The Presidential Transition

Lawmakers Take Another Step Toward Avoiding the Chaos of the Last Presidential Transition

A bill would require transition resources to go to both sides if there is a time period when the election results are in doubt.  

Jan. 6 Panel: Trump ‘Chose not to Act’ as the U.S. Capitol Underwent Attack

The former president ignored White House staff and advisers who urged the him to call off the riot.

A New Bipartisan Bill Aims to Reform the Presidential Transition Process

The bill addresses issues raised during the highly unprecedented 2021 presidential transition.

Jan. 6 Hearings Highlight Problems with Certification of Presidential Elections and Potential Ways to Fix Them

The attempt by Donald Trump’s supporters to reverse the 2020 presidential election results shows the need to update the nation’s landmark law for counting presidential votes.

Trump-Biden Transition Revealed Weaknesses That Should be Addressed, Report Finds

Suggestions include clarifying OMB’s budget and regulatory roles during transfers of power, and making fewer steps contingent upon GSA’s ascertainment of election results.

Analysis: Trump’s DOJ Was More Dangerous Than We Knew

Revelations since Biden’s inauguration are adding detail to a portrait of ethical decay at the department.

White House Blames Transition in Part for Delay in Releasing Budget Preview

Not having a confirmed budget office leader was another factor, said White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki.

Biden Administration Gives Agencies More Time to Appoint Officials to Transition-Designated Positions

Agencies said they needed more time to appoint individuals to help segue from Trump's policies to Biden's.

Rocky Presidential Transition Prompts Calls for Changes in the Law 

The delay in the formal start of the changeover, coronavirus pandemic and President Trump’s lawsuits all presented challenges. 

6 Ways New Appointees Can Work Effectively With Career Federal Employees

Advice from a former Obama administration official on how to smooth the transition.

GovExec Daily: Records Transfer and the Trump Administration

Courtney Bublé joins the show to discuss the concerns about the Trump administration's records management.

Records Transfer from the Trump White House is a Work in Progress

Watchdog groups and Democratic lawmakers have raised concerns about Trump officials’ records management. 

How Age Diversity in a Presidential Cabinet Could Affect Policies and Programs

Millennials and boomers advising Biden can look for common ground on climate change, student loan debt and other key issues.

The Government Donald Trump Left Behind

Trump ultimately fell short on many of his signature promises, but his administration’s successes in cutting taxes, rolling back regulations and reshaping the judiciary will cast a long shadow.

GovExec Daily: The Biden Inauguration

Courtney Bublé and Tom Shoop join the podcast to discuss the new administration and Wednesday's festivities.

Viewpoint: Outgoing Political Appointees Deserve Recognition

Their professionalism and hard work alongside career employees during the pandemic should not be dismissed.