Pay & Benefits

OPM Wants to Do More for Federal Workers' Wellness

An initiative to “revitalize” employee assistance programs across the federal government eyes a more comprehensive approach to promoting federal employees' wellness.

A New Retirement Resource

OPM offers a five-step guide to the sometimes confusing retirement process. 

A Labor Economist Predicts Stability in the Fed Pay Trendline, But With a Big Caveat

“There is always a long lag between when higher inflation starts to eat into a fed paycheck and when that paycheck starts to respond to inflation,” one compensation expert says.

A New Guide to the Retirement Process Could Help Feds Avoid Pitfalls, Manage Expectations

OPM's new three-page guide to the federal retirement process will be updated on a monthly basis to reflect anticipated wait times for federal retirees to begin receiving their annuity payments.

Your Guide to Virtual Retirement Resources

Advances in technology have made it easier to get educated on federal retirement benefits without leaving your computer.

Fed Health Care Changes and the End of the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency

Some over-the-counter and out-of-network coverage may be different now that the pandemic emergency is over.

Fight the Long-Running FEHBP Abortion Ban, Gender Equity Group Urges House Democrats

The Department of Justice Gender Equality Network said the Hyde amendment unfairly makes women’s health care decisions more costly and traumatic, even when covered by exceptions in cases of rape, incest or the health of the mother.

Fed Pay and Benefits Could be Hit Hard by Debt Ceiling Wheeling and Dealing

There are a few scenarios that could be bad for federal workers in the debt ceiling negotiations.

Pay Cuts Have Rural Letter Carriers ‘Scared’ and ‘Outraged’

DeJoy says the situation is “unfortunate” but wasn't his decision and “it is what it is.”

Federal Prison Employees Ask the Supreme Court to Review COVID Hazard Pay Case

Attorneys for nearly 200 U.S. Bureau of Prisons workers in Connecticut said a federal appellate court effectively made it impossible for any federal worker to qualify for hazard pay related to “virulent biologicals” with its interpretation of federal regulations.

Social Security Facts and Myths

How much do you know about these key retirement benefits?

Congressional Dems Reintroduce Bill to Revamp Federal Firefighter Pay and Benefits

The Tim Hart Wildland Firefighter Classification and Pay Parity Act would ensure federal wildland firefighters make at least $20 per hour, among other things.

Ditch Salary History When Setting Job Applicants’ Pay, OPM Proposes

Aimed at reducing gender- and ethnicity-based pay gaps, the initiative would also apply tighter guard rails in cases when an applicant has a competing and higher-paying job offer.

'Benefits Envy' May Be Partly to Blame for the Erosion of Fed Compensation

“The sense that public employees have stuff that’s better” than that of private-sector workers persists, says one expert.

Thank the People Who Make Sure You Get Your Benefits

Public Service Recognition Week is a good time to honor those who created and those who maintain the federal retirement system.

TSP Returns Stayed Mostly Positive for April

All but one of the five individual funds in the retirement savings program grew for the month, and all were in the black so far for the year.