Civil Service

Court Affirms That Federal Employee Appeals Agency's Judges Are Constitutionally Appointed

A ruling for the appellant could have upended enforcement of civil service protections for federal workers.

It's OK to Feel Optimistic About Governing and Democracy

Lisa Parshall joins the podcast to discuss the ways the Biden Administration

Feds Mull Changes to Cannabis Questions on Vetting Forms

A plan to modernize intake forms for candidates for government service could include revisions to the type of questions asked about marijuana use.

Why Do Americans Fear Government So Much?

Lisa Parshall joins the podcast to discuss the new edition of her book on the administrative state and the differences in administration between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

Federal Employee Appeals Board Still Has Years of Work Ahead to Cut Through Its Record Backlog

Board has made slow but steady progress in reducing its workload after Congress incapacitated it for five years.

GovExec Daily: A Politicized Civil Service is Coming, if Congress Doesn't Act

The Project on Government Oversight's Joe Spielberger joins the podcast to discuss the looming Schedule F threat.

GovExec Daily: Meet Me in the Metaverse? Tech Trends for Next Year

Deloitte's Scott Buchholz joins the podcast to discuss the new report on technology trends for the coming year.

Lawmakers Left Anti-Schedule F Legislation Out of the Compromise Defense Policy Bill

Prospects for it look grim after it wasn’t included in the piece of must-pass legislation.

GovExec Daily: The Calls to Eliminate Cabinet-Level Agencies Have a Long History

Tom Shoop joins the podcast to discuss his post about the moves to get rid of the Education Department.

NARA’s Chief Innovator Won Big Last Week

Pamela Wright’s “exceptional executive leadership is invaluable to NARA, our strategic goals, and our mission,” said the acting archivist of the United States.

GovExec Daily: Where Public Service Student Loan Forgiveness Stands

Savi's Tobin van Ostern joins the podcast to discuss the PSLF and its future.

GovExec Daily: Leadership, Workforce Development and OPM

Eric Katz speaks to OPM's Bahar Niakan about the Center for Leadership Development.

Trump, Who Tried to Weaken Feds' Civil Service Protections, Announces 2024 Run

Prior to Tuesday’s announcement, the former president endorsed plans to reimplement Schedule F if he returned to the White House.

GovExec Daily: Keeping Public Sector Workers Engaged Across Generations

The Partnership For Public Service's Paul Pietsch joins the podcast to discuss a new report on managing Generation Z and Generation X.

OPM Finalizes Rules Rescinding Provisions of Trump’s Firing Executive Order

The new regulations follow through on a 2021 executive order signed by President Biden rescinding several of the Trump administration’s personnel policies.