Pay & Benefits

Employee Groups Continue to Push for Bigger Pay Raise Following Biden Budget Release

Several organizations representing federal employees announce that they support a 3.2% pay increase next year, rather than the 2.7% boost proposed in the president’s fiscal 2022 budget.

Most TSP Funds Continue Upward Trend in May

Only one portfolio in the federal government’s 401(k)-style retirement savings program lost value last month.

Biden Proposes 2.7% Raise for Feds in 2022, Restoring Pay Parity

Although it is unclear how plan breaks out between locality pay and across-the-board increases, the topline number matches the president's proposed pay raise for members of the military.

Two New Retirement Savings Bills Could Impact TSP

Officials at the Thrift Savings Plan said both bills aimed at making it easier for older Americans to get ready for retirement require changes to be implemented faster than is possible.

A Mid-Year Chance to Lower Your Taxable Income

For the second year in a row, feds get more flexibility in their flexible spending accounts.

Biden Climate Edict Could Spell End for TSP Fossil Fuel Investments

The president’s executive order aimed at incorporating “climate-related financial risk” into federal budgeting also instructs officials to review how the Thrift Savings Plan considers risks from climate change in its decision-making.

Long Term Care Insurance and the Pandemic Age

The grim news about nursing homes over the past year has caused many people to contemplate their own future needs.

Bipartisan Bill Would Extend Feds’ Paid Parental Leave to Military Troops

Legislation would provide service members with 12 weeks of paid parental leave per year and would extend the benefit to scenarios involving miscarriages and stillbirths.

Milestones on the Path to Financial Security in Retirement

If you work in government, there are several moments in your life when you’ll face key decisions about your eventual retirement.

TSP Funds Continue Strong Performance in April

All of the federal government’s 401(k)-style retirement savings program’s portfolios finished last month in the black.

Retirement in a Time of Covid

For the most part, feds aren’t letting the pandemic disrupt their plans.

Administration Formally Launches Program Giving Feds Up to 15 Weeks Off for COVID-19 Related Illness, Child Care

Congress created a $570 million fund for the initiative, and once that runs out, workers will have to take personal leave or leave without pay.