White House

The House’s DHS funding bill preserves TSA’s recent pay increases

Although lawmakers have yet to act on a bill to codify the Biden administration’s decision to provide Transportation Security Administration employees with Title 5 protections and compensation, Congress is poised to continue funding the initiative.

Agencies spell out how climate change will affect their employees and what they’ll do to protect them

The Biden administration is looking to protect federal workers and agency missions in the fact of extreme weather.

Biden’s 2% raise more likely upon advancement of Senate defense policy bill

The Senate Armed Services Committee last week advanced its version of the fiscal 2025 National Defense Authorization Act, endorsing a 2% average pay raise for civilian federal workers alongside a 4.5% increase for military service members.

Feds are still slated for a 2% average pay raise in 2025 per House appropriations bill

The House Appropriations Committee advanced legislation Thursday that failed to override President Biden’s 2025 pay plan.

On 80th anniversary of D-Day invasion, Biden and Macron honor WWII veterans at Normandy

Veterans, families, political leaders and military personnel are gathering in Normandy to commemorate D-Day, which paved the way for the Allied victory over Germany in World War II. 

Biden’s labor report card: Historian gives ‘Union Joe’ a higher grade than any president since FDR

COMMENTARY | President Joe Biden came into the White House intent on being "the most pro-union president leading the most pro-union administration in American history." Four years later, he has shown a lot of progress.

Biden to announce 1 million claims granted for VA benefits under toxic exposure law

The law has also led to more than 145,000 people enrolling in health care provided by the Veterans Affairs Department.

The Biden administration seeks to speed up some asylum cases with a new immigration docket

Homeland Security and DOJ announced a similar process in 2021 where a dedicated docket applied to migrant families that arrived between ports of entry at the Southwest border.

White House procurement office marks 50 years

The Office of Federal Procurement Policy has evolved since its inception to ensure the government is “buying as one,” as demonstrated in a new circular on acquisition data and information issued Tuesday.

‘We are more complicit:’ Biden’s Israel policies spur feds to protest at the White House

A group of federal employees say their knowledge and access force them to speak out against the administration's position in the Israel-Gaza war.

Feds open the door to $2B in Northeast Corridor rail improvements

The grant applications come as President Joe Biden, a longtime railroad fan, wraps up his first term and Amtrak ridership rapidly rebounds from pandemic-era lows.

State, Defense departments announce deal to expand military spouse access to remote work jobs

The move to allow federal employees to telework while overseas with their service member spouses is part of a larger effort to boost recruitment of military spouses.

OPM Director will leave the Biden administration

Kiran Ahuja oversaw efforts to transform the federal government’s HR agency into a government-wide leader on human capital policy, issuing new policies governing interns, telework and civil service protections.

Biden rescinds COVID-era executive orders, folding safer federal workforce task force

The Office of Personnel Management issued new guidance last week rescinding some forms of COVID-19-related administrative leave, but preserving four hours of paid leave for federal employees to get vaccine booster shots.

Biden’s environmental justice scorecard offers more questions than answers

The White House's own environmental justice progress report gives little insight into the green benefits delivered to disadvantaged communities.

House advances spy power reauthorization bill without warrant measure

The bill — which represents a win for Biden administration policy objectives — will now be taken up in the Senate, with a week to go before the authority sunsets.