Play of the Day: Vetting The White House Vetting Process

President Trump told the media "you vet for me."

According to reports, Japanese First Lady Aki Abe faked as though she did not speak English when she was seated near President Donald Trump at the recent G20 Summit. Late Night's Seth Meyers joked about the news, saying Melania Trump has been using the same move for years.

Trump withdrew his Director of National Intelligence pick, Rep. John Ratcliffe, on Friday after some news organizations found flaws in some parts of Ratcliffe's biography. Ratcliffe's Congressional biography said he "arrested 300 illegal aliens in one day," though the actual number was 45, prompting Last Week Tonight's John Oliver to compare it to someone saying he took "300 poopies in a single day," not just because the number was 45, but also because the phrasing was bad and 45 is still a lot. Trump told the assembled media that the White House vetting process is fine because "you vet for us," which Oliver joked was almost as disturbing as a veterinarian saying the same thing.

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