Play of the Day: The White House Never Received a 'Thank You For the Funeral' Card

President Donald Trump is continuing his feud with deceased Sen. John McCain.

Read more March 21, 2019 Leave a comment Shealah Craighead/White House

Lawmakers Pressure State Dept. for Documents on Alleged Political Retaliation

Foreign policy panel Democrats are told matter has been referred to counsel.

Play of the Day: Exaggerating Wealth at Trump Tower

A report this week suggests President Donald Trump has been exagerrating his wealth in order to get billions in loans.


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President Donald Trump signs an executive order on a "National Roadmap to Empower Veterans and End Veteran Suicide" at the White House on March 5.

VA’s Private Care Program Headed for Tech Trouble, Review Finds

“These people are out of their minds,” one VA doctor said.

IRS Allowed $74 Million in Excess Social Security Tax Refunds, Watchdog Finds

Despite progress spotting wrong amounts on returns, agency lacks clear detection criteria.

Play of the Day: Joe Biden Takes The First (Mis)Step Toward the White House

The former vice president may have accidentally declared for 2020 over the weekend.

Play of the Day: Comparing Hand Gestures From the Oval Office

Democratic hopeful Beto O'Rourke has a lot of gesticulations, but so does President Donald Trump.

Play of the Day: Trump Tries to Veto By Tweeto

The Senate rebuked the president's emergency declaration.

The Senate Could Embarrass Trump Over His National Emergency

A sufficient number of Republicans are poised to band with the Democrats in opposition to the president’s border-wall funding.

Play of the Day: A New Conspiracy Theory In Washington

Donald Trump denied a recent theory that his wife has a body double.

Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C., said:  “FOIA is not a partisan issue. But we continue to miss the [deadlines in the] statute.”

FOIA Requests Are Up In Trump Era, But Parties Disagree on Whether That’s Good

Leaders at Interior Department and EPA attract the most requests.

A Boeing 737 Max flies in the United Kingdom in July.

Report: Shutdown Delayed 737 Max Software Fix

The update was to be finished in January, but was delayed "five weeks" because of the 35-day lapse in appropriations.

President Donald J., ... ]

Play of the Day: Make Pilots Simple Again

The president doesn't want fancy doodads in planes.