickly.

Viewpoint: COVID-19 Shows Us Why We Should Keep ICE Out of Hospitals

Fearing Trump’s immigration police, people are avoiding health care facilities. That’s dangerous, particularly now.

The VA Will Now Let Some Administrative Staff Work From Home

After New Mexico In Depth and ProPublica reported that the VA was not allowing telework, the agency reserved course. Some workers remain skeptical that the policy will be implemented.

Stimulus Deal Gives Agencies $340B, Helping to Boost Telework, Office Cleaning and Hiring

A Senate aide says other House-backed provisions to give feds more benefits did not make into the final deal.

Lawmakers, Union Urge Halt to All Prison Inmate Transfers

The Federal Bureau of Prisons’ preventative measures are not enough to prevent coronavirus spread, critics say.

Analysis: Americans Are Rediscovering the Importance of Government

The United States is currently being educated by facts and events.

A Marine General’s Next Battle: Grocery-Store Logistics

Larry Nicholson once led 20,000 troops in Afghanistan; now he’s making sure you don’t run out of food during the coronavirus crisis.

GovExec Daily: Contractors and the Coronavirus Guidance

Frank Konkel and Courtney Bublé join the podcast to talk about White House directive for firms contracting with the federal government.

Don’t Halt Social Distancing. Instead, Do It Right.

There are two things the United States must do to beat the coronavirus.

FLRA Sets Sights on Official Time for ‘Lobbying Activities’

Critics say federal labor law specifically allows employee unions to negotiate for official time in connection with presenting the union’s views to Congress.

How One Federal Agency Took Care of Its Workers During the Yellow Fever Pandemic in the 1790S

Today's coronavirus pandemic has echoes in the yellow fever pandemic of the 1790s. Then, as now, workers struggled with how to support themselves and their families. One federal agency had the answer.

Election Agency Works to Accommodate Coronavirus During 2020 Campaign Season

“Even before the coronavirus pandemic, the lack of a quorum at the FEC was keeping it from taking swift action on any complaints,” said one expert.

Bipartisan Legislation Would Direct Federal Agencies to Allow Full-Time Telework

Senators from both parties said the Trump administration’s guidance encouraging agencies to allow their employees to work remotely proved inadequate to protect employees and the public from the coronavirus outbreak.