Play of the Day: Robert Mueller Needed Some Help During His Testimony

He misstated the president's name and needed some members of Congress to repeat their questions.


Play of the Day: Using FaceApp on Some 2020 Characters

What will Beto O'Rourke look like with filter that makes his photo seem old?


Play of the Day: Highlights From Another Trump Campaign Rally

The president said he had 'nothing to do' and basked in, then denounced a new chant.


Play of the Day: The President's Bones

In another controversial tweet, Donald Trump said that he doesn't "have a Racist bone in my body!"


Play of the Day: Another Eventful Twitter Day With the President

Donald Trump told four members of Congress to "go back…from which they came."


Play of the Day: Joe Biden Doesn't Want to Pass the Torch

The Democrats debated on Thursday and the former vice president was the centerpiece of the discussion.


Play of the Day: The Military Was 'Cocked and Loaded'

The president made upa new phrase to describe potential U.S. strikes against Iran.


Play of the Day: The Democrats Answer Some Questions

The New York Times asked most of the 2020 Dems about their heroes and comfort foods.


Play of the Day: Don't Cough During the President's Camera Time

Mick Mulvaney had to leave the room during the ABC interview in the Oval Office.


Climate’s Role In Armed Conflict Will Likely Increase

As global temperatures climb, the risk of armed conflict is expected to increase substantially, experts say.


Play of the Day: Norway, The 2020 Election and the Prince of 'Whales'

Donald Trump spoke to ABC and talked about receiving information from foreign governments.