Civil Service

Agencies Can Improve Hiring Practices on Their Own

They don't need to wait for legislation or support from OPM; they can make key improvements with just a few administrative changes, the Partnership for Public Service reports.

Treasury Department Officials Are Working to Diversify Bank Partnerships

Corvelli McDaniel and Lorraine Cole won the Partnership for Public Service’s ‘People’s Choice’ award for their efforts on the project. 

Federal Employees May Wear or Display Black Lives Matter Paraphernalia at Work

The Office of Special Counsel released guidance on how the Hatch Act applies to the movement. 

Building Trust in Government One Problem at a Time

Public administration needs a new social contract.

GovExec Daily: How the President's 'Deep State' Rhetoric Affects Feds

Dr. Donald Moynihan joins the podcast to discuss his paper “Populism and the Deep State: The Attack on Public Service Under Trump.”

Does the COVID-19 Crisis Cap 25 Years of Government Blunders?

"What went wrong? The answer is: Almost everything went wrong, and almost everything that did go wrong had been foretold."

It’s Time for ‘Stakeholder Public Service’

A commitment to fairly serve all who have a stake in government—including employees—would serve the nation well.

White House Advisor Sought Legal Opinion to Allow Trump to Fire Anyone In Government

A recently published internal White House document from early in the Trump administration proved to be a road map for the White House’s efforts to weaken unions and cut federal employee pay and benefits.

GovExec Daily: Challenging Government Orthodoxies During a Crisis

Deloitte's William D. Eggers spoke to the podcast about a new report on how to change the way government operates by challenging conventional wisdom.

GovExec Daily: What Can Feds Do if They Feel They Are Called Back Too Soon?

Joanna Friedman, a lawyer who specializes in federal employment law, joins the podcast to discuss how public servants can adjust as federal offices follow "opening up" measures.

Balancing Freedom and Responsibility on the Front Lines of Public Service

The pandemic has amplified Americans’ love-hate relationship with their government.

GovExec Daily: Public Service During COVID-19

GovExec’s Erich Wagner and Tom Shoop join the podcast to discuss what it means to be a public servant in 2020.

Honoring Public Servants in the Midst of a Pandemic

Government workers have long put their lives on the line to protect us but today, they’re doing so on a massive scale and under the most challenging circumstances.

Sammie Finalists Highlight Outstanding Accomplishments of Federal Employees

Dr. Anthony Fauci is one of 27 career civil servants recognized in the Partnership for Public Service’s prestigious annual awards program.