GovExec Daily: Should Your Salary be a Secret to Your Coworkers?

Dr. Peter A. Bamberger joins the show to discuss his research on pay transparency and organizational behavior.

Outside of government, most workers don’t know how much money their coworkers’ make. While such secrecy can create mistrust and turnover, an Academy of Management Journal article also finds that greater pay transparency can help boost retention in the situations where employees have a general feeling that they are being paid fairly.

Dr. Peter A. Bamberger is a professor of Organizational Management at Tel Aviv University’s Coller School of Management. He’s one of the authors of the Academy of Management Journal paper “Best not to Know: Pay Secrecy, Employee Voluntary Turnover, and the Conditioning Effect of Distributive Justice.” He joined the show to talk about pay secrecy and its impacts in organizations.

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