How Government Is Failing Public Servants

A new book argues that federal and state governments need to articulate a vision for training their workers for problem solving in the 21st century.

Lawmakers Look to Rekindle Efforts to Build a New FBI Headquarters 

A Senate appropriations bill for fiscal 2022 included a provision asking the bureau to move forward on plans in coordination with the General Services Administration. 

Senate Democrats Unveil 2022 Spending Bills With Big Boosts for Agencies, Without GOP Support

The two parties remain firmly divided on appropriations levels ahead of a Dec. 3 shutdown deadline.

What Working for Colin Powell Taught Me

The former general and ex–secretary of State made hard work fun.

The Law Enforcement Staffing Crisis at the National Park Service

Absent a major shift in priorities, it is only a matter of time before we see preventable deaths and other disasters, a former official says.

New Leaders Might Want to Let Trust Grow

New research with military cadets indicates how leaders build trust: not all at once, but gradually over time.

GovExec Daily: Managing Performance at the Veterans Benefit Administration

Dr. Paul R. Lawrence joins the podcast to discuss his new book on his time at VA.

Lawmaker Introduces Standalone Bill for Biden’s Health Agency 

The Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health would conduct federal research on cancer and other diseases. 

Colin Powell: Eager to Honor Other Public Servants, Not Himself

Remembering one of the country’s most accomplished and decorated leaders. 

FEMA's Deanne Criswell Talks Following Your Gut and the Agency’s Focus on Equity in Disaster Response

The first woman in the agency’s top job said FEMA has to make sure it’s helping those who face barriers navigate bureaucracy.

Postal Service Blames ‘Street Crime’ and Absenteeism for Mail Delays

Lawmakers are looking to make it harder for the agency to slow delivery in the future, while auditor says fixing current problems will be a significant challenge.

Democratic Lawmakers Offer Advice for White House Racial Equity Initiative

Reps. Carolyn Maloney, D-N.Y., and Ayanna Pressley, D-Mass., stress that agencies must take a data-based approach to ensure underserved communities do not encounter barriers to access federal programs.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Could Become a Factor in Winning Government Contracts

The Biden administration is looking to use procurement and the budget process to tackle the climate crisis. 

Should You Mix and Match Your Booster Shot?

We know more than ever about how to use boosters, but still very little about when to use them.

How to Watch the Government Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

A week from now, we’ll honor some of government’s all-time greats—and then some current all-stars.

Federal Data Officers Council Seeks Input on Mission, Focus Areas 

This request “signals a maturation of the [chief data officer] position,” said a data expert.