Lawmakers are asking the USPS regulator to block DeJoy's latest price hikes

USPS is pursuing its largest rate increases since Louis DeJoy became postmaster general.

Lawmakers look to ban foreign payments to senior feds

Top federal executives would not be able to "betray the public's trust" under Democratic bill.

House takes a bipartisan vote to hold agencies accountable for better customer service

The measure would make improvements to an "unaccountable, antiquated and Byzantine" federal bureaucracy.

State Department warns of significant risks due to ongoing budget pressures

State's top appropriator says he will try to make FY25 as "minimally harmful" as possible for the department, but Secretary Blinken cautions an already understaffed workforce would suffer without more resources.

Biden to announce 1 million claims granted for VA benefits under toxic exposure law

The law has also led to more than 145,000 people enrolling in health care provided by the Veterans Affairs Department.

FDIC chairman resigns following toxic workplace allegations

Martin Gruenberg said in a brief statement that he will remain at the agency until a successor is confirmed by the Senate, following calls from lawmakers for him to resign due to systemic harassment claims at the regulator. 

Americans leave a huge chunk of change at airport security checkpoints − here’s what it means for the debate over getting rid of pennies

The latest TSA figure shows that during 2023, air travelers left almost $1 million in small change at checkpoints. This is roughly double the amount left behind in 2012.

Congress is already clashing on FY25 funding as House proposes big cuts

Republicans are looking to ignore a deal Biden struck with them last year, while Democrats are seeking increases for federal agencies.

The Biden administration seeks to speed up some asylum cases with a new immigration docket

Homeland Security and DOJ announced a similar process in 2021 where a dedicated docket applied to migrant families that arrived between ports of entry at the Southwest border.

White House procurement office marks 50 years

The Office of Federal Procurement Policy has evolved since its inception to ensure the government is “buying as one,” as demonstrated in a new circular on acquisition data and information issued Tuesday.

Feds open the door to $2B in Northeast Corridor rail improvements

The grant applications come as President Joe Biden, a longtime railroad fan, wraps up his first term and Amtrak ridership rapidly rebounds from pandemic-era lows.

NASA names its first head of AI

David Salvagnini will take on new roles as the agency’s chief AI officer, helping usher more cohesive AI programming across the space agency.

With pressure mounting, DeJoy agrees to pause consolidations at dozens of USPS facilities

The postmaster general has reversed course after saying his vision was the only viable path forward.

Is Biden’s new immigration rule doomed without more staffing?

The administration is looking to create new responsibilities for an agency it has said desperately needs additional resources.

Amid ongoing losses and bipartisan pressure, DeJoy remains defiant in pushing USPS reforms

By one measure, the Postal Service has made money so far this year. Still, a growing chorus is calling on management to stop its overhaul.

The House has voted to bring back a citizenship question to the census

The prolonged fight over the issue under President Trump led to significant disruptions in the decennial count.

‘Extremely dangerous’: Governors criticize ‘federalization’ of National Guard

Governors from 53 U.S. states and territories object to the Defense Department's plan to move all Air National Guardsman with space-related missions from state to federal control, placing them under the umbrella of the U.S. Air Force, specifically the Space Force.