Civil Service

OMB Reportedly Designates 88% of Its Employees for Schedule F

One former official said the decision will make it harder, not easier, for presidents of both parties to implement their policy agendas in the future.

Biden Should Act Like ‘CEO’ of Federal Workforce, Experts Suggest

Members of a working group at the National Academy of Public Administration said merely rolling back President Trump’s workforce policies will not be enough to empower federal employees—they will need active support from the top.

The GS System Is a Barrier to Effective Governance

The rigidity of the General Schedule, the political pressure to control payroll costs, the importance of tenure and the restricted authority of managers all impede effective workforce management.

Dozens of Senators Introduce Bill Blocking Trump’s Order to Politicize the Civil Service

Legislation from a group of 40 Democrats would rescind President Trump’s executive order creating a new Schedule F classification of federal employees without civil service protections.

GovExec Daily: The Incoming Administration's Federal Workforce Priorities

Eric Katz joins the podcast to discuss the Biden team's potential plans for the civil service.

Proposed Executive Order for Biden Would 'Reinvigorate' Federal Workforce, Make OPM a Cabinet-Level Agency

The National Academy of Public Administration has drafted a directive that would reverse Trump's workforce edicts and elevate the federal government's personnel agency.

GovExec Daily: Schedule F, Firing and the Private Sector

Dr. Donald F. Kettl joins the podcast to discuss the White House order on firing and accountability.

Biden's Transition Has Focused on Civil Service Issues as Familiar Faces Spearhead Efforts

Transition working groups on government management topics identify top priorities as Biden seeks to have quick impact.

GovExec Daily: Remaking the Civil Service, Without Schedule F

Philip K. Howard, Founder of the Campaign for Common Good, joins the podcast to discuss reform outside of the recent White House order.

The Legal Theories at the Heart of Trump’s Order Politicizing the Civil Service

Federal employees could find it hard to challenge the White House’s move to strip civil service protections from them, since courts traditionally have sought to avoid weighing in on agency terminations.

Schedule F Order Relies on a Myth the Private Sector Fires More People Than the Government

The notion that companies remove employees for cause more readily than federal agencies is not supported by the data.

House Democrats Urge OPM to Halt Implementation of Order Politicizing Civil Service

House Oversight and Reform Committee leaders want to investigate the development and analysis of the effort to strip wide swaths of the federal workforce of civil service protections.

The Speed of Workforce Change Is Undermining the Civil Service

Personnel practices rooted in blue collar work from the last century continue to hold government back.

Union Sues and Democrats Introduce Bill to Block Trump Order Politicizing Civil Service

As opponents of the president’s effort to convert chunks of the federal workforce into at-will employees kick off their efforts to stop the initiative, the administration has signaled that agencies can push forward ahead of schedule.

Salary Council Chairman Resigns in Protest of Trump Order Politicizing Federal Workforce

Ron Sanders, a key ally in the administration’s efforts to reform the civil service pay structure, said he cannot be party to “an attempt to require the political loyalty” of federal workers.