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TSP to Increase Stock Holdings Across Lifecycle Funds

The transition to a higher proportion of equities will occur over a 15-year period.

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GOP Overseers Investigate Trump's Use of the Secret Service

Agency asks lawmakers to raise the cap on overtime pay for agents again, but oversight chairmen want more information first.

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TSP Board Approves 16 Percent Increase in Budget

Individual participants will pay just $5 extra, because the overall number of enrollees in the retirement program has grown significantly.

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High winds and storm surge from Hurricane Florence hit Swansboro, N.C., Friday.

OPM Reminds Agencies of Flexibilities for Feds Impacted by Florence

Agencies can issue leave, offer payments and apply for emergency leave transfer programs.

A 2019 Pay Raise Appears Likely, But Isn't a Done Deal

House Appropriations Committee chairman says he would “certainly” support Senate proposal to give federal civilians a 1.9 percent boost, but negotiations remain.

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Trump Policies Have Left FEMA And The EPA Weaker Ahead Of Hurricane Florence

Trump gutted the EPA and hasn't filled top spots at FEMA.

Rep. Scott Taylor, R-Va., takes the oath of office. Taylor introduced the legislation.

Measure Would End Time Limit on GI Bill Transfers While on Active Duty

A pending Pentagon policy change would end the ability to transfer educational benefits to a family member after 16 years of service beginning next year.

Conference Committee Make-Up Could Favor Giving Feds a Pay Raise in 2019

A House aide described a proposed 1.9 percent pay increase next year as "a matter that is being negotiated."