White House

Labor Authority General Counsel Nominee Vows Impartiality, But Unions Cry Foul

Federal employee unions oppose the nomination of Catherine Bird to vet complaints before the FLRA, citing her work in collective bargaining negotiations on behalf of management.

Court Delivers Blow to Federal Unions Fighting Trump’s Workforce Orders

A three-judge panel found that federal employee unions should have gone to the FLRA with their legal challenges before filing a federal lawsuit.

Analysis: It’s a Precarious Time for Any Official in Trump’s Orbit

Alexander Acosta’s exit gratifies those who wanted him gone for his role in the Epstein plea deal. But the president’s advisers fear how more turnover reflects broader turmoil within the administration.

Lawmakers: Discussion of Furloughs at OPM Was 'Premature and Unnecessary'

Officials should have considered furloughs or layoffs as a last resort in addressing the agency's budget shortfall, senators say in letter demanding more information.

The Air Really Was Cleaner Under Obama

Pollution is up nearly 14 percent under the Trump administration.

Viewpoint: Alex Acosta’s Legacy

The secretary of labor is embroiled in the Jeffrey Epstein scandal. Is he doing a “fantastic job,” as Trump said?

Pentagon Puts Price Tag of July 4 Pageantry at $1.2 Million

Most of the money for flyovers and tank displays came from training budgets.

Viewpoint: An Executive Order Can't Fix Trump's Census Problem

Presidents who want to shape the world unilaterally must face four inconvenient legal truths.

Brand New Marine One Helicopter To Make Debut at Trump's July 4th Parade

Other aircraft slated to fly over include the B-2 stealth bomber, F-22 Raptor and Air Force One.


House Appropriations Bill Would Block Impasses Panel from Imposing New Union Contracts

Federal labor groups have frequently accused agencies of engaging in bad faith “box-checking” collective bargaining negotiations, in an effort to fast track proposals to an all-Republican board.

Trump Withdraws Nominee to Lead Publishing Office

Former public printer and Hill staffer had spent a year in limbo.

Trump Keeps Talking About the Last Military Standoff With Iran — Here’s What Really Happened

In 2016, 10 sailors were captured by Iran. Trump is making it a political issue. Our investigation shows that it was a Navy failure, and the problems run deep.

White House Has 'Every Intention' of Avoiding Shutdown Despite Budget Impasse

Administration floats one-year stopgap spending measure to keep agencies funded at fiscal 2019 levels.

Trump Orders Agencies to Slash Federal Advisory Panels

Scientific community worries the cuts will eliminate its impact on federal decision-making.

Play of the Day: The Pride Flag Is Not Going On Embassy Flagpoles

The State Department made a determination, but embassy staffs are making do.

There's Plenty of Precedent for Feds Facing Discipline and Removal for Hatch Act Violations

Trump says he will not fire Kellyanne Conway after White House calls OSC recommendation "unprecedented."