Play of the Day: 'It's Fun' to Work in the White House

President Trump says it will be easy to replace John Bolton because his administration is a desirable workplace.

President Donald Trump's administration is looking to restrict immigration to the United States by issuing rules that would restrict visa numbers and would deny green cards to those using the U.S. public assistance avenues. Last Week Tonight's John Oliver devoted his main segment on Sunday to the immigration process and joked about the different kind of visas, including making up a C3P0 visa that's for "effete British robots."

Trump parted ways with National Security Advisor John Bolton last week, prompting rumors that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo might hold the job in addition to his current one. Jimmy Kimmel noted that Henry Kissinger was the last person to have both jobs, saying "no one kissingers Trump's ass like Pompeo." Trump told the press last week that there is a lot of people interested, referring to himself in the third person by saying "It's a lot of fun to work with Donald Trump." Late Show's Stephen Colbert joked about the quote, asking "how come who leaves your administration immediately writes a book with a title like Cave of Hate Snakes?"

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