White House

Former Top Trump Official Recounts Early Days of the Pandemic

Joe Grogan was Domestic Policy Council director and a White House COVID task force member.

New Task Force Will Conduct Sweeping Review of Scientific Integrity Policies

The governmentwide review will look at policies and political interference in science over the last two administrations.

Biden Administration is Still Working on Plan for Border Wall Contracts

A government watchdog is reviewing if the pause in construction violated a budget law.

Migrants, Including Children, Face Cramped Conditions at South Texas Border Patrol Facility

Images released by a Democratic U.S. representative show settings similar to those that Democrats hammered former President Donald Trump over two years ago, when that administration encountered an increase of migrant apprehensions

4 Reasons No President Should Want to Give a Press Conference

While democracy requires accountability from presidents, presidents may lose stature, not gain it, by holding a press conference.

Biden Nominates Kiran Ahuja for OPM Director

Ahuja, who previously served as the agency’s chief of staff during the Obama administration, would be the first South Asian and the first Asian American woman to lead the federal government’s HR department.

House Republicans Call for Accounting of Unused COVID Relief Funds 

Effort seeks to bolster transparency and accountability as Congress and the president are working to pass the next aid package. 

Biden: ‘I Will Never Politicize’ US Troops

Biden also announced a new Pentagon-led review of military strategy towards China.

Trump Wasn't the First President to Try to Politicize the Civil Service – Which Remains at Risk of Returning to Jackson’s ‘Spoils System’

For decades, presidents beginning with Andrew Jackson routinely replaced large swaths of the government workforce, often requiring them to pay fees to political parties in exchange for their jobs.

How Anthony Fauci Survived Donald Trump

The new White House chief medical adviser explains what it was really like to work for an administration that tried constantly to undermine him.

US Flies B-52 Bomber To Gulf In Show of Force Against Iran

“We were also thinking…'Would they try to test the U.S. military in the early days of the new administration?'”

Biden Aims for Federal Contractors to Pay a $15 Minimum Wage

He directed his administration to work on an executive order within his first 100 days. 

Biden Pauses Construction on the Border Wall

The president also ordered a review of all funding and contracts. 

Biden Seeks to Halt or Delay Trump’s ‘Midnight Regulations’

The new president took several immediate actions to start undoing Trump’s deregulatory agenda. 

The Secret Service Is Bracing for Dangerous Times

Any chance of a normal security environment for the president-elect evaporated during the Capitol siege.

Don’t Expect Trump’s Workforce Policies to Be Reversed Overnight

With the Biden team focused on issues like COVID response and immigration reform, significant action to rescind the Trump administration’s harmful federal workforce policies could take a back seat.