4 Weird Things that Happen When You Videoconference

An educational technology scholar illuminates some of odd feelings people experience when they communicate through cameras on the web.

Viewpoint: Authoritarian Populists Have Six Classic Moves. Trump's Response to COVID-19 Uses 5 of Them.

While the president may not be using the coronavirus to consolidate power, Americans should still be worried about the threat he poses to democracy.

GovExec Daily: Medical Supply Shortages and the Pandemic

Route Fifty’s Emma Coleman and GovExec’s Eric Katz join the podcast to discuss the coordination between government and health officials – and where that is failing.

What Happens if Social Distancing for COVID-19 Ends Too Soon?

A new model can show how different interventions, like social distancing, will affect the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Federal Prison System Goes Into ‘Modified Lockdown’

New procedures due to coronavirus concerns will last 14 days, after which the agency will re-evaluate. 

Viewpoint: Protect Dr. Fauci

Congress should act to ensure that directors of the various parts of the National Institutes of Health—of whom Anthony Fauci is one—cannot be fired for dissenting from the president’s views.

4 Tips to Protect Your Sleep in the COVID-19 Pandemic

With the disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important to get quality sleep, researchers warn.

Federal Employee Union Sues Impasses Panel, Calls Its Appointment ‘Unlawful’

AFGE argues that the Trump administration violated the law in appointing anti-labor advocates to the Federal Service Impasses Panel, and that panel members should be subject to Senate confirmation.

Industry Groups Welcome Stimulus Provisions for Federal Contractors

Agencies may reimburse contractors for paid or sick leave if they can’t telework.

OPM Offers Tips for Agencies to Help Teleworking Feds with Caregiving

The federal government’s HR agency encouraged agencies to be flexible with employees who have children or other relatives they must care for with school and other care facilities closed.

There’s a Playbook for Implementing the CARES Act; Agencies Need to Follow It

We are going to see billions of dollars in new contract spending for both surge and ongoing requirements.

Kushner Firm Built the Coronavirus Website Trump Promised

The extent of Oscar Health’s work on coronavirus testing hasn’t been previously reported.

GovExec Daily: How the Treasury Department Will Distribute Stimulus Money

Courtney Bublé and Katherine McIntire Peters join the podcast to discuss the logistics of getting money to millions of Americans with a staff who is largely working from home.

Former FEMA Chief: Don’t Expect FEMA to ‘Fix’ the Coronavirus Response

Agency faces challenges allocating resources and getting supplies out the door, and could be short-staffed to handle other disasters that arise.

In a 10-Day Span, ICE Flew This Detainee Across the Country — Nine Times

Even as the Trump administration discouraged the public from flying, Sirous Asgari was shuttled from Louisiana to Texas, New Jersey and back on chartered flights full of migrants. He still hasn’t been deported.

This VA Hospital Cited 'Misleading' Data to Restrict Mask Use for Health Care Workers

Workers at a VA hospital in New Mexico have been told not to wear face masks in certain cases, even though earlier CDC guidance said masks can protect against spread of the coronavirus.