Civil Service

Agencies Probe AI's Impact on the American Workplace

The top official at the Department of Labor's Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs said that government contractors have an "especially important role to play" in ensuring that automated technology in the workplace doesn't discriminate against qualified job-seekers.

GovExec Daily: Getting Things Done in a Bureaucracy

Former agency officials Marina Nitze and Nick Sinai join the podcast to discuss their new book.

GovExec Daily: 'Public Service Is a Very, Very High Calling,' Fauci Says

Anthony Fauci speaks to Courtney Bublé about his career, his advice for young scientists and NIAID's monkeypox strategy.

GovExec Daily: The Law That Transformed the Civil Service

Tom Shoop joins the podcast to discuss the Pendleton Act

USDA Plans ‘Historic’ Funding to Help Struggling Farmers and Develop New Ag Leaders

“The idea here obviously is to enlarge the number of people that are engaged in this very important occupation and calling,” U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack said.

GovExec Daily: VOA is 'Looking For Impact,' Says Chief

Courtney Bublé talks to Yolanda López, acting director of Voice of America, about leadership, managing crises and the agency.

GovExec Daily: Don't Ignore Government Performance Metrics

Shelley Metzenbaum joins the podcast to discuss why more people should pay attention to performance reports.

Commentary: Your Plane Landed Safely — Thank the Bureaucrats at the FAA

The "administrative state" is not as scary as it sounds.

Mobile Threats Prompt Operational Changes for Governments

More than 80% of public sector respondents to a recent survey said they have been forced to re-evaluate workplace practices as attacks on mobile devices grow.

Don’t Fear the Public Service Reform Act

A former chief human capital officer says it is time to re-center and simplify the rules to balance individual fairness and organizational effectiveness in the federal government.

GovExec Daily: The Decision That May Upset the Administrative State

Don Kettl joins the podcast to discuss the Supreme Court's decision that could change the regulatory state.

Senate Dems Have Joined the Push to Block Schedule F

As Republican groups discuss plans to reinstitute the controversial plan to strip tens of thousands of federal workers of their civil service protections, congressional Democrats have renewed their efforts to block it.

'There Needs to Be a Reckoning': Republicans Introduce a Bill to Make Feds At-Will Employees

The legislation, along with recent talk of a renewed effort to implement Schedule F, makes clear that a “major assault” on the federal civil service is coming, regardless of who the next Republican presidential nominee will be.

GovExec Daily: Schedule F Might Be Coming Back

Eric Katz joins the podcast to discuss one of the Trump administration's signature workforce policies.

Trump Has Endorsed a Plan to Purge the Civil Service of ‘Rogue Bureaucrats’

Former Trump staffers have said they have identified 50,000 federal employees who would be ousted under a new iteration of Schedule F during the next Republican administration.