Civil Service

White House Confirms It's Purging Disloyal Employees 'From the Bowels of the Federal Government'

Administration will "take appropriate action" when officials find workers not sufficiently loyal to Trump, spokesman says.

Trump Pushes Significant Federal Hiring and Firing Reforms in 2021 Budget

Changes will help employees at agencies looking to make cuts have "the best shot of being part of our workforce going forward," White House official says.

Trump Administration Acknowledges Mistake in Supreme Court Age Discrimination Case

Solicitor General Noel Francisco backs down on statement that there are multiple legal avenues besides the Age Discrimination in Employment Act under which federal workers could pursue an age discrimination claim.

House Passes Bill to Guarantee Citizenship for Kids of Overseas Feds

Bipartisan bill passed in response to a recent Trump administration policy change.

Trump Administration Urges Supreme Court to Maintain Strict Burden in Age Discrimination Cases

The case, involving a VA pharmacist who claims the department discriminated against her based on age and gender, has implications for the entire federal workforce.

Viewpoint: The Deep State Isn't the Real Threat to Democracy

Hollowed-out institutions and battered and belittled public servants are a bigger problem.

EEOC Plans to Stop Providing Official Time to Union Reps Governmentwide

In an internal draft of a rules change, the commission argues official time to work on EEOC complaints should be subject to agency collective bargaining negotiations, despite statutory protections.

A Realistic Path to Modernizing the Civil Service

Ten considerations for updating and improving government operations.

Cummings’ Leadership on Federal Employee Issues, Bipartisanship Could Be Hard to Replicate

The impeachment inquiry against President Trump is likely to dominate the next Oversight and Reform Committee chair’s agenda, observers say.

Inside the Trump Administration’s Chaotic Dismantling of the Federal Land Agency

Internal records from the Bureau of Land Management contradict what its chief told Congress about a plan to ship 200 D.C.-based career staff out West. The plan would weaken the agency, which stands between federal lands and oil, gas and mineral companies.

OPM Moves to Implement Parts of Trump Order Easing Firing of Feds

Proposed rules would remind managers when new hires are approaching the end of probationary periods and streamline firing procedures.

Sanders Campaign Proposes Granting Feds the Right to Strike

Workforce, labor experts suggest there may be better ways to improve federal employees’s bargaining rights.

Rebuilding Government’s Human Capital Should be a Priority

Too often, the argument for reform is vague or the benefits unclear; on balance employees expect to lose.

Dozens of Democrats Say Trump Administration is Under Hiring and Over Firing Disabled Feds

Lawmakers want data to further investigate the hiring and firing of workers with targeted disabilities.