Civil Service

Biden Finally Nominates a Full Slate to Long-Vacant Federal Employee Appeals Board

The Senate can likely now proceed in restoring a quorum at MSPB for the first time in more than four years.

GovExec Daily: The 2017 VA Accountability Law and the Courts

Attorney Conor Dirks joins the podcast to discuss two cases that knock down the agency's interpretation of the rule.

GovExec Daily: Civilian Feds and the Afghanistan Evacuation

Eric Katz joins the podcast to discuss how civilian agencies are responding and processing Americans and Afghans leaving the country.

The Federal Pay Equity Quandary

Rebuilding the workforce will require a pay system that is seen as fair to highly qualified men and women. It also has to enable agencies to compete for talent.

GovExec Daily: After the Mandate, How Will Agencies Implement Testing For Employees?

Eric Katz joins the podcast to discuss how Biden's announcement will be executed.

GovExec Daily: A Minibus Pay Raise Update

Erich Wagner joins the podcast to discuss the latest pay and benefits news.

GovExec Daily: A New Vaccine Rule For On-Site Federal Employees

Courtney Bublé joins the podcast to discuss how Biden's announcement will affect feds and contractors.

House Panel Advances Bill to Extend TSA Employees the Same Pay System and Workplace Protections as Other Feds

The Rights of the TSA Workforce Act would apply Title 5 protections and the General Schedule pay scale to employees at the Transportation Security Administration.

House Panel Advances Bill to Undo Trump Order on Administrative Law Judges

A bill working its way through Congress would restore the judges to the competitive civil service three years after the Trump administration gave agencies greater leeway in hiring decisions.

GovExec Daily: What's Next in the Battle for Civil Service

Dr. Donald F. Kettl joins the podcast to discuss the future of public service.

A Functioning Federal Employee Appeals Board May Finally Be in Sight After Biden Names Second Nominee

MSPB hasn't had a quorum in more than four years, but Republicans may push for further delay until a member of their party is nominated.

The Battle for the Public Service Is Just Beginning

We are in the midst of a critical debate over the future of the federal workforce.

GovExec Daily: What Feds Need to Know About Coming Back to Hybrid Offices

Attorney Stephanie Rapp-Tully joins the podcast to discuss the return to offices.

Senator Seeks Probe Into Potential Civil Service Violations Under Biden

Top Banking Committee Republican is demanding answers from the administration and asking the IG for a full investigation.

GovExec Daily: The Civil Service and At-Will Employment

The America First Policy Institute's James Sherk joins the show to discuss his report that calls for a full at-will employment for all feds.

GovExec Daily: Is the Administration Sidelining Senior Execs at CFPB?

Eric Katz joins the show to discuss his story about the shakeup at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.