Updated Pay & Benefits

Biden proposes 2% raise for feds in 2025 budget

Following multiple years of multi-decade record pay increases, the White House cited “fiscal constraints” facing agencies to justify smaller raises next year.


Biden uses State of the Union to paint Republicans as barriers

The president scolded former President Trump and House GOP lawmakers for scuttling a bipartisan plan to boost border agency staffing, and frequently touted governmental investments enacted without Republican support.


OPM offers data guidance to help inform new federal executives website

The recent guidance details how agencies are to collect and report data to the HR agency’s new public-facing website detailing the names, roles and pay levels of thousands of federal executives.


White House stalls on digital identity mandate, despite billions in fraud

President Biden previewed an executive order in his 2022 State of the Union meant to address identity theft and fraud in public benefit programs. As Biden gears up for his 2024 address, the order still hasn’t been released.


Biden administration announces new efforts to boost the nation’s housing supply

Federal officials will extend a program that has helped develop or rehabilitate nearly 12,000 affordable rental homes.


White House beefs up child care block grants

A new rule caps the total amount low-income families have to pay for child care at 7% of their income and directs states to pay child care providers more fairly and on time.


The Senate has too many appointees to confirm, and it's hurting agencies

There are too many layers of political officials requiring congressional approval, report finds.


National Cyber Strategy needs better implementation measures, GAO argues

The White House Office of the National Cyber Director can improve on performance measures and cost estimations, the U.S. federal oversight agency said in a Thursday analysis.


New turmoil over a possible government shutdown

Congress must pass some sort of spending bill before Jan. 19, otherwise the departments and agencies funded by the Agriculture, Energy-Water, Military Construction-VA and Transportation-HUD spending measures would enter a shutdown.


House Democrat from Pennsylvania calls for defense secretary to step down

Rep. Chris Deluzio, a freshman lawmaker and Iraq war veteran, said in a statement Wednesday that he had “lost trust in Secretary Lloyd Austin’s leadership of the Defense Department.”


10 surprising things about the ‘deep state’—starting with the Roman Emperor Caligula

COMMENTARY | There are basic truths that never go away, a former dean at the University of Maryland School of Public Policy explains.


How successful are President’s Management Agendas? 

The White House touted the recent gains it made in workforce and customer experience goals in the latest update to the governmentwide management plan, but the tangible effects of PMAs often tend to be more gradual. 


House GOP is obstructing progress at the border by blocking staffing surge, White House says

Republicans move forward with DHS secretary impeachment proceedings as the administration engages in border negotiations.


5 places where the White House prioritized 2023 hiring 

To meet the increasing demand for government services and operational needs, the Biden administration targeted hiring surges at several agencies in 2023.


That Time Abraham Lincoln went to a war zone to escape office-seekers

The front lines of the Civil War were a vacation compared to being literally stalked in Washington.

Pay & Benefits

Biden signs order finalizing 5.2% pay raise for feds in 2024

The measure confirms that the federal workforce will see its largest pay increase in more than 40 years.


Biden to invest $8B toward vision for nationwide expansion of passenger rail

The long-awaited grants for construction and planning show that the administration is unfazed by attacks in Washington over the popularity of passenger rail, with nearly every state receiving money.