Play of the Day: The President And The Economy

After stock market losses, Donald Trump tweeted that the "consumers are in the best shape ever."

State Dept. IG: Appointees Retaliated Against Career Feds Over Perceived ‘Disloyalty’

Watchdog found multiple instances where career employees were retaliated against, or denied promotions, because of a perception that they were “Obama holdovers.”

Play of the Day: The President Does Not Care If He's Losing Money By Being In Office

Donald Trump told factory workers "if you're wealthy, it doesn't matter" while touting his love of the job.

Play of the Day: Trump and Daly Hit The Links

The president played golf with the PGA pro and took a photo to celebrate.

Union Sues to Give Federal Employees the Right to Talk ‘Impeachment’ and 'Resistance'

The American Federation of Government Employees argues the Office of Special Counsel violated the First Amendment with guidance on using those terms. 

Play of the Day: The Lawsuit Against California's New Law

The president and the RNC are suing the Golden State, saying the law requiring candidates to release tax returns is a “naked political attack against the sitting president of the United States.”

Play of the Day: More On The President's Trips To Dayton And El Paso

The White House released an oddly-edited video of Donald Trump consoling victims at hospitals.

Play of the Day: The President Speaks About Unity, Supremacy and Rhetoric

On the White House lawn, Donald Trump scattered his thoughts before he left to console mass shooting victims.

Lawmaker on USDA Office Relocations: 'This Fight is Not Over'

Department officials reaffirmed they will allow employees to change their mind about whether to move to Kansas City until late September, but management has resisted setting that in stone.

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USDA Office Relocations Are Illegal, IG Says

Agriculture Department counters that the spending law it allegedly violated is unconstitutional and therefore not binding.

Play of the Day: Joe Biden Does Not Have a Command of the World Wide Web

The former veep had some trouble with his site name. Or maybe it's the name of his rocket ship.

Play of the Day: Bernie Sanders Is Here To Yell At You About Health Care

The Vermont Senator took center stage at Tuesday night's debate and lauded his plan.