Alex Brandon / AP

D.C. Area Agencies to Close 2 Hours Early Due to Possible Snow

Storm is expected to hit during normal evening commute times, causing slippery conditions on roads.

Federal offices in the Washington, D.C., area are closing two hours early today due to an impending snow storm. 

Employees may request unscheduled leave if they need to get home even earlier, the Office of Personnel Management said. The storm is only expected to deliver an inch of snow, but it is forecast to hit during the normal evening commute hours and, along with falling temperatures, could make roads slippery.   

OPM noted that employees who are able to telework are only permitted to take time off for their commute home, and must finish their day from home. Emergency employees must remain at work for the full day. 

The early dismissal comes just as many employees are getting back to work for the first time after the 35-day partial shutdown