Are the White House's zero-emission goals for federal buildings unrealistic? Yes, say some Biden administration officials

Funding concerns and renewable energy supply could hamper Biden's ambitious goals for federal agencies, though the White House maintains it is on track to meet them.


FEMA rolls out climate adaptation loans for small and overlooked communities

The federal disaster relief agency has taken heat for steering past resilience funds to whiter, wealthier areas.

Pay & Benefits

Union warns at least one-third of federal wildland firefighters could walk if Congress walks off ‘pay cliff’

Officials with the National Federation of Federal Employees said Wednesday that competitors like Cal Fire and Pacific Gas and Electric are already looking to recruit federal firefighters fed up with their pay uncertainty.


Biden looks to ramp up federal involvement in extreme heat response

Amid record heat waves and calls for more federal action, FEMA will host an extreme heat summit next week.


Federal agencies often neglect U.S. territories. New legislation aims to fix that.

The bill would bolster expertise in territories as island communities face increasing threats from climate change.


Proposed contractor climate change rule faces more questions from Republican lawmakers

House overseers demand a briefing from acquisition officials on the draft regulation requiring companies doing business with the federal government to report on their greenhouse gas emissions. 


This little-known federal regulator could crack down on fraudulent carbon offsets

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission is "uniquely situated" to stop carbon market manipulation.


Federal agencies plan to spend $770M ramping up their electric vehicle usage this year

The Biden administration has ambitious goals to electrify the federal fleet, but many obstacles remain.

Pay & Benefits

A Senate panel has advanced legislation to avert wildland firefighter ‘pay cliff’

Meanwhile, the Office of Personnel Management has released a draft set of qualifications for its upcoming new job series for wildland fire management.

Pay & Benefits

Bipartisan wildland firefighter ‘pay cliff’ fix introduced in Senate

Without congressional action by September, the federal government’s wildland firefighters will see their paychecks shrink as temporary pay increases expire.


‘They don’t care about my life’: Lawmakers, employees raise concerns about heat after USPS mail carrier's death

Record temperatures are renewing longstanding fears that USPS is pushing employees to the brink without adequate concern for their safety.


FEMA’s Buyout Program Reduces Flood Risk. But Does It Deepen Segregation?

A new study shows how federal money for managed retreat may also fuel white flight.


House Republicans Want NOAA to be an Independent Agency

Removing it from the Commerce Department would boost protections for scientists and eliminate "bureaucratic inefficiencies," they say.

Pay & Benefits

The 'Pay Cliff' That Could Cripple the Federal Government's Firefighting Workforce

A federal employee union said Wednesday that without a permanent boost to federal wildland firefighters’ pay and benefits, agencies will see a “mass exodus.”


Here Are the Climate Programs Tribal Nations Can Access

A new guide from the White House outlines funding options available under the Inflation Reduction Act.


Biden Administration Opens a $250M Fund for Agencies to Make Their Buildings More Efficient

Agencies will be able to tap into infrastructure law funds as they try to meet Biden's ambitious government sustainability plan.


Failing to Invest in Climate Change Means Failure to Taxpayers, Says New Assessment

A climate assessment included in the president's budget request adheres to an executive order issued in May 2021.