Inside the Federal Government’s Mission to Explore a Sunken Civil War Battleship

"Everywhere you look, wonder and awe," the NOAA marine archaeologist leading the exploration said, previewing the first-ever livestream of the area.

Wanted: New Vaccine Advisory Committee Members

HHS is looking for candidates with diverse areas of expertise. 

That Time EPA Contractors Built Secret Man Caves in a Warehouse

When “vermin feces” is the second-biggest issue in your facility, you know you’ve got problems.

Sweeping, Limited, or No Powers at All? What’s at Stake in the Mask Mandate Appeal

Dictionaries, public comments, and even an old court case that involved underwear pricing could play a role as the government appeals a ruling that sharply limits federal authority during pandemics.

GovExec Daily: Are the New Postal Vehicles Coming Soon?

Eric Katz joins the podcast to discuss the fight around the Postal Service fleet contract.

Measuring Administrative Burden

Recipients have to invest time and energy to obtain government services and the burden of compliance can take a toll, especially in marginalized communities.

Lawmakers Are Trying Again to Move the Secret Service Back to the Treasury Department

The Secret Service was moved to the Homeland Security Department in the aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. 

Why Rural Communities Struggle to Bring in Much-needed Federal Grants

A new analysis suggests that over half of communities in the West lack the capacity to take advantage of infrastructure bill funding. Now what?

National Addiction Treatment Locator Has Outdated Data and Other Critical Flaws

Three years after a government site launched to connect Americans to treatment, finding addiction care is still a struggle.

House Dems to Force a Vote on Pausing USPS' Vehicle Contract

The pressure continues to ramp up on the Postal Service to purchase more electric trucks.

A Quick Take on the President’s Management Priorities

The president's vision has now been filled out in more detail. Here are some thoughts. 

A Guide to Help You Keep Up With the Omicron Subvariants

How different are the seemingly endless stream of emerging omicron subvariants from one another and how protected are we?

A New Office of Environmental Justice is Announced

New Justice Dept. office will take on polluters in hard-hit communities

NASA Chief Calls Out the 'Plague' of Cost-Plus Contracts

The space agency is hoping to increasingly use competitions among top vendors and fixed-price contracts as a new way of conducting business—and cutting steep costs for major projects.

USPS Is Promising More Severe Price Hikes Even As Revenues Grow by Nearly $1B

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy tells mailers to get used to "uncomfortable" rate increases as inflation is driving up the Postal Service's costs.

Senator Calls on Biden to Fill OSTP Leadership Role

This is the second request urging the Biden administration to put forth a nominee for the Office of Science and Technology Policy.