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GovExec Daily Comes To An End

The May 24 episode was the final installment of the podcast.


The Senate Confirms a Supreme Court Nominee With Experience on Federal Employee Issues

Ketanji Brown Jackson overturned a trio of Trump executive orders that had made it easier to fire federal employees and limited union bargaining rights. 


Tell Us How the Pandemic Has Changed Your Job and Life

We’re looking for readers who want to share with us their experiences two years into the pandemic.


The Next Four Years

Whether Americans hand the presidency to Joe Biden or tap President Trump for a second term, the federal workforce can expect big changes.


GovExec Wins Eddie Award for 2018 Immigration Crackdown Series

The stories documented the Homeland Security Department’s struggle to hire thousands of new border security personnel.


President Trump Signs Stopgap Spending Measure, Keeping Agencies Open for 7 Weeks

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said that passing the continuing resolution was the easy part; setting line by line funding will be far more difficult.

Pay & Benefits

Federal Travelers Will Get a Small Per Diem Boost in 2020

The General Services Administration has made a number of changes to non-standard area designations, where reimbursement rates are higher.


Retirement Claims Backlog Inches Down in May

The pile of pending claims shrunk by nearly 600 last month and is slightly smaller than it was at the same time last year.


Washington-Area Agencies Closed Wednesday

OPM announces closure amid forecasts of an impending winter storm.

Pay & Benefits

Bill Would Pay Shutdown-Affected Feds Interest on Back Wages

The government should pay interest on late paychecks, says Alabama Sen. Doug Jones, a Democrat.

Pay & Benefits

D.C. Area Agencies to Close 2 Hours Early Due to Possible Snow

Storm is expected to hit during normal evening commute times, causing slippery conditions on roads.