Civil Service

How transforming federal workforce culture can enhance safety and productivity

COMMENTARY | It takes more than annual check-the-box training and motivational posters to bring about change.

MSPB political firing case raises new questions on Schedule F

The Housing and Urban Development Department’s 2017 firing of a probationary employee over alleged leaks was politically motivated, the agency tasked with enforcing civil service laws said last week.

Politicians may rail against the ‘deep state,’ but research shows federal workers are effective and committed, not subversive

COMMENTARY | "Our years of research about the people who work in the federal government finds that they care deeply about their work, aiding the public and pursuing the stability and integrity of government," write two scholars.

D.C. lawmaker wants to restore due process to feds in ‘sensitive’ posts

A new bill would overrule a 2013 federal appellate court decision that denied roughly 200,000 federal employees access to the Merit Systems Protection Board.

One agency’s Trump-era plan included stripping protections from 68% of its workforce

The Office of Management and Budget appeared to have taken a maximalist approach to the controversial job category, proposing to strip the civil service protections from IT workers, recruiters and even executive assistants.

The jobs boom is hitting the federal sector, too

Federal agencies added 11,000 jobs in January and hit a 20-year high for non-census years.

Want to modernize the federal workforce? Here's how

A new nonprofit study examines how the federal government could update the civil service to both capture new talent and capitalize on its available talent. 

OPM encourages federal supervisors to make better use of probationary periods

The federal government’s HR agency urged agency managers to remove poor performers before most removal protections kick in, as well work more closely with new employees early in their tenure to help them succeed.

State Dept. employees praise Biden administration for encouraging dissent

The administration has faced some criticism for censoring employee speech related to the Israel-Gaza conflict, but staff say internal channels are open for disagreement.

OPM unveils its latest tool to accelerate the federal hiring process

The federal government’s HR agency added new functionality to USAJOBS to allow agencies to find candidates who had already been certified for federal employment elsewhere in government.

Guidance spells out when and how feds can discuss the Israel-Hamas war

Federal employees face some restrictions, but can discuss their opinions on the conflict at the office without violating the law.

Senate takes first steps to refill federal workforce watchdog roles

At the civil service appeals agency, parts of the workforce are voicing frustration with current leadership.

Five Lessons for the coming AI talent surge

COMMENTARY | Some of what agencies learned while filling infrastructure roles can serve as examples for how to hire the AI workforce.

New House speaker has a plan to avoid a shutdown—and to overhaul the civil service

Mike Johnson is giving his Republican colleagues options to keep agencies open while the larger spending fight plays out.

Private sector’s best practices can help agencies bring feds back to the office

COMMENTARY | Federal agencies can help employees ease their way back into the office this fall by creating a healthy and flexible workplace culture, writes one observer.

Large federal unions endorse the auto worker strike action. A scholar explains why

“They know their job security depends on not just protecting their own rights, but a strong private sector,” says John P. Beck, of Michigan State University.