Getting to 'Ready' - A Survey on Trends and Challenges in Government Technology Adoption Initiatives

Too often, government IT projects run over budget, fall behind schedule, and fail to deliver the intended results. As pressure mounts to more quickly develop, deliver, and integrate technologies, what are federal agencies doing to ensure the successful implementation of mission-critical tools and systems?

Improving Grants Management for Government

The federal government uses grants to invest approximately $700 billion each year in mission-critical needs for taxpayers. In this era of accountability, are agencies effectively maximizing the value from grants without increasing the complexity and cost of their administration?

Digital Transformation in Action

Government Business Council interviewed federal officials leading their agencies' digital transformation initiatives. Click here to read what they had to say.

Flash Poll: Capturing the Power of Cloud

Government Business Council asked local, state, and federal employees to evaluate their agencies' cloud journeys --- how far they've come and what the next evolution of cloud might look like.

Caring Forward: Conversations with State Leaders on Social Service Innovations

State governments are transforming social services by onboarding technologies that streamline decades-old processes. Read our report featuring interviews with top state health leaders to learn more about the exciting innovations underway.

Data: Strategic Asset or Information Overload?

In Government Business Council's latest flash poll, we asked federal civilians about their organization's ability to manage data effectively.

The State of Military Communications Technologies

GBC's new research survey of DoD professionals gauges the state of military communications technologies in 2019 and beyond.

The Path to Cyber Resilience

In this latest report from Government Business Council (GBC), 500 government decision-makers reveal their top cybersecurity pain points and priorities for the years ahead.

Purpose-Driven Government

The public sector is experiencing colossal changes that challenge models of the traditional workforce. In today's demanding environment where employees are expected to deliver more results faster, and with fewer resources, what can agencies do to implement a more purpose-driven model of government?

Meeting the Digital Demand

Despite major federal digital transformation efforts, IT disruptions and service delays remain commonplace. With more than 80% of government respondents reporting IT frustrations at least once every few months, what can be done to move past the technological status quo?

Digital Transformation in the Public Sector

In this latest survey from Government Business Council (GBC), federal leaders told us what they need to succeed in a digital age. Are they harnessing all available resources to make transformation a top priority?

Digital Transformation in the Public Sector

As the scale of public sector data grows, governments at the state and local level are increasingly expected to transform their operations for digital efficiency. What will be required for these agencies to harness tools effectively? To learn more, Government Business Council (GBC) surveyed hundreds of local and state government employees, technical experts, and leaders.

AI Nation

Artificial intelligence is one of the top technologies driving transformation initiatives among state and local governments across the nation.

Citizen-Focused AI: The Future of State and Local Government

State and local government agencies are making rapid progress in artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Read our latest Expert Dialogues report to learn what leaders are prioritizing in their 2019-2020 technology agendas.

Crawl, Walk, Run: Agencies Find the Right Pace for Cloud Innovation

Government Business Council (GBC) interviews top officials at the Departments of State, Health & Human Services, and Defense Information Systems Agency regarding the future of cloud computing.

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