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Ana Campoy


A Girl Died After Staying At a Facility Not Meant To Hold Immigrants

The case is a tragic reminder of the mismatch between the U.S.’s immigration system and the families it must now process.


As Trump Mulls Firing The Head Of DHS, The Agency’s Second Top Role Is Already Empty

The Homeland Security deputy secretary job is one of dozens Trump still has to fill.


The Border Wall's Return on Investment Is Dubious

Low-skill workers earn one cent in extra income for every 19 cents the government spends on walling off Mexico.


Trump Wants Troops To Defend U.S. Borders. His Staff Wants Another Solution.

A senior administration official told reporters that the only way to stop immigrants is by changing the law.


There Is No Historical Precedent for the Anonymous New York Times Op-Ed Against Trump

Presidents have faced questions about their ability to serve, but not such extensive and public indictments by sitting members of their own administrations.


Puerto Rico’s Official Study On Hurricane Maria Deaths Puts Toll At 2,975

The study found Puerto Rico's government wasn't prepared to count deaths—or to respond to the disaster.


U.S Officials Must Now Say 'Illegal Aliens,' Not 'Undocumented Immigrants'

But in the Immigration and Nationality Act, "illegal alien" is only used to refer to immigrants who have been convicted of a felony.


'Utter Depravity:' Read a Homeland Security Department Adviser’s Fiery Resignation Letter

"It is you who should be tendering your resignation instead," the letter tells DHS secretary Kirstjen Nielsen.


The $36-a-Day Alternative To Jailing Immigrant Families Favored By Obama

It's not as effective as deporting people as other options though, so don't expect the Trump administration to use it.


Some Of The 2,300 Separated Children Are Filed Under The Wrong Name

Detained parents have been left helpless, with no way to track their children's location.


Trump Can Hold Immigrant Kids In Military Facilities — If He Turns Them Into Shelters

Any spaces used to detain children must meet a long list of criteria in order to comply with U.S. laws.


The Legal Logic Behind Trump’s Decision To Separate Immigrant Children From Parents

The administration is not allowed to indefinitely detain families, so it’s separating the children from the adults.


U.S. Immigration Lawyers Are Shifting Focus To Prosecute People Who’ve Lived In The U.S. Longest

Data show the risk is greater for immigrants who have been in the U.S. for longer—at least when it comes to being prosecuted in immigration court.


The Military Budget Shows Just How Deep Donald Trump is Getting Into Syria

Despite Trump's distaste for global entanglements, the U.S. is spending more and more in Syria.


The U.S. Just Found a New Way to Delay Visa Applications

Previous social-media vetting targeted a sliver of travelers to the U.S.—about 65,000. The new measures would cover nearly 15 million people.


An ICE Spokesman Quit Over the Trump Administration’s 'Misleading Facts'

The controversy around raids in Northern California underscores how political immigration enforcement has become, on both sides.