‘Believe Me:’ Trump Promises Shutdown if Congress Doesn’t Fund the Border Wall

President says wall is getting built, one way or another.

Read more August 23, 2017 Leave a comment Rick Scuteri/AP

Play of the Day: Trump Calls Terrorists 'Losers'

The president can't resist using his catchphrase.

Play of the Day: Trump Experiences the Eclipse

The president got a peek at the sun.


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'Every Leak Makes Us Weak' Campaign Runs Risk of Discouraging Legitimate Disclosures

Hall posters warning of insider threats aren’t nuanced enough, whistleblower advocates say.

Play of the Day: The Demise of Trump's Manufacturing Council

Adding to a rough week, the president disbanded his advisory council.

People watch a partial eclipse in Belfast, Northern Ireland in 2015.

How to Enjoy the Eclipse Without Frying Your Eyes

Some tips from NASA and other federal agencies to help you make the most of the rare solar event.

Watchdog Doesn't Know How White House Determines Who Gets Ethics Waivers

Waivers allow staff to weigh in on issues they worked on for former employers and clients.

On Politics

Trump Has His 20th 'Worst Week' Out of 30 in Office

For journalists, the sky is falling as the president’s performance goes from bad to worse.

Play of the Day: The President Loves Beautiful Confederate Statues

Donald Trump tweeted more of his thoughts on Confederate monuments.

Play of the Day: Trump's Feud With Amazon

The president is involved in yet another feud.

On Politics

An Indelible Image From Trump's 'On Both Sides' Press Conference

Once again, the chief executive chose his own words over the ones that had been prepared for him.

Play of the Day: President Trump Likes to Wait For the Facts

Another day brings another controversial statement from Donald Trump.

Watchdog: OMB Must Do More to Cut Agency Reporting Requirements

2010 law called on OMB to annually coordinate a review of agencies’ reports and plans.