Pay & Benefits

States That Won’t Tax Your Federal Retirement Income

States levy three main types of taxes: income tax, sales tax, and property tax. You should understand all three and the impact they will have on your savings.

Lawmakers Push to Fix Controversial Tax Rule Affecting Federal Retirees

A new bill would set up a new formula to calculate how much retirees get in Social Security benefits if they also receive a defined benefit pension, in some cases replacing the controversial Windfall Elimination Provision.

OPM Finalizes Rule Ensuring Feds Can Change Insurance During Shutdowns

During the 35-day government shutdown, some workers were unable to make changes to their health benefits because the employees responsible for processing those changes were furloughed.

Now’s the Time to Improve Your Financial Literacy

How would you finish this sentence: “I need to become more financially…”

TSP Returns Mostly Positive in March

Only two of the federal government’s 401(k)-style retirement savings program ended last month in the red.

After Decades of Stasis, Federal Pay Policy Is a Shambles

The Biden administration has an opportunity to change that, a former Trump administration official argues.

Don’t Make These TSP Withdrawal Mistakes

Saving enough for retirement is like climbing Mount Everest: Getting to the top is an incredible feat but once you get there, you have to come down. That’s the really dangerous part.

Countdown to Retirement: What You Need To Be Ready For

A detailed look at the steps you can expect to go through in the process.

Bipartisan Bill Would Allow Federal Firefighters to Trade Shifts

Agencies often bar trades because in many cases the switch would result in one firefighter seeing his or her biweekly pay reduced, and the other becoming eligible for overtime.

You Have More Time to File Your Taxes. Here’s How Not To Pay Too Much

Many federal retirees overpay because they aren’t aware of the rules about taxation of their benefits.

The Military Could Soon Face a Flag Officer Talent Crisis

Senior leader pay is seriously out of sync with the risks and responsibilities that come with the positions.

OPM Announces Special Combined Federal Campaign for Texas Storm Victims

Washington, D.C.-area federal employees exceeded expectations and previous years’ totals, raising more than $37 million for charities in 2020.

What’s Not To Like About the TSP

Leaving your money in the plan as a retiree does have some drawbacks.