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Tell Us How the Pandemic Has Changed Your Job and Life

We’re looking for readers who want to share with us their experiences two years into the pandemic.

It’s been almost two years since the White House declared a state of emergency due to COVID-19, and federal employees were sent home to remain on maximum telework for what many thought would be just a few weeks. Some have yet to return to their physical workspace, while others have gone back amid uncertainty and new safety protocols. Still others–prison guards, Veterans Affairs nurses and doctors, mail carriers, air traffic controllers, Transportation Security Administration screeners, Border Patrol agents and many more–had no choice but to keep reporting to work in person.  

We are looking for federal employees from a range of agencies to share their experiences of the pandemic at the two-year anniversary. We’d like to know in your own words how your jobs have changed (or stayed the same), how you have balanced your work and your personal life during this time, how the reality of the pandemic matched your expectations at the beginning, and whether you have learned any unexpected lessons (good or bad) along the way. We would interview readers about their experiences for short profile pieces on, and some may be included on an episode of our GovExec Daily podcast – both to coincide with the anniversary. 

Please send us a message at if you are willing to talk to a reporter or editor, and include your name, agency and the best method and time(s) to contact you.