Analysis: Blame Congress for the National Emergency

Long ago, it could have required the president to meet certain requirements prior to unlocking this broad authority.

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FBI Scientist’s Statements Linked Defendants to Crimes, Even When His Lab Results Didn’t

Court records and FBI Lab files show statements by prosecutors or Richard Vorder Bruegge, the most prominent member of the Forensic Audio, Video and Image Analysis Unit, veered from his original conclusions in at least three cases.

Unions, Trump Administration Prepare to Face Off in Court Again Over Workforce Executive Orders

Oral arguments in the White House’s appeal of a decision blocking the measures are slated for April.

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Excellence in Government The U.S. Capitol.

The Budget Outlook Is Even Worse Than the Official Projections

The growing debt would be less of a concern if there was a viable plan to stop overspending, but this isn't the case.

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Federal Executive Pay is Inadequate

When school superintendents are paid significantly more than government’s leaders, something is wrong.

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How Leaders Rise From Small Groups

New research indicates how leaders arise from small groups of people over time.

The audit was sent to Forest Service Chief Victoria Christiansen.

Forest Service Advised to Improve Reporting on Sexual Harassment

IG finds progress in workplace protections, but managers with prior histories won promotions.

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How the Government Could Successfully Leverage Its Buying Power

The UK offers some insight for achieving this decades-long quest.

Rep. Frank Pallone, Jr., D-N.J., chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, is among the lawmakers concerned about the shutdown's impact on agency rulemaking.

Shutdown Thwarted Public Input on Agency Rules

Lawmakers, citing public health and environmental impact, want OMB to extend the rulemaking comment period.

Excellence in Government Retired Gen. Stanley McChrystal says people make the choice to lead when the opportunity arises.

You Don’t Need Leadership Training to Lead

An interview with retired Gen. Stanley McChrystal on the nature of leadership.

Washington-Area Agencies Closed Wednesday

OPM announces closure amid forecasts of an impending winter storm.

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Don’t Assume the Worst

It’s a quick way to derail communications and set yourself and others up for disappointment.

Federal Union Accuses FLRA of 'Unprecedented' Bias Against Labor

"Essentially, the union never prevails" in appeals of disputes between unions and agencies, attorneys argue in federal lawsuit.