Schedule F

The House Has Approved a Bill to Prevent Future Schedules F

Despite the support of more than 30 good government groups, Republicans remained largely opposed to the measure.

GovExec Daily: The Law That Transformed the Civil Service

Tom Shoop joins the podcast to discuss the Pendleton Act

There’s No ‘Easy Button’ to Modernize the Civil Service

But the hard work of cultivating effective, accountable federal managers is essential.

Don’t Fear the Public Service Reform Act

A former chief human capital officer says it is time to re-center and simplify the rules to balance individual fairness and organizational effectiveness in the federal government.

Senate Dems Have Joined the Push to Block Schedule F

As Republican groups discuss plans to reinstitute the controversial plan to strip tens of thousands of federal workers of their civil service protections, congressional Democrats have renewed their efforts to block it.

'There Needs to Be a Reckoning': Republicans Introduce a Bill to Make Feds At-Will Employees

The legislation, along with recent talk of a renewed effort to implement Schedule F, makes clear that a “major assault” on the federal civil service is coming, regardless of who the next Republican presidential nominee will be.

GovExec Daily: Schedule F Might Be Coming Back

Eric Katz joins the podcast to discuss one of the Trump administration's signature workforce policies.

Trump Has Endorsed a Plan to Purge the Civil Service of ‘Rogue Bureaucrats’

Former Trump staffers have said they have identified 50,000 federal employees who would be ousted under a new iteration of Schedule F during the next Republican administration.

If Trump Is Reelected, His Aides Are Planning to Purge the Civil Service

Officials are looking to revive a controversial order issued in Trump's waning days and have already identified 50,000 federal positions to target.

A Schedule F Ban Is Among Many Workforce Provisions in the Annual Defense Policy Bill the House Just Passed

Lawmakers also added language to grant full civil service protections and a pay raise to TSA employees to the must-pass bill before its approval Thursday.

GovExec Daily: Trump Workforce Policy Is Not Going Away

Erich Wagner joins the podcast to discuss a new bill that would bring back the former president's approach to federal personnel policy.

Some House Republicans Want to Reinstall Trump Workforce Policies

A group of 12 lawmakers introduced a bill that would revive the former president’s anti-union executive orders and an order that could politicize the civil service.

Trump Is Threatening the Return and Expansion of Schedule F

The former president, who is reportedly mulling whether to launch a bid to return to the White House, told supporters Saturday that the president should be able to fire any executive branch employee at will.

GovExec Daily: The Civil Service and At-Will Employment

The America First Policy Institute's James Sherk joins the show to discuss his report that calls for a full at-will employment for all feds.

House Panel Advances Bill Aimed at Preventing Future Schedule F Efforts

The measure would require congressional approval for any efforts to add new classifications of jobs outside of the federal government’s competitive service.

OPM Instructs Agencies to Reopen Trump-era Union Contracts

Departments currently engaged in collective bargaining negotiations are expected to rescind proposals restricting unions’ access to official time, grievance proceedings and to begin bargaining “in good faith.”

Advocates, Experts Urge More Protections for Feds Following Trump Workforce Initiatives

Union officials and good government experts said Congress needs more guardrails in place to protect the federal civil service, while a former Trump official defended the administration’s actions.