Pay & Benefits

Federal Workers, Union Sue for Hazard Pay

A federal class action lawsuit argues that agencies should be required to provide hazardous duty pay to federal employees who have been exposed to the coronavirus.

Federal Workers, Dems Push for Hazard Pay in Next Coronavirus Legislation

House lawmakers and unions want feds to receive extra compensation if their job puts them at risk of exposure to COVID-19, but the provision was not included in the $2 trillion relief package approved by the Senate Wednesday night.

How (Not) to Manage Your TSP During a Pandemic

Now is not the time to panic, even if you’re close to retirement.

House Dems Unveil Stimulus Plan Including Paid Childcare, Mandatory Telework and Hazard Pay for Feds

Measure comes with a $2.5 trillion price tag and includes provisions to rescind Trump's efforts to weaken federal employee unions.

TSP Officials Report Continuous Service Despite Coronavirus, Market Volatility

Officials at the federal government’s 401(k)-style retirement savings program said although the agency saw a record number of inter-fund transfers, most participants are sticking with their investment plan.

Social Security Closes All Local Offices Amid Coronavirus Threat

Although officials said the agency is working to expand telework as much as possible, union leaders disputed that, describing “Kafkaesque” inaction.

Federal Judge Dismisses Shutdown Lawsuit

A federal employee union had argued that forcing federal employees to work without pay during a lapse in appropriations constitutes a violation of the Anti-Deficiency Act, but a judge on Monday ruled that with the government open, the case is now moot.

OPM Urges FEHBP Insurers to Reduce Costs for Coronavirus Treatment

Amid questions from lawmakers, the federal government’s HR agency confirmed that it is pushing to minimize costs for federal employees who require treatment for COVID-19.

GovExec Daily: FLRA Wants to Make it Easier For Feds to Cancel Union Dues

Erich Wagner joins the podcast to talk about the future of unions in the federal government in light of the board's proposed change.

Retirement Considerations for Women

Women are more likely to experience a savings shortfall.

GovExec Daily: How the Coronavirus Scare is Changing How Feds Work

Nextgov's Heather Kuldell and GovExec's Eric Katz join the podcast to talk about agencies' plans for the workforce as the COVID-19 epidemic grows.