The Coronavirus Testing Paradox

Administering coronavirus tests requires time and supplies that are already running out. But aggressive testing has proven to be the best way to track and isolate the disease, stopping its spread. The best path forward depends on where you are.

Voting by Mail Would Reduce Coronavirus Transmission but It Has Other Risks

As COVID-19 spreads, many are proposing to hold the November election by mail. Without careful preparation, though, the transition could run into logistical problems and provide opportunities for voter fraud.

Anthony Fauci’s Plan to Stay Honest

He’s never seen a disease quite like COVID-19, nor has he ever worked for a president quite like Trump.

Government Transparency Is More Critical Now Than Ever, Experts Say

“If there was ever a time for citizen oversight and media oversight and, obviously, insider oversight ... it’s now,” says one former USAID official.

Calls for Trump Administration to Release Migrants from Detention Increase Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Fear and anxiety within the immigrant community is spreading as detainees fear an outbreak of the new coronavirus in detention facilities.

Reports of the Death of Congressional Oversight Are Greatly Exaggerated

Congress wanted an aide to President Trump to testify; Trump ordered him not to. Congress went to court over it, and the court told both sides to leave the courts out of it and negotiate a solution.

Immigrant Rights Groups Call on ICE to Halt Raids During Coronavirus Outbreak

A spokesperson for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said the agency does not conduct enforcement operations at medical facilities “except under extraordinary circumstances.”

Viewpoint: Congress Desperately Needs a Contingency Plan

What will happen if lawmakers can no longer meet because of the coronavirus?

If I Get Sick with Coronavirus, Can Donald Trump Make Me Stay Home?

The U.S. has public health agencies at the federal, state and local level. The spread of coronavirus is putting those agencies in the spotlight. What roles does each play and how are they coordinated?

America’s Coronavirus Testing Still Isn’t Moving Fast Enough

Without adequate testing, people with coronavirus symptoms are left to agonize over the right course of action on their own.

GovExec Daily: Transparency in the Trump Administration

Courtney Bublé and Tom Shoop join the podcast to examine the White House's claim that it is the "most transparent ever."

Watchdog: Poor Communication Left HHS Ill-Equipped to Handle Family Separation Policy 

Leaders ignored warnings from career staff that would have helped them better care for an influx of children, IG found.  

New Bill Would Strengthen Protections for Whistleblowers Who Expose Classified Information

The legislation would make it so that a narrower group of people could be prosecuted for revealing such information.  

EPA Scientists Found a Toxic Chemical Damages Fetal Hearts. the Trump White House Rewrote Their Assessment.

An internal scientific evaluation of TCE obtained by Reveal shows detailed interference by the Executive Office of the President.