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Federal Employee Appeals Board Nominees Pledge Equity, Quick Action on Backlog

Their confirmation would give MSPB its first quorum of the Trump era.

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House Backs Pay Freeze, Setting Up Fight With Senate

A Senate panel has approved a pay hike for federal civilians in 2019.

As Lawmakers Renew Push for Repeal, OPM Says Workforce Orders Are What Feds Want

Vulnerable Senate Democrats say orders undermine merit system principles and reduce accountability.


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Retirement Planning

More Things To Consider When Making Your Annuity Election

Understanding the value and cost of your choices can have a lasting impact for you and your spouse.

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Retirement Planning

13 Things to Know About Your Annuity Options

The choice you make is so important that you should think about it at least a year before you retire.

ICE Union Grows Disenchanted With Trump's Immigration Strategy

The union endorsed Trump in 2016, but says he's trying the same failed strategies of other presidents.

Rejecting Agency's Offer, Postal Supervisors Fight for a Bigger Pay Raise

Employees are represented by a management association rather than a union and are on a pay-for-performance system.

Federal employees in Virginia Beach, Va., are among those who will receive larger annual adjustments to their base pay.

Thousands of Feds Would Get Raises Under OPM’s Locality Pay Proposal

Proposed rule would implement Federal Salary Council’s recommendations from 2016, 2017.

Retirement Planning

A Healthy Tax Advantage

The benefits of health savings accounts.

Rep. Paul Gosar, R-Ariz., introduced the bill.

Lawmaker Looks to Ban Unions at IRS

Congressman says measure would serve as check against partisanship at the agency.

Pay & Benefits Watch Rep. Barbara Comstock, R-Va., introduced the paid leave bill.

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