Trump’s New Science Adviser Arrived Just in Time for a Shutdown

Science advocacy groups take turns imploring leaders to open agencies.

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White House Widens Its Clampdown on Congressional Travel

After cancellation of Pelosi trip, OMB instructs agency security teams to get permission.

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Lawmaker Warns Shutdown Will Stop SEC From Policing Bad Actors

New House Financial Services Committee chairwoman's oversight agenda includes reversing changes at consumer protection bureau.

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Snow falls at the White House on Thursday.

Waiting for a Shutdown to End in Disaster

Aides on Capitol Hill fear that a dramatic government failure may be the only thing to force President Trump and the Democrats back to the table.

Protesters in July rally against the separation of children at the border.

Watchdog: Government Separated 'Thousands' More Children at Border Than Reported

HHS inspector general says the exact number of children to enter the department’s custody as part of family separation policy is "unknown."

Nancy Pelosi’s Power Move on the State of the Union

President Trump might be able to keep the government closed indefinitely. But the new Democratic speaker can deny him use of the country’s most effective pulpit to make his case to the public.

Service contractors affected by the shutdown line up outside Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's office to show him their unpaid bills.

Federal Service Contractors Blitz Capitol Hill to Protest Shutdown

Democratic senators applaud union tactic of delivering unpaid bills to majority leader.

Trump's Chief Advocate on Capitol Hill Has Somehow Survived

But the shutdown is proving to be her greatest challenge yet.

Play of the Day: The Clemson Tigers Ate 'Hamberders' at the White House

The president served the NCAA football champs fast food, then made an unfortunate typo in a tweet.

Feds and their allies rallied outside the White House on Jan. 10.

Play of the Day: The White House Is 'Freaking Out' About the Shutdown

The emoji chart for the administration is changing.

Play of the Day: The Shutdown Hits the Food System

The FDA has to reduce inspections due to the shutdown.