Climate Change

A Quartet of Warnings Highlight Climate-Related Threats

Agencies vow to heed climate change in all strategy planning, but experts say that won’t be enough.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Could Become a Factor in Winning Government Contracts

The Biden administration is looking to use procurement and the budget process to tackle the climate crisis. 

New Defense Department Climate Plan: Adjust Ops, Training, Gear for Extreme Weather

Virtual exercises will help when wildfires rage; equipment will be tested for health effects in intense heat and cold.

OPM’s Telework Initiatives Dovetail with Climate Change Planning

The agency announced a program to connect leaders from the private and nonprofit sectors with federal agencies to address climate change.

White House Names Director to Oversee Federal Climate Report 

Allison Crimmins worked at the Environmental Protection Agency for 10 years. 

Climate Resilience Starts at Home

HUD programs to lower emissions from U.S. residential infrastructure will be critical to meeting the Biden administration’s goals.

TSP Can Do More to Assess Financial Risk of Climate Change, Watchdog Finds

GAO urged the federal government’s 401(k)-style retirement savings program to conduct a more thorough review of participants’ exposure to climate change-related risks next year.

Why America Must Lead—and Fund—the Ocean Data Revolution

We have an opportunity to empower natural resource managers, federal agencies and local communities to make informed decisions with the best available science.

Biden Climate Edict Could Spell End for TSP Fossil Fuel Investments

The president’s executive order aimed at incorporating “climate-related financial risk” into federal budgeting also instructs officials to review how the Thrift Savings Plan considers risks from climate change in its decision-making.

Biden Requires Climate Considerations in Budget Process

The executive order is aimed at identifying and addressing the risks that climate change poses to Americans, the U.S. financial system and the federal government itself. 

How a Key Tool Could Help Agencies Meet New Climate Goals

Climate councils can improve organizational flexibility and responsiveness as sustainability requirements evolve.