GovExec Daily: The Toll of Ineffective COVID-19 Protections at Federal Facilities

Christina Suthammanont joins the podcast to discuss the story of her husband's death after she believes he contracted the coronavirus from his workplace.

USDA Secretary Violated Hatch Act With August Speech, Watchdog Finds

Secretary Sonny Perdue needs to reimburse the taxpayers for costs associated with the speech, Office of Special Counsel says.

Trump’s Refusal to Commit to a Peaceful Transition Is a Wake Up Call for Civil Servants

Whistleblowers can play a critical role in the integrity of the election and its aftermath.

What Donald Trump Doesn’t Want to Hear

White House aides cater to the president’s emotional needs, at the expense of the country’s interests and his own health.

DOJ Frees Federal Prosecutors to Take Steps That Could Interfere With Elections, Weakening Long-standing Policy

In an internal announcement, the Justice Department created an exception to a decades-long policy meant to prevent prosecutors from taking overt investigative steps that might affect the outcome of the vote.

GovExec Daily: The Census Deadline

Eric Katz joins the podcast to discuss the Census Bureau's work on the 2020 count.

GovExec Daily: The Transition Work Before the Presidential Election

Courtney Bublé joins the podcast to discuss the preparations being made already for the presidential transition.

GovExec Daily: The Barrett Nomination, Ethics and Democracy

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington's Donald K. Sherman discusses his GovExec editorial about the upcoming hearings on the podcast.

Dr. Anthony Fauci Says Americans Should Trust Credibility of COVID-19 Vaccine Process

Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, blamed “mixed messages that have come out of Washington” for waning public trust.

GovExec Daily: The White House Diversity Order and Memos

Eric Katz joins the podcast to talk about the Trump administration's latest moves to curb certain types of training at agencies.

The Federal Government Promised Native American Students Computers and Internet. Many Are Still Waiting.

Native American students in BIE operated schools were forced to start the school year without adequate technology, sometimes sharing a single computer among siblings, because the agency disbursed funding late and failed to purchase equipment in time.

GovExec Daily: Trump's and Biden's Leadership in Times of Racial Strife

Katherine McIntire Peters and Tom Shoop join the podcast to discuss the management and leadership aspects of the two major-party candidates in the shadow of the 2020 protests.

Former Officials Describe ‘Gross Mismanagement’ by New Global Media Agency CEO

Michael Pack has brought sweeping change to the taxpayer-funded international broadcasting agency.

GovExec Daily: The Trump and Biden Pandemic Response Plans

Courtney Bublé and Eric Katz join the podcast to discuss how each major-party candidate is planning to address the COVID-19 crisis.

Viewpoint: We Need an Investigation of Hatch Act Crimes at the Republican National Convention

It is not enough for the Office of Special Counsel to investigate civil violations of the law.

Oversight In 'Extraordinary Times': A Q&A With the Executive Overseeing Pandemic Spending

Robert Westbrooks explains how the Pandemic Response Accountability Committee is keeping tabs on historic levels of emergency spending.