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Proposal for a 2019 Pay Freeze Called 'Dunderheaded' and 'Pennywise and Pound Foolish'

A freeze would make it more difficult to retain and recruit federal employees, requiring agencies to spend more money on hiring, lawmakers argue.

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Treasury Taps Federal Pensions, TSP G Fund Investments to Avoid Debt Default

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin announced the extraordinary measures this week.

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See Who Would Get Furloughed in a 2017 Shutdown

This chart details the updated furlough rates at each federal agency.

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Retirement Planning

5 Things to Remember Before You Tap Into Your TSP

Pondering your new withdrawal options? Here are a few principles to factor in.

Pay & Benefits Watch

OPM Leadership Void Leaves Locality Pay Advisers Twisting in the Wind

Members of the Federal Salary Council have not been reappointed since Trump’s inauguration, stalling the advisory group’s work.

One Chart Showing Every Military and Civilian Pay Raise Since 1984

Since 2000, military pay raises have been either higher than or equal to civilian ones.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson speaks at the OSCE Foreign Ministers in Vienna, Austria, on Dec. 7.

Tillerson Promises No Layoffs at State

Reducing staffing by 8 percent could prove difficult amid thousands of hiring freeze exceptions.

Retirement Planning

3 Steps to Navigating Open Season

A simple guide for people who still need to assess their options.

FEHBP Open Season Deadline is Just Around the Corner

Experts encourage enrollees to re-examine their plans and anticipated health care needs each year.

Pay & Benefits Watch A Secret Service Agent stands guard as Marine One leaves the White House. The House has passed a bill raising the overtime pay cap for agents.

Lawmakers Ask Trump to Give Civilian Feds the Same 2018 Pay Raise as the Military

A bipartisan letter calls for pay parity to match the 2.4 percent increase that members of the military could receive.

A sign posted at Mount Rainier National Park during the 2013 government shutdown alerts visitors to its closure.

Agencies Begin Posting Their Shutdown Furlough Plans

White House officials warned agencies they should begin preparing for a lapse in appropriations.