Civil Service

Agencies Recognize LGBTQ+ Employees During Pride Month

This fits into the Biden administration’s overall goal of advancing equity and diversity. 

GovExec Daily: Should Your Salary be a Secret to Your Coworkers?

Dr. Peter A. Bamberger joins the show to discuss his research on pay transparency and organizational behavior.

House Panel Advances Bill Aimed at Preventing Future Schedule F Efforts

The measure would require congressional approval for any efforts to add new classifications of jobs outside of the federal government’s competitive service.

GovExec Daily: Is the Civil Service Ready for the Biden Agenda?

Mark Abramson of Leadership Inc. joins the podcast to discuss how feds are prepared for a new era of big government.

GovExec Daily: Telework and Federal Labor-Management Relations

Robert M. Tobias joins the show to discuss how the remote work experience could provide a path forward for negotiations.

The Foundation of the GS System Has Become a Sham

The failure of the job classification system affects every HR practice and puts billions of dollars in payroll in question.

Big Government Is Back. Is the Civil Service Ready?

The administration must seriously consider whether the civil service is equipped to effectively implement Biden’s vision. A new book offers guidance.

GovExec Daily: How Feds Have Maintained Their Resolve During the Pandemic

NARFE's Jessica Klement joined the show to talk about civil service and the COVID-19 crisis.

GovExec Daily: How FEVS Scores Changed During the Pandemic

Erich Wagner joins the podcast to discuss how the annual survey shook out during 2020.

A Commitment to Admire

While the political winds may shift in Washington, the nonpartisan civil servants in every state and territory are part of the bedrock of our democracy.

GovExec Daily: The View From a Federal Employee

Fed Upward host Love Rutledge joins the podcast to discuss her civil service career and how feds feel about how the public sees them.

House Democrats Say Title 5 Protections Would Fix TSA’s Morale, Retention Woes

Advocates say now is the time to grant airport screeners with the same protections enjoyed by the rest of the federal workforce, including their bosses.

GovExec Daily: A Strategy for Strengthening the Workforce

Dr. Donald F. Kettl joins the podcast to discuss the Biden administration's relationship with the civil service.

GovExec Daily: Why Public Service Recognition Week Matters

The Partnership for Public Service's Jordan LaPier joins the podcast to discuss how civil servants are being honored May 2-8.

GovExec Daily: Why the 'Deep State' Doesn't Exist in the Civil Service

Guo Xu and Edoardo Teso join the podcast to discuss their paper "Ideology and Performance in Public Organization."

OPM Looks to Update Federal Job Competencies

Officials hope an updated list of skills required for jobs throughout the federal government will better inform federal personnel policy.

Feds Are Denied Step Increases In Just 1 of Every 1,000 Cases

Within-grade pay raises are "nearly automatic" rather than a true appraisal tool, board finds.