Trump Administration to Expand Hiring Pilot Programs in 2020

Pilot program with simpler resumes and more input from subject matter experts in assessing candidates will reach at least five additional agencies this year.

Turkey Will Make F-35 Parts Longer Than Anticipated

U.S. officials had aimed to get Turkish companies out of the jet’s supply chain by March.

Labor Authority Beats Back Agency Efforts to Narrow Bargaining Obligations

Since November, the agency that governs labor-management relations in the federal government declined half a dozen different requests for “policy statements” that would give management an advantage in talks with unions.

Six Children Died in Border Patrol Care. Democrats in Congress Want to Know Why.

Video obtained by ProPublica contradicted the Border Patrol’s account of 16-year-old Carlos Gregorio Hernandez Vasquez’s death. Now, House Democrats are pressuring the agency to explain why six migrant children died under its care in less than a year.

Abbott Tells Trump Administration Texas Won't Participate in Refugee Resettlement

The decision comes after more than 40 other governors said they would opt in to the federal program.

Navy Launches a New Civilian Human Capital Strategy for First Time in a Decade 

The goal is to improve hiring, retention and employees’ experiences at work.  

Bipartisan Bill Would Ease Process for Leasing and Building New VA Medical Facilities

Senators hope new staffing and less red tape would help VA stem cost overruns and delays that have plagued development of new medical centers.

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Senate Confirms Trump’s Pick for Regulations Czar

Paul Ray served as the acting head of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs before receiving the nomination.

Administrative Law Judges Decry Social Security Rule that Would Take Cases Out of Their Hands

SSA argues allowing appeals judges to hear lower-level disability cases will decrease the agency’s backlog, but administrative law judges say the initiative is an effort to undermine their independence.

Viewpoint: Moving Bureau of Land Management Headquarters to Colorado Won’t Be Good for Public Lands

Do public lands in the West belong to Westerners, or all Americans? Moving a federal agency's headquarters from Washington, D.C. to Colorado is the latest skirmish in a longtime struggle.

Industry Association Calls on Government to Better Protect U.S. Contractors Working Overseas 

Letter to Defense and State departments follows recent U.S. contractor deaths in Kenya and Iraq.

Trump Administration Makes Its Case to Break Up Immigration Judges' Union

Justice Department "simply does not want to deal with a vocal union that asserts its rights," labor group argues at hearing.

Federal Agencies Need a New Management Model

Practices are dangerously out of sync with those proven to support successful, high performance work environments.

With Snow on the Way, OPM Says Feds ‘Must Depart’ No Later Than 1 p.m.

The federal government’s HR agency instructed D.C.-area federal workers to leave work four hours early or by 1 p.m., whichever is earlier.

Soleimani Strike Splits 2020 Democrats

It also opens up a key weakness for frontrunner Joe Biden.