Here’s How the Prisons Agency Fared During the Pandemic

The Justice Department inspector general outlined opportunities for reform before the next public health emergency. 

Biden Administration Details Potential Cuts in Education, Food Aid and More under GOP Plan

The cuts, according to the letters from Cabinet secretaries and agency heads, could impact dozens of federal programs and quality of life for many Americans.

Public Trust in Government is Low. A Congressman Wants to Fix That With More White House Transparency. 

Rep. Mike Quigley, D-Ill., reintroduced bills regarding visitor logs and preservation of presidential records. 

The Collapse Of Major U.S. Banks Leads To Bills Calling For More Regulation

The recent collapse of three banks has lawmakers debating whether stricter regulations will prevent other banks from meeting the same fate.

Biden Wants to Expand a Federal Agency’s Power to Go After Failed Bank Execs

The White House says Congress must give its administration more accountability powers.

Regulatory Failure 101: What the Collapse of Silicon Valley Bank Reveals

It’s an all-too-familiar cycle: First comes the boom, then the breathtakingly speedy bust, and then the bailout. Now we’re in the moment where everyone wonders where the financial regulators were.

Failing to Invest in Climate Change Means Failure to Taxpayers, Says New Assessment

A climate assessment included in the president's budget request adheres to an executive order issued in May 2021.

EPA Proposes First-Ever Limits on PFAs in Drinking Water

The standards would force states to begin the arduous process of cleaning out 'forever chemicals' from their water supplies.

House Democrats Release a New Citizen's Guide to the Freedom of Information Act

Journalists, educational institutions, nonprofits, private corporations and members of the public make use of the records law.

The Justice Department Underscores the Need for FOIA ‘Presumption of Openness’

New guidance comes at the start of the annual “Sunshine Week” promoting open government.

Biden Administration Pledges $25 Million to Bring Bison Back to Tribal Lands

The Interior Department initiative will prioritize Indigenous culture and expertise.

How the ‘Holman Rule’ Allows the House to Fast-Track Proposals to Gut Government Programs without Debate or Much Thought at All

House Republicans have adopted a rule used periodically over the past 150 years that allows lawmakers to speed up and streamline votes to dismantle federal programs and fire federal employees.

In Preview of Debt Limit Fight, House Republicans Target Climate Funds

A House Environment subcommittee voted to claw back $27 billion from President Biden’s climate law, signaling what the GOP may demand in future budget negotiations.

Lawmakers Want Watchdogs to Look Into Their Agencies’ Ethics Policies on Stock Ownership

This follows an investigation by The Wall Street Journal that found thousands of federal officials owned and traded stocks of companies that were affected directly by their agencies’ activity.

Senate Democrats Back FAA Nominee, Despite GOP Objections at Confirmation Hearing

Committee’s confirmation hearing for Phil Washington, CEO of Denver International Airport, came more than seven months after Biden first nominated him

Federal, State Officials Weigh Plans to Increase Rail Safety

The Rail Safety Act was mentioned as part of a plan to prevent further disasters in Ohio and nationwide.