White House

GovExec Daily: Updates to the Vaccine Mandate for Feds

Courtney Bublé joins the podcast to discuss clarifications from the Safer Federal Workforce Task Force.

Congress’ Afghanistan Oversight Marred By Politics

Lawmakers overwhelmingly postured instead of asking America’s top diplomat real questions.

Lawmaker Opinion on Federal Employee Vaccine Mandate Breaks Along Party Lines

As President Biden announced an executive order requiring all federal employees and contractors to get vaccinated against COVID-19, he accused some Republican officials of sabotaging efforts to end the pandemic.

Biden Mandates COVID-19 Vaccinations for All Feds

The executive order, removes exceptions that allowed federal workers and contractors to remain unvaccinated if they agreed to regular testing for COVID-19.

How Delta Beat Biden

The new administration promised competency and efficiency, but it has struggled all year with consistent pandemic messaging.

Marine Corps Commandant Wants Review of Afghanistan Evacuation

“While it's relatively fresh in our minds, we need the honest, open critique,” Gen. Berger says.

Federal Union Calls for Biden to Keep San Diego Detention Center Open

The union and a lawmaker are questioning the applicability of President Biden’s executive order to not renew contracts with private prisons.

Pandemic Preparedness and Climate Change Are Among Federal Research Priorities For 2023

White House tells agencies to consider these and the other R&D priorities in developing their budget proposals. 

Biden Formalizes Plan for Average 2.7% Raise for Civilian Feds in 2022

The White House published an alternative pay plan for the federal workforce providing a 2.2% across the board raise along with an average increase of 0.5% to locality pay.

13 US Troops Killed, More Injured, in Terrorist Attack at Kabul Airport

10 Marines among the dead; they were securing one of the last gates open for Afghans, Americans to escape.

Not For the First Time, COVID Takes Back Seat to a More Pressing Crisis

The evacuation of refugees from Afghanistan depends on cramming people into closed spaces—during a global pandemic.

Afghanistan Airlift Ops Have Rescued 101,300 From Kabul

But numbers out each day are dropping as Taliban tighten grip on airport, security threats rise.

Republicans Demand Answers on Ouster of Social Security Commissioner

GOP lawmakers call the firing of Andrew Saul “unlawful” and ask the comptroller general to outline how acting Commissioner Kilolo Kijakazi’s powers may be constrained by the Vacancies Act.

Biden Holds to Aug. 31 Evacuation Deadline, But Orders Up ‘Contingency Plans’ for Afghanistan Pullout

Military, contracted planes have airlifted 87,900 people from Kabul as of Wednesday—but the Taliban is now clamping down on who can leave.