Enhancing Federal Cybersecurity Through Endpoint & Application Security

Cybersecurity efforts have demanded an increasing amount of the federal government’s attention, and for good reason. Given that the government collects and stores large amounts of confidential data—including personnel, national security, and military data—it remains a prime target for cybercriminals. In addition to cyber threats from lone actors, the federal government also faces cyberattacks carried out by foreign governments—such as North Korea, Russia, and Iran. As new types of technologies emerge, cyber-threat tactics and techniques must also be enhanced. Thus, it is imperative the federal government leverages best practices and obtains reliable solutions that will help protect against potential threats. 

Download this Industry Insights Brief to learn more about:

  • The increased threat of cyber attacks on the federal government
  • How endpoint and application security are essential to federal cybersecurity
  • Best practices and considerations for using endpoint and application security
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