White House

Don’t Expect Trump’s Workforce Policies to Be Reversed Overnight

With the Biden team focused on issues like COVID response and immigration reform, significant action to rescind the Trump administration’s harmful federal workforce policies could take a back seat.

Why Trump’s Challenges to Democracy Will Be a Big Problem for Biden

Scholars of democracy say the real threat to the nation will come after Trump leaves office.

Donald Trump Won’t Attend Biden’s Inauguration. So How Will He Leave Washington?

The timing of the departure has numerous logistical implications, including the plane’s call sign.

Cabinet Secretaries Condemn Violent Protests at U.S. Capitol

Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao said Thursday she would leave office on January 11.

Federal Agencies Respond to Riots at U.S. Capitol 

The Justice, Homeland Security and Interior departments are among those involved. 

Global Media Agency Brings on New Broadcasting Network Heads

Michael Pack dismissed the previous ones shortly after coming into office in June.

Donald Trump Pardons Former Border Patrol Agent Gary Brugman, Who Was Convicted of Violating a Man’s Civil Rights

Brugman’s case drew national attention among conservative figures who hailed him for working to secure the U.S. border.

Trump Vetoes Defense Policy Bill Over Base Names, Unrelated Internet Law

The House has already scheduled a vote after Christmas to override the president’s long-threatened rejection of the annual Defense authorization act, which also includes an expansion of federal employee leave benefits.

Architecture Groups Call on Biden to Revoke ‘Classical Buildings’ Executive Order

This is one of the many lame duck executive orders President Trump has issued recently. 

As Biden Gets Sworn In, White House Will Get Scrubbed Down

The executive mansion will get a deep clean after two COVID-19 outbreaks this fall led to President Donald Trump and members of his staff and family becoming infected.

GovExec Daily: Examining President Trump's Rhetoric

Katherine McIntire Peters and Tom Shoop join the podcast to discuss the ways the 45th president has made his mark on government, leadership and politics.

GovExec Daily: The Trump Presidency's Effect on Workforce Management

Dr. Donald F. Kettl joins the podcast to look retrospectively at the past four years and how they've shaped the management of the civil service.

Federal Employees to Get a Full Day Off on Christmas Eve

President Trump issues an executive order that breaks with recent precedent by granting vacation for all of Dec. 24, rather than a half-day.

White House Trade Adviser Violated Hatch Act Multiple Times, Watchdog Finds 

The Office of Special Counsel recommended disciplinary action, but the Trump administration has been weak on enforcing the law prohibiting political activity in the federal workplace. 

Good Government Group Urges Feds to Lobby Congress Against Schedule F

In a rare move, the Partnership for Public Service asked the public to contact lawmakers to muster opposition to the Trump administration’s effort to politicize the federal civil service.