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GovExec Daily: The Trump Presidency's Effect on Workforce Management

Dr. Donald F. Kettl joins the podcast to look retrospectively at the past four years and how they've shaped the management of the civil service.

Despite his repeated protestations, President Donald Trump will leave office in January. In his four years in office, he has left his mark on the American political culture like few figures in recent memory. As chief executive of the federal government, he’s also left a huge mark on the way government and the federal workforce is managed. As his time in the Oval Office comes to it close, it’s worthwhile to take inventory of how he and his policies have affected the civil service.

Dr. Donald F. Kettl is a Professor at the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs, University of Texas at Austin and a GovExec contributor. He joined GovExec Dail to discuss the ways Trump has stamped public administration, particularly regarding the management of the workforce.

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