The Presidential Transition

How Biden and Kerry Could Rebuild America’s Global Climate Leadership

Kerry’s decades of experience and the international relationships he developed as a senator and secretary of state may give him a chance.

GovExec Daily: Biden's Post-Ascertainment Transition

Eric Katz joins the podcast to discuss how the incoming administration is connecting with agencies.

House Leadership Demands Accounting of Political Burrowing, Schedule F Activities

Lawmakers again urge congressional appropriators to block the Trump administration from implementing its executive order that threatens to politicize the civil service.

GovExec Daily: How Biden Can Rebuild Government

Philip K. Howard joins the podcast to discuss how the incoming administration can reconfigure bureaucracy for better government.

Inside How Biden Is Learning About Federal Agencies, Both Officially and Unofficially

The president-elect transition's team is now gleaning information from federal workers through multiple channels.

HHS Seeks Feedback on Pandemic Regulatory Actions

The Trump administration is making a final push for deregulation during lame duck period. 

Transition Roundup: Trump Refuses to Concede; Biden Teams Prepare to Go Into Agencies

There's a lot to keep track of. Here’s today’s list of news updates and stories you may have missed.

Biden Reportedly Will Nominate Janet Yellen to Become Nation’s First Female Treasury Secretary

If confirmed, Janet Yellen would be the first woman to ever hold the three most influential economic positions in U.S. government history.

Why You Don’t Mess Around With Presidential Transitions

Being president is a tremendously difficult job. Starting the first day without preparation could set up a presidency to fail.

The World’s Most Important Videoconference

How can Joe Biden build a government remotely during a pandemic?

GSA Gives Green Light for Presidential Transition to Biden Administration to Formally Begin

The Biden team can now meet with agency personnel, receive briefing materials and access millions of dollars in funds.

GSA Agrees to Brief Congress on Delayed Transition — Next Week

Briefings will occur on November 30 and will be closed to the press.

The Women Who Could Lead Biden’s Economic Recovery

A significant number of women are being considered for key economic slots in the Biden administration, including as secretaries of Treasury, Commerce and Labor.

GovExec Daily: The Effects of the Ascertainment Delay

George Washington University's Steven L. Schooner joins the podcast to discuss GSA chief Emily Murphy's decision to not officially start the transition.

A Brief History of Presidents Snubbing Their Successors – and Why the Founders Favored Civility Instead

'Mind your manners' isn't just something your mother told you. Manners – and civility – are an essential component of how things get done in government, and the Founding Fathers knew it.