Play of the Day: The White House's France-U.S. Friendship Tree Is Dead

Emmanuel Macron and Donald Trump planted the oak in 2018, but it is no more.

Nineteen Democrats were in Iowa over the weekend for an event in which they spoke to primary voters. Late Show's Stephen Colbert joked about the gathering, saying "a group of Democrats that large is called a 'Whole Foods.'"

In 2018, French President Emmanuel Macron and American President Donald Trump planted an oak sapling on the White House grounds to symbolize the friendship of the two nations. Reports over the weekend, however, say that the tree has died, prompting Late Night's Seth Meyers to joke that Trump said "water?!" Jimmy Kimmel joked that the tree committed suicide by hanging itself from a person. Meyers also joked about a potential friendship tree from Russia's Vladimir Putin, which would just be "a microphone," while Kimmel joked that the yellow spot in the grass is "right where they buried Sean Spicer."

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