Civil Service

Private sector’s best practices can help agencies bring feds back to the office

COMMENTARY | Federal agencies can help employees ease their way back into the office this fall by creating a healthy and flexible workplace culture, writes one observer.

Large federal unions endorse the auto worker strike action. A scholar explains why

“They know their job security depends on not just protecting their own rights, but a strong private sector,” says John P. Beck, of Michigan State University.

‘Neutral competence,’ partisanship and efforts to overhaul the civil service

COMMENTARY | One scholar argues that a radical movement to shift powers to the president would be disastrous for the federal workforce.

New NTEU president scolds GOP over telework, anti-worker rhetoric

The recently elected union leader said labor groups need to do more to educate the public on how federal workers benefit their lives.

Regulations aimed at derailing a Schedule F revival proposed by OPM

An effort to insulate the federal workforce from future efforts to strip them of their removal protections could accelerate an “existential” debate over the nonpartisan civil service system, experts said.

Deconstructing the administrative state: At what cost?

COMMENTARY | Americans should be frightened by the prospect of a return to the spoils system, argue two scholars.

EEOC: ‘Ban the box’ policies are effective at federal agencies, but the government needs to raise awareness

In instances where a federal job applicant had a criminal record, the background check process only ruled them out over past criminal conduct 2% of the time, but many may still see their past as a barrier to joining the federal workforce.

Retiring NTEU president reflects on three decades in organized labor

Tony Reardon on Thursday handed the reins of the National Treasury Employees Union to newly elected national president Doreen Greenwald.

Measure to hasten firing of VA employees advances

The Biden administration has warned the new procedures are unnecessary and would only complicate the disciplinary process.

Want successful integration of AI at federal agencies? Engage employees through the unions

COMMENTARY | AI will bring dramatic, disruptive, productive changes that can improve how the work of government is carried out over the next 10 years. To prepare for it, organizations will need to learn together and plan together.

Sen. Kaine revives effort to ban Schedule F through the defense policy bill

This marks the second straight year that the Virginia Democrat has sought to attach a measure requiring congressional approval for new federal job classifications to the National Defense Authorization Act.

Biden administration to Congress: Don't give us more authority to fire people

Legal hurdles to already failed approaches would only complicate the disciplinary process, officials say.

House GOP plan to curb fed pay and benefits would come at a cost, experts say

Morale, recruitment and retention are likely to take a hit, and there are better ways to save money.

Court opens up more discretion for reducing feds’ punishments

Federal employees facing firings will have an easier time mitigating that discipline to a lower form of punishment under new precedent.

Feeling alone? Try a job share

COMMENTARY | Two former State Department job-sharers reflect on their experience serving the mission of the department and each other.

Biden looks to swap leadership at civil service watchdog agencies

White House nominates a Trump appointee for a new role overseeing enforcement of civil service laws.