GovExec Daily: Replacing Police Officers With Social Workers

Route Fifty's Emma Coleman joins the show to tallk about programs in places like Eugene, Oregon that use alternatives to police calls.

Analysis: The Backlash Against PPP Is Why the U.S. Can’t Have Nice Things

A government program intended to put money in the hands of workers is now being faulted for the breadth of its success.

Trump Friends and Family Cleared for Millions in Small Business Bailout

Beneficiaries of the PPP included a lettuce farming venture backed by Trump’s son, Kushner companies, and a dentist who golfs with the president. The figures were released after a lawsuit by several news organizations, including ProPublica.

Victims Sue AFGE Over Former President’s Misconduct

A group of former employees, contractors and union members assert that for years, the upper management of the largest federal employee union turned a blind eye to former President J. David Cox’s sexual harassment and abuse.

EPA Watchdog To Review the Agency’s Reopening Process

The return to offices during the pandemic has been a source of tension between the agency and its union.

IG: Hurricane Dorian ‘Sharpiegate’ Report Was ‘Delayed, Thwarted and Effectively Estopped’ 

The Commerce Department denies it obstructed the process of publishing the watchdog’s full findings. 

Analysis: Has the IRS Hit Bottom?

Every year, the IRS annual report is an opportunity to measure how effectively the U.S. government has sabotaged its own ability to enforce its tax laws. This year’s report signals historic lows for U.S. tax enforcement.

House Committee Investigates Whether Officials Misled Congress on OPM-GSA Merger

A recent watchdog group report cited notes from a phone call indicating the Trump administration was advised that the merger plan was illegal, an account that is at odds with what OPM officials testified before Congress last year.

New Legislation Would Increase Oversight Of Agency Relocations

Measure would require federal officials to conduct detailed cost-benefit analyses and provide them to inspectors general and the public for review before undertaking any effort to move federal agencies.

GovExec Daily: The Agency Keeping Government Accountable

Government Accountability Office COO Kate Siggerud joins the podcast to explain her agency's role in keeping government honest.

The 3 Weeks That Changed Everything

Imagine if the National Transportation Safety Board investigated America’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Nation’s Campaign Finance Watchdog Will Once Again Be Rendered Toothless 

Without a quorum, the Federal Election Commission can’t carry out its key duties as elections near. 

Analysis: Should the President Pick the Attorney General?

Attorneys general who serve at the pleasure of the president are more likely to act in pursuit of a particular political agenda, rather than solely in accordance with the rule of law.

A Company Run by a White House 'Volunteer' With No Experience in Medical Supplies Got $2.4 Million From the Feds for Medical Supplies

A $2.4 million deal to supply the Bureau of Prisons with surgical gowns was the second multimillion dollar contract for coronavirus supplies that went to somebody who did work for the White House but had little relevant experience.

GovExec Daily: The State of Police Reform

Route Fifty's Emma Coleman joins the podcast to consider police reform options at the federal and state levels.

Senator Asks Inspector General to Investigate Global Media Agency Firings

The new U.S. Agency for Global Media CEO has sparked fears over politicization of employees’ journalism.