White House

Agencies Really Are Missing an Opportunity by Downplaying Performance Information

Does the federal government keep its promises for improved performance? How would we know? Does anyone really care?

Biden Names His Pick to Lead the White House Regulatory Office

Since taking office, Biden has championed the use of regulations to carry out his major policy priorities.

The Biden Administration Asks Congress for a Continuing Resolution With $47 Billion for Ukraine, COVID, Monkeypox and Natural Disasters

The request is a stopgap measure, as White House officials say they believe a deal on the fiscal 2023 budget is close.

Sounding the Alarm on Extremism, Biden Says ‘MAGA Republicans’ Pose Threat to Democracy

Thursday’s speech marks Biden’s second visit to Pennsylvania — a battleground state with high-stakes elections this fall — in the past week

GovExec Daily: The Biden Student Debt Forgiveness Plan

The Student Borrower Protection Center's Ben Kaufman joins the podcast to talk about how the Department of Education will administer the new White House debt relief program.

Climate-Based Trainings and Performance Plans Are Coming for Federal Employees

The Biden administration wants a workforce capable of helping it meet its sustainability goals.

Poll: Half of Americans Say Sending Troops to Afghanistan Was ‘A Mistake’

Less than one-quarter believe the two-decade conflict made America safer.

Commentary: Student Loan Forgiveness Proves that if Government Can’t Help Americans, What Good Is It?

The costs of college, even at public universities, have outstripped stagnant wages and Americans need student loan forgiveness.

White House Seeks Input on Federal Evidence Agenda For LGBTQI+ Equity

The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy wants to know about possible blind spots preventing agencies from understanding what disparities are impacting the LGBTQI+ community nationwide, from accessing healthcare to housing.

A Critical Jan. 6 Witness Retires from the Secret Service

The agency says Anthony Ornato left “in good standing after 25 years of devoted service.”

Traffic Overwhelms Student Loan Sites Following Biden’s Debt Relief Announcement

Student loan company Nelnet said providers received no advance warning about the White House’s loan forgiveness plan, contributing to confusion and site outages.

Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Lawsuit Spotlights How Difficult Search Warrants Are to Challenge – by a Criminal Suspect or An Ex-President – until Charges Are Brought

Trump’s lawsuit against the FBI has been criticized as baseless. But it spotlights a loophole in federal law that doesn’t protect people’s rights when they are subjected to a search warrant.

Women — Particularly Women of Color — Stand to Benefit Most from Biden’s Student Loan Relief Plan

Women hold two-thirds of student loan debt, and women of color have higher loan balances than their White counterparts.

Sensing Russian Stall, US Rushing Arms to Help Retake Ukrainian Territory

The latest weapons package includes MRAPs with special landmine-clearing devices–and brings the total to $10.7 billion.

Economist: Inflation Math Can Make Things Seem Worse

Focusing on the annual rate of change, rather than month-to-month inflation changes, distorts the economic reality and makes a bad situation look worse, says economist John Horn.

You Don’t Have to Be a Spy to Violate the Espionage Act – and Other Crucial Facts about the Law Trump May Have Broken

Two national security law experts explain how the Espionage Act isn’t only about international intrigue, and share other important points about the law that was invoked in a search of Trump’s estate.