Civil Service

GovExec Daily: What Can Feds Do if They Feel They Are Called Back Too Soon?

Joanna Friedman, a lawyer who specializes in federal employment law, joins the podcast to discuss how public servants can adjust as federal offices follow "opening up" measures.

Balancing Freedom and Responsibility on the Front Lines of Public Service

The pandemic has amplified Americans’ love-hate relationship with their government.

GovExec Daily: Public Service During COVID-19

GovExec’s Erich Wagner and Tom Shoop join the podcast to discuss what it means to be a public servant in 2020.

Honoring Public Servants in the Midst of a Pandemic

Government workers have long put their lives on the line to protect us but today, they’re doing so on a massive scale and under the most challenging circumstances.

Sammie Finalists Highlight Outstanding Accomplishments of Federal Employees

Dr. Anthony Fauci is one of 27 career civil servants recognized in the Partnership for Public Service’s prestigious annual awards program.

The Civil Service System is Another Pandemic Casualty

The need for a new work management paradigm has never been more obvious.

Supreme Court Makes It Easier for Feds to Prove Age Discrimination

In an 8-1 decision, justices found that the “plain language” of the Age Discrimination in Employment Act has a lower burden of proof for proving differential treatment based on age in the federal government than the private sector.

Court Deals Major Blow to Trump's Signature Civil Service Reform Law

Ruling will put "structure" and "safeguards" in place for employee discipline law, attorney says.

Native American Energy Department Employee Wins Significant Civil Rights Settlement

Jody TallBear was awarded $200,000, the restoration of 100 hours of sick leave, and executive training.

New Complaint Alleges White House Official Violated Civil Service Laws in Threatening to Purge Disloyal Feds

Comments violated three provisions of Title 5 of the U.S. Code meant to maintain a non-partisan civil service, group says.

Biden Promises Pay Raises for Feds, Vows to Rely on Civil Servants' Expertise

The former vice president and current Democratic frontrunner blames Trump for "hollowing out" agencies.

Lawmaker Asks Democratic Presidential Candidates How They Would Rebuild the Federal Workforce

The Trump administration has done “lasting damage to the integrity, morale and retention of our federal workforce,” Virginia congresswoman writes.

White House Confirms It's Purging Disloyal Employees 'From the Bowels of the Federal Government'

Administration will "take appropriate action" when officials find workers not sufficiently loyal to Trump, spokesman says.

Trump Pushes Significant Federal Hiring and Firing Reforms in 2021 Budget

Changes will help employees at agencies looking to make cuts have "the best shot of being part of our workforce going forward," White House official says.

Trump Administration Acknowledges Mistake in Supreme Court Age Discrimination Case

Solicitor General Noel Francisco backs down on statement that there are multiple legal avenues besides the Age Discrimination in Employment Act under which federal workers could pursue an age discrimination claim.