Trump Effort to Weaken Union Lawsuit Could Be Unlawful

Labor law experts say a memo granting the Federal Labor Relations Authority the ability to fire members of the Federal Service Impasses Panel undermines the law establishing the two boards.

Postal Service Doubles Annual Losses to $8.8 Billion

USPS is no longer seeing accelerating growth from its shipping and package business.

State Dept. Violated Civil Service Laws in Transferring Employee, IG Finds

The report is the second this year to substantiate allegations of illegal political retaliation against civil servants at State.

Behind Medicare for All: The Sleeper Issue No One Is Debating

If Medicare is expanded to cover all Americans, someone will have to do the back-office work the insurance companies now perform.

Trade Association Advises Federal Contractors to Start Preparing for a Potential Shutdown Now

"Your actions won’t be wasted," said the group’s executive vice president and counsel. 

Federal Agencies Can Succeed at Leadership Development Even Amid Tight Budgets

Data on the impact of training programs will help make the case for sustained funding.

Congress Expects to Pass Another Stopgap Spending Bill to Keep Agencies Open Through Dec. 20

Lawmakers hope to pass full-year appropriations before the new deadline and avoid another holiday season shutdown.

The Government Report That Got Turned Into a Hollywood Movie

How Scott Z. Burns tackled his feature directorial debut, a gripping film about the inquiry into the CIA’s “enhanced interrogation” program

EPA Calls Reporting on Proposed Rulemaking Update ‘Completely Misleading’

New York Times story lacks an “understanding of the rulemaking process,” said EPA.

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When Government Does Not Work: A Primer

A new book chronicles the Trump administration’s efforts to upend the U.S. immigration system.

Two of U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry's Political Supporters Won 'Potentially Lucrative' Ukraine Energy Deal, Report Says

The Associated Press reports that the oil and gas exploration contract was awarded after Perry recommended one of his backers as an energy adviser to Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Bernie Sanders Announces Plans to Break Up Homeland Security Dept. and Expand VA

DHS is an aimless "bureaucratic behemoth," Sanders says, while VA is on a path toward privatization.

Leading and Succeeding Where Organizational Boundaries Are Unclear

These are the gray zones—visible an irritating to all—where authority and responsibility are muddled.

Viewpoint: Hush Contracts Corrupt Everyone Who Signs Them

Nondisclosure agreements silence sexual-harassment victims and White House employees alike. The law shouldn’t allow these deals.

Union Decries VA Response to Lynched Doll Found in Staff Area of Louisiana Facility

Employees at the Overton Brooks VA Medical Center have questioned the finding that the person responsible was not an employee, given where the doll was located.