Civil Service

GovExec Daily: The New FLRA Chief and Biden's Priorities for Feds

GovExec reporter Erich Wagner joins the podcast to discuss his interview with Ernest DuBester and how he fits into the White House workforce strategy.

House Leaders Reintroduce Bill to Grant TSA Employees Full Federal Protections

Since the agency’s founding following Sept. 11, 2001, workers at the Transportation Security Administration have had lower pay, abridged collective bargaining rights and fewer protections than other federal employees.

Fixing Federal Compensation Should Be Civil Service Reform Priority No. 1

Seven proposals for changing compensation to help realize a larger goal—an effective public service.

Segregation Policies in Federal Government in Early 20th Century Harmed Black Americans for Decades

President Wilson sanctioned segregation policies more than a century ago by targeting Black civil service workers.

What Democrats’ Senate Majority Means for Federal Agencies

With control of the Senate and its committees, federal workers can expect a slew of changes in legislative and oversight priorities.

Federal Workforce Attrition Under the Trump Administration

Unusually high attrition among senior civil servants undermines the effectiveness of the federal workforce, a new analysis shows.

GovExec Daily: The Trump Presidency's Effect on Workforce Management

Dr. Donald F. Kettl joins the podcast to look retrospectively at the past four years and how they've shaped the management of the civil service.

GovExec Daily: The Dangers of Schedule F

The Project on Government Oversight's Nick Schwellenbach joins the podcast to talk about the workforce order and its effect on the civil service.

Court Affirms Senior Executives in Government Have Only Limited Appeal Rights

Court also issues another defeat to President Trump's signature civil service reform law.

As White House Steps Up Schedule F Implementation, ‘Lawmakers Don’t Get It’

Recent moves by OPM are stoking fear that the Trump administration is accelerating plans to politicize federal jobs as the window closes on Congress’ ability to block the move.

GovExec Daily: Workforce Management During a Transition

National Academy of Public Administration Fellow Jeffrey Neal joins the show to talk about personnel issues between administrations and at the beginning of a new admisnistration.

Incoming Biden Officials Praise Career Federal Workers

Nominees' new tone marks contrast from the often adversarial relationship between Trump administration and career feds.

The Federal Gender Pay Gap Is Shrinking, But the Remaining Disparity May Be the Hardest to Eliminate

Although the gap between men and women at federal agencies has fallen from 19 cents on the dollar in 1999 to 7 cents in 2017, the vast majority of the remaining salary discrepancy is “unexplained,” watchdog finds.