The Threat We Can’t See

Cybersecurity and Critical Infrastructure Visibility

Exploiting the Nation

Fighting Fraud in Federal Agencies

Redefining Readiness

DoD and Supply Chain Modernization

DoD Cloud Modernization

A Discussion with Military Experts on Modernizing our Military’s Cloud Services

Built to Last

A Survey on Organizational Data Efficiency in Times of Crisis

Averting Catastrophe

Predictive Maintenance in the U.S. Military

To Move or Not to Move

A government-wide study of mainframe migration

Empathy and Efficiency

Customer Service for Federal Healthcare Agencies

The Path Forward

DHS IT Network Modernization

Healing on the Edge

Healthcare, Security, and USU

Leveraging the TMF

Assessing barriers to Technology Modernization Fund implementation

Construction Procurement at Speed

How to identify cost savings and agile processes in procurement

Technology for Trust

Federal Financial Service Modernization and the IRS

The Final Frontier

The Intelligence Community in Space

The Fourth Utility

Integrating 5G into the Federal Government

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