DHS Says It’s Finally Hiring More Border Agents Than It’s Losing

The Trump administration has struggled to fulfill the president’s hiring mandate.

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Former Trump Cabinet Member: Chaos a 'Pretty Accurate' Way to Describe Administration arrowOfficial says that by comparison, Obama White House ...

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Watchdog Faults FBI Staff for Mishandling Secret Report on U.K. Terrorist Attack arrowEfforts to trace emails to find leak to New York Times ...

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FBI Drops Full and Open Competition for $5 Billion IT Recompete arrowThe bureau will turn to GSA’s schedules to fill out its IT Supplies and ...

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Excellence in Government

For The Sleep-Deprived, Small Distractions Can Have Dire Results arrowA new study pinpoints just how much distractions hinder memory for ...

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Hubble’s Hardware Woes and the Painful Era of Aging Spacecraft arrowFour of NASA’s most recognizable missions are in “safe mode” or unable to ...

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President Trump Just Called Jim Mattis ‘Sort of a Democrat’ arrowTrump’s description in a testy 60 Minutes interview doesn’t bode well for the ...

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The Backlash to New Rules on Protests in D.C. arrowThe National Park Service is considering restrictions on demonstrations around the White ...

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IARPA Wants to Identify Criminals From Their Skin Cells arrowThe goal isn’t to replace DNA analysis but rather add another technology to ...

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Excellence in Government

Learning from Government’s Past to Anticipate Its Future arrowA new book assesses the long arc of government reform.

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Play of the Day: Kanye West Visits The White House arrowThe rapper and President Donald Trump had a meeting and it went just about as expected.

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