Pay for Performance

Fixing Federal Compensation Should Be Civil Service Reform Priority No. 1

Seven proposals for changing compensation to help realize a larger goal—an effective public service.

Empowering Employees is Essential to Improving Performance

Empowered employees take goal achievement very seriously. When problems arise, they know they are expected to act.

Empowering HR and Managers: Lessons from the Bush Administration

If job objectives are vague, how will managers be able to assess employee performance, and how will employees know what is expected of them?

The Missing Management Practice: Linking Metrics to Rewards

Engagement is clearly important, but it doesn’t assure an organization’s success.

Federal Pay is Way Off Track

The General Schedule system is unresponsive to labor market dynamics and agency staffing needs.

Federal HR Leaders Want a Comprehensive Review of the Government's Pay System

In the fiscal 2019 governmentwide human capital survey, agency officials said a lack of funding and the General Schedule are "significant obstacles" to achieving their goals.

Bonus Incentives Can Be Rewarding In More Ways Than One

People perform better when they have goals. They perform even better when they are members of a team working to achieve team goals.

Civil Service Reform, Again

The Republican Study Committee’s recent task force report is correct in its point that federal benefits costs cannot be justified.

The Gig Economy and BLS Surveys

Government does not understand this growing segment of the labor force, and that affects federal pay.

Federal Agencies Need a New Management Model

Practices are dangerously out of sync with those proven to support successful, high performance work environments.

How to Recruit the Next Generation of Feds: Better Pay, Benefits

Young people are increasingly looking for work-life balance measures like paid family leave and telework, stakeholders and experts said Wednesday.

Metrics, Trust and Job Performance

High trust organizations are more productive and among the best places to work.

Acting Labor Secretary Has a Long Paper Trail

Patrick Pizzella spelled out his positions on performance management, official time and accountability in a series of op-eds for Government Executive years ago.

Trump Administration Calls for Fewer Performance Awards, Stricter Rating System for Feds

Only civil servants who deliver what the "American public should be able to expect" should get bonuses, OPM says.

Government Needs to Invest in Human Resources

In high performing organizations, HR specialists work as advisers and consultants to line managers to address workforce problems. That doesn’t happen in federal agencies.