White House

The White House Is Planning a Federal Intervention on California Homelessness

President Trump reportedly ordered officials to wade into the homeless crisis in Los Angeles. But local leaders are wary of federal involvement.

Controversial OPM Nominee Confirmed Mostly Along Party Lines

Senate approves Dale Cabaniss despite concerns regarding her past governmental experience and plans to merge the agency with the General Services Administration.

Bolton Fired as National Security Adviser. Who's Next?

Trump's third NSA is let go after being sidelined at major international events.

Lawmakers Call On Commerce Chief to Resign Over Alleged Threats to Fire Top NOAA Officials

Ross is said to have threatened to fire officials if they would not fix a statement contradicting the president’s claims Hurricane Dorian was likely to hit Alabama.

Play of the Day: The President's Canceled Meeting With the Taliban

Donald Trump announced on Twitter that he decided against meeting with the terrorist organization.

Analysis: NOAA Politicized the Weather Report

The scientific agency sided with the president’s inaccurate forecast over the work of its professional staff.

Viewpoint: The Mattis Two-Step

The forever general’s attempt to "stay out of politics" is bringing him right into it.

House Democrats Probe Federal Officials’ Stays at Trump Properties

Lawmakers look into possible Emoluments Clause violations and potential waste of taxpayer funds.

Play of the Day: More on Alabama and Hurricane Maps

Donald Trump tweeted quite a bit in defense of his comments about the path of Hurricane Dorian.

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Union Lawsuit Accuses Administration of Violating Injunction against Workforce Orders

A New York local argues that by implementing provisions of Trump’s workforce executive orders through collective bargaining, agencies violated a U.S. District Court injunction.

Play of the Day: The President and Category 5 Hurricanes

There have been a few during his time in office, but he has curiously not heard of them.

Viewpoint: Trump Invites Pence to Stay at His Place—Then Hands Taxpayers the Bill

The president suggested that Vice President Mike Pence and his retinue spend tens of thousands of dollars at his golf resort in Ireland.

Trump Endorses 2.6% Across the Board Pay Raise for Federal Workers

In a surprise move Friday, the president abandoned his quest for a pay freeze in 2020, although there will be no locality pay adjustment under his plan.

Unions Request Rehearing of Trump's Federal Workforce Orders Case

Attorneys argue that a three-judge panel erred in overturning an injunction against three controversial executive orders on jurisdictional grounds. The outcome could have enormous consequences for federal employees.

The Man Who Couldn’t Take It Anymore

“I had no choice but to leave,” General James Mattis says of his decision to resign as President Trump’s secretary of defense.

Viewpoint: Trump Wants to Nuke His Way Out of Big Problems

The president seeks bumper-sticker solutions to complicated problems, from hurricane prevention to border walls.

Analysis: New Trump Rules Stand to Block the Public From Information About the Treatment of Detained Migrant Children

The administration plans to scrap the Flores settlement, meaning the long-term or indefinite detention of migrant children will carry on out of public view.