Federal cyber operations face challenges as government shutdown looms

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency will retain about one-sixth of its workforce in the event of a partial government shutdown, according to its current plan.

Is the Census taking steps to count the millions of LGBTQ+ Americans overlooked?

The Census Bureau’s plans to test questions about sexual orientation and gender identity in the American Community Survey is the latest step in a years-long push to improve national data on LGBTQ+ people.

White House debuts a new climate-based workforce initiative 

President Joe Biden called for new executive action Wednesday to establish what the White House calls an American Climate Corps to help train and qualify people for clean energy jobs.

USPS will not institute a surcharge this holiday season after slashing its need for temporary workers

Postal Service predicts "competitive advantage" over private shippers who will charge customers more during the holidays

What does post-pandemic telework look like during a shutdown?

As agencies begin planning for funding to stop on Sept. 30, federal telework guidance will be tested in a post-COVID environment. 

State dives deep into data

The State Department is increasingly capitalizing on advances in data analytics to inform diplomacy and funding efforts.

House GOP proposes to punt a shutdown for one month while slashing agency spending

Stopgap funding measure raises immediate doubts of whether it can pass the House or meaningfully reduce odds of an appropriations lapse in less than two weeks.

Civic hackers explore ways to streamline government operations

Lawmakers and technologists united for a day of civic hacking on Capitol Hill as part of an effort to modernize government services and make government operations more efficient.

Are the White House's zero-emission goals for federal buildings unrealistic? Yes, say some Biden administration officials

Funding concerns and renewable energy supply could hamper Biden's ambitious goals for federal agencies, though the White House maintains it is on track to meet them.

Federal prisons chief insists to Senate panel there’s been ‘visible change’ in the system

Bureau of Prisons Director Colette Peters told lawmakers on Wednesday that she has visited more than 20 facilities, and has worked to address employee misconduct and “hold those who engage in misconduct accountable.”

FEMA rolls out climate adaptation loans for small and overlooked communities

The federal disaster relief agency has taken heat for steering past resilience funds to whiter, wealthier areas.

FLRA’s contract management system lacked documents, OIG says

The agency that oversees labor-management relations for the federal government was missing key information from its acquisition files and previously “had no formal contract file management policy in place,” according to leadership.

USPS rejects regulator’s budget request, leaving watchdog to fear for its independence

The Postal Service has provided a small budget increase to its regulatory commission, but extends its feud with the watchdog by declining to provide the funds it says it needs to meet demands.

Path to averting a shutdown remains elusive as Senate looks to pass first FY24 spending bills

The upper chamber has bipartisan support for many of its funding measures and will look to put pressure on the divided House.